On election 2016 anniversary: Let the screams begin

November 5, 2017

The screams of fright usually end at midnight on October 31st and the costumes are stored away for next year’s Halloween frenzy. Leftover candy is taken to work hoping co-workers will share in the calorie count. And if it’s an even calendar year there’s either at least a Congressional election coming up or we’re almost to the end of what each cycle somehow manages to find a new depth of depravity: the dreaded Presidential election.

This year however, if you live in one of America’s liberal urban centers you just might find yourself calling 911 Wednesday night to report screams of primal fear echoing down the streets.

Because as this October 23 Newsweek headline warns: “Thousands of Americans Will Scream Helplessly at the Sky on Trump’s Election Anniversary.”

From the story: “Updated | Thousands of concerned citizens will take part in a new ritual of sorts: commemorating the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election by screaming at the sky……”This administration has attacked everything about what it means to be American,” Johanna Schulman, a local activist in Cambridge who is working on organizing the event, told Newsweek Friday. “Who wouldn’t feel helpless every day?”

While the initial event is now cancelled due to what Ms. Schulman describes as “circumstances beyond our control”, the concept spread via social media and an untold number of bastions of urban self-righteousness have picked up the call to “action” to commiserate the one year anniversary of the cloud of orange descending across the land.

But I digress. Let’s get back to what seems to be Ms. Schulman’s focus points of fear:  Donald Trump and the 63 million Americans who voted for him attacking “What it means to be American” and leaving her “helpless”.

That, ladies and gentlemen is a thought processes that makes me realize just how lucky we are to even have a nation left. If you truly feel helpless as an American without a huge, sprawling federal government cradling you from birth to grave than tis you, not the Trump voter that doesn’t understand the meaning of America.

There was a time, a time not so very long ago, say like just a couple decades back, that being American meant standing for the very things Trump has been attempting to do since inauguration day: Border security, employers hiring only legal citizens, free trade backed up by fair worker protections, workable healthcare reform, low taxes, welfare reform, and a federal government held firmly in check by the delineated powers listed in the Constitution.

It was Bill Clinton, a Democrat who in his 1996 State of the Union address to Congress proclaimed “The era of big government is over.”

It was Harry Reid, another Democrat who in 1993 introduced the Immigration Stabilization Act that had among other provisions stopping the flood of illegal immigration by revoking the incentive of birth right citizenship.

In less than 25 years, the Democrat party has moved so far to the left that tens of millions of Americans who once voted without question a straight “D” ticket don’t even recognize it anymore. What once was a party that would compromise for the good of the nation, has been hijacked by far left activists hell bent on attacking every last vestige of tradition and values that not only founded us, but guided and strengthened us through now over 240 years of many perilous times.

But hey, no matter what misguided thoughts Ms. Schulman has floating around in that empty space between her ears, this is still America. So by all means, let er rip Wednesday night.

Breathe deep, hold it in, let the exasperation swell till can swell no more and then at the top of those screeching little lungs let the sky know just how much it let you down that night of one year ago.

Because nothing says “American” more than onesie wearing “let’s talk healthcare over a cup of cocoa” males joining their pink pu**y hat wearing, triggered at every word, female mates screaming helplessly at the sky over a media driven false fear that a President just trying to restore balance after eight years of Obama’s careening left at all costs is the devil incarnate.

Myself? I’ll be in the Lazy-Boy with a bowl of freshly popped corn settling in for the dvr’d montage of all those beltway anchors and pundits being forced to announce on air: “Donald J. Trump is the President elect of the United States”.

Now THAT’s entertainment.

PUBLISHER’s NOTE: A version of this column first appeared in the Sunday print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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