We’ve fought chaos before, we can do it again.

February 5, 2022

On the morning of December 16, 1944, elements of the 5th and 6th Panzer and the 7th Army group crashed through the Ardennes Forest and launched an assault across a 75-mile front against Allied forces in Eastern Belgium.  The initial success of the attack led to a “bulge” in the American lines on operations maps and hence the “Battle of the Bulge” got its name.

With supply lines stretched to the maximum and German forces thought to be regrouping in a defensive posture, the Ardennes seemed a logical pick for veterans of the Normandy campaign to get a much needed rest, and for replacement troops to get additional training prior to the final assault into Germany.

By the time it ended over a month later and the chapter was written, the battle would go down in history as the largest and bloodiest battle of the war.  There is no debating the U.S. Army’s website depiction that “The courage and fortitude of the American Soldier was tested against great adversity. Nevertheless, the quality of his response ultimately meant the victory of freedom over tyranny.”

There is however a side to the battle that took the initial assault phase from bad to worse:  Operation Greif.  A behind the lines operation conducted by English speaking German commandos in captured American and British uniforms.  Complete with American jeeps and trucks they changed road signs, sabotaged communications, and spread chaos throughout an already chaotic situation.

It was in those early days of the battle that the brilliance of the common sense of the American soldier came into play.  As rumors spread of Germans in American uniforms checkpoints became impromptu quiz shows on baseball, American slang, and anything else the GI’s could think up to trick an English-speaking German to reveal himself.

We may be seventy-eight years removed from those brutal weeks in 1944/45 and that horrific battle, but in a broader context we’re embroiled in an even greater one at this very moment.

No, it’s not a shooting war, but the stakes for this Republic are as critical today as they were then.  Only this time, the battle is on the information front.  A battle among ourselves over an ever changing, ever more fluid definition of “truth”.

Mr. Biden ran on and continues to say that he is “fighting for the soul of America”.  By his own words he’s declared a rhetorical war for the future of this nation.

So, taking Mr. Biden at his words, I feel the least I can do is to point out a 21st century Operation Greif  (OG21) underway at this very moment.  An operation whose goal isn’t to protect America as founded but transforming her into something she was never meant to be.

OG21 is telling the American people that the southern border is secure and “root causes” are being addressed while at the same time ignoring video footage of middle of the night plane landings and drone footage of single adult males being put on buses for destinations unknown paid for by the very same taxpayers paying the highest gas, energy and food inflation in decades.

OG21 is a Press Secretary mocking Fox News for a chyron calling out the administration for being “soft on crime” while claiming that Republicans voting against the American Rescue Act voted against extra funding for local police.  A claim even the liberal Washington Post gave 3 Pinocchio’s that carries a definition of “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions,”.

OG21 is attacking oil companies for record profits while not mentioning that the lack of supply is directly hampered the Biden administration’s hostile policies against an entire industry.

OG21 is calling states that refuse to codify into law, 2020 exceptions made for a once in a century pandemic, Jim Crow 2.0 and white supremacist racism while ignoring that blue states like New York and Delaware have more restrictions to voting.

OG21 is saying “inflation is temporary” while instituting policies that ECON 101 knows can have no other effect than to increase, not decrease prices.

And if four years of a “Russian collusion” onslaught based upon a fake dossier paid for by the defeated candidate isn’t the epitome of a 21st century Operation Greif than what is?

Don’t get me wrong.  I know full well of the right-wing outlets doing their own Operation Greif campaigns.  Yet none of them have the power of the Oval Office, corporate media and big tech all acting in unison to divide us into chaos and confusion.

Seventy-eight years ago, it was the American GI that stood in the breach.  Today it is you, the American citizen on that front line.  Do your diligence.  Think for yourself.  Use your common sense, take nothing for granted.

Then, and only then, do we have a chance to once again be these United States.

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