If not America, who?

October 23, 2021

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue & street has been renamed, every date has been altered. & the process is continuing day by day & minute by minute.  History has stopped.  Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”-George Orwell, 1984

October 18, 2021 – the Public Design Commission of the City of New York votes unanimously to have an 1833 statue of Thomas Jefferson removed from City Council chambers by the end of the year.  The statue has been in the chamber for over a century and where it will eventually wind up has yet to be determined.

Republican candidate for mayor, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa noted “”Do we suddenly wipe out the images, the markings, the names of all those great patriots because they were slaveholders and slave holding was quite common at that time?”

Democrat candidate Eric Adams had a different take: “There are a number of appropriate figures to honor in our seat of government who are more directly meaningful to our people and are more reflective of our city’s history than Thomas Jefferson.”

Jefferson certainly was no saint.  His fathering of six children with his late wife’s half-sister, enslaved Sally Hemmings and that he died still a slave owner is testament to that.

But for Adams to state that there are more “appropriate figures…who are more directly meaningful to our people” than the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of these United States does make me wonder just who, if any of the founding fathers he would deem “appropriate”.

Mr. Adams, along with every other American is certainly entitled to his opinion of Jefferson but to stand with those who would remove our historic symbols for the sake of contemporary political correctness is antithetical to the very ideals that has produced a nation where he is free to speak his mind and most likely to become the next Mayor of America’s most populace city.

From the ancient to the modern, the timeline of humanity is replete with atrocities unfit for publication on these pages.  Violence, pain, and suffering have far more entries in the ledger than peace and prosperity.

And the American timeline has its share.  A share that for too long was ignored.

Has American history been sugar coated in the past?  Certainly

Does that mean that the icons of discovery and the founders of this nation are to now be erased from that history?  Certainly not.

History should be added to, not subtracted from.

What I’ll never understand about this movement to remove, rename, and replace is that those pushing such are never able to answer the question:  What would be better today if yesterday had been different?

So, it didn’t happen the way that today’s standards say it should have.  There was murder, rape, pestilence and pain unimaginable. Like it or not, those were the times of that day.  Life was harsh and cruel.  To the victor went the spoils.

It cannot be changed, it cannot be erased, it happened.

There seems to be with some a sense that if Columbus hadn’t sailed, the Caribbean would still be an undiscovered paradise and North America would still be virgin forests.

Europe was the dominate power of the age.  As such it was going to explore and expand.  The Dutch, Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, all were staking claims.

Had it not been for the dominance of England, and then the American Revolution the land that is today known as the continental United States would instead look something like Europe or Africa.  A hodgepodge of smaller nations.  Each with their own timelines of who knows what.

Rather than one Civil War that ended slavery, how many smaller ones?

Without a singular America, what of the transcontinental railroad, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers?

Without America who would have stopped Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan?

Without America who would have stopped the Soviet Union?

Without America who will stop the communist Chinese from fulfilling their publicly stated goal of becoming the world’s dominant power?

For all the hand wringing, the clutching of pearls, the self-righteous virtue signaling just exactly what would the left rather have?

If not us, who?  If not a Constitution and Bill of Rights, what?

If not the American timeline which other?

You can remove every statue, change every name, replace every monument, but you cannot erase the yearning for freedom that beats in every human heart.

No, we’re not perfect.  And yes, we still have work to do.  But I’ll take Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Franklin and all the others over Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez any day.

Because no matter how hard the left tries to re-write it, there is still no greater story than the American story.  Period.  Full stop.

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