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Friday Folly

November 14, 2008

From the “This is so weird it HAS to be true category” comes this quote from, London (ap): “I realize that my place and position in history is that I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade, I will be the loudest voice,” he said in an interview on…

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Fems Cry Foul

November 13, 2008

From the “Feminists still don’t get that women ARE different then men” category: Ryanair C.E.O. Michael O’Leary has once again garnered the ire of feminists across the pond. Seems Mr. O’Leary had the audacity to offer his female employees the chance to grace a 2009 pin-up calendar for charity. Only catch was, to get into…

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Irony, Indeed

November 12, 2008

There’s already been protests and crimes committed in California over the passage of Prop 8. The little reported on amendment to the state constitution that puts marriage back where it belongs, between a man and a woman. (When I write “little reported” I refer to the coverage since the election, since because it passed we’ve…

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Take Pause

November 11, 2008

On this 2008 Veteran’s Day, take pause and give thanks to all who have and now do serve this grand Lady. That liberty and freedom shall not perish from the planet and that America will always be the shining beacon born those many, many years past. She’s A Lady She’s been ridiculed and viled, She’s…

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Truth truly is….

November 10, 2008

The truth truly is stranger then fiction. For years I have bemoaned the hijacking of the public educational system by the N.E.A. and it’s left indoctrination of our children. For years I have been told “that’s ridiculous”, “red herring Caldwell”, “just more right wing propganda”, etc, etc, etc. Yet in the link below is but…

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What a difference a day makes

November 7, 2008

Yes, what a difference a day makes. Within in a single day our glorious President-elect has given us great insight as to how he intends to reign. By picking re-tread Clinton hack Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, Barack Obama tells us very clearly there is most certainly change coming and that change is…

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