College Loan Boo Hoo

September 15, 1995

I’m getting really sick & tired of all this boo – hoo – hoo over restructuring government back student loans. How in the world have we produced so many citizens that believe a college education is a God given right? Yes, the Bible does say that wisdom is good. But nowhere does it say that Caesar should pay for it. Reality check. It wasn’t until the 60’s that college became the panacea for the masses. All you needed was a college degree and you’d be set for life. To some extent it was true, American business was expanding and needed managers, managers, and more managers. Well folks, guess what, that was 30 years ago, times they have a changed. American business is no longer establishing layer after layer of management. Instead they are eliminating them at an alarming rate. Second, the university establishment has gone off on so many tangents for the purpose of diversity and political correctness, that a large number of college degrees today don’t mean a damn thing. All it proves is you, your folks, or the taxpayers shelled out a helluva lot of money so you could spend four years in academia. Many grads today have less core skills than a high school graduate of just two generations ago.
Place blame wherever you wish (after all, victimology is the most popular major today) but it won’t change the facts. This country does not need thousands of degreed bubble heads churned out every year like cows to slaughter. Many are finding (and whining loudly) that unless they have other meaningful skills their degree isn’t good for much for than covering the crack on the wall. What America does need are people of skill: electricians, plumbers, welders, technicians, allied health, and on and on. Four years of fluff not required, two years of meaningful training desperately needed.
So, if a four year college degree is not near as significant, why all the clamoring over cutting back the funding? Old habits are hard to change. It’s still in the American psyche a college degree is a must for success, and the education bureaucracy has bloated so much, universities are scared to death of having to survive without the Federal umbilical cord. It’s also easy politics. Just make more money available, herd em all to college, and then if they don’t succeed it’s their own fault. Don’t bother to acknowledge the changes and draft solutions that might actually require innovations and leadership. (Two qualities obviously missing from many politicians today.)
Now, if after all this, you’re still whining over possible cuts in Federal college loan money available, take heart. There are more public universities today than ever before, each clamoring for your tuition dollars. Granted, you may have to attend State – U instead of Harvard, you might have to work part time and graduate in six years instead of four, you might even have to live at home instead of enjoying a four year exotic vacation to a far away university. But if that must be your horrible, victimized fate, take heart. You will have learned a priceless

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