Ice cream and cake while you lie awake.

October 16, 2021

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.  – Kamala Devi Harris  – Susan Elizabeth Rice  – Jacob Jeremiah Sullivan  – Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg – Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas  – Antony John Blinken  – Janet Louise Yellen.

Eight names, from the President on down, each an integral piece of the administration. Each steeped with their own accomplishments, papers, and made for public consumption personal biographies.

But they’re biographies that reveal a very troubling reality.  That no matter their history, no matter the accolades, the cold hard truth is that not one of the names on that list has ever owned a business or signed a paycheck.  Not one.

Not one of the them has ever had to deal with the results of the policies they profess or the mandates they dictate.  Not one of them has ever been on the side of the economy that pays their salaries.  Not one of them has ever had to worry about making budget, meeting payroll, or having to choose whether John or Jan got laid off when you couldn’t.

On the night of January 19, 2021 you went to sleep knowing you had a good “traveler” welding job that would put some money in the kids’ college fund and provide financial security well beyond the final punch list was checked off.  Then on his first day in office, President Biden yanked the rug out from under you and cancelled without warning the Keystone pipeline.  And you now lie awake at night wondering just how much worse it will get.

On the night of January 19, 2021, you went to sleep knowing that while things weren’t yet complete, you at least had hope as after years of neglect, your southern border was being secured and America was reclaiming her sovereignty. Yet now you lie awake wondering how long you will survive.  The wall has been stopped, contracts canceled, policies reversed without reason, and your children can’t play outside without armed oversite.  What you thought was your legally owned land, land that thought your government was bound to protect is now a turnpike of illegal trespass with no end in sight.

On the night of January 19, 2021 you went to sleep knowing that no matter the hell of what COVID had wrought, the end was near and that small business you’d sunk your entire savings into had a fighting chance to survive.  You now lie awake at night wondering if you can survive the second pandemic; a progressive wish list that will tax and regulate you out of existence.

On the night of January 19, 2021, you went to sleep knowing that the Orange Ogre would be no more.  The promise of unity and calm was replacing the chaos of Twitter and Trump.  You now lie awake worrying just how much higher prices will go.  Three, four, five dollars again for a gallon of gas?  The cost of everything on the kitchen table that for years had been stable is now up double digits.  How that raise you got last month isn’t close to being able to just keep up, let alone get ahead.

On the night of January 19, 2021 you went to sleep knowing that the outcome you’d voted for didn’t happen, but you said a prayer of thanks that you still lived in the greatest nation this world has ever known.  You now lie awake as you’ve watched for months every policy that worked get ended, every platitude that could be muttered get muttered, and every aspect of basic common sense be ignored by an administration so obsessed with erasing anything Trump that its willing to destroy itself and the country in the process.

Who cares what works when being woke is all that matters?

And so it has been these past months.

While President Biden licked his ice cream over the summer and Vice President Harris cackled at every cake shop she passed, the every-day Americans who are the back bone of this nation have had nothing but anxiety as they lie awake at night worrying about what’s coming next.

Biden and his press keep espousing the “progress” he’s making.

But progress isn’t taking what works and replacing it with what doesn’t just for the sake of pleasing your left-wing base.

Progress is America energy independent and exporting energy to our allies, it is not begging our enemies to produce more.

Progress is tens of millions of Americans working together across all industries producing an economy unparalleled in human history.

Unfortunately, our current President is more worried about being woke than delivering on what works.

And unless someone wakes him up and brings him back to reality, this nation’s in for a lot more sleepless nights.

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