Yadda, Yadda, Yawn

March 25, 2009

If you haven’t already figured it out from the headline, I was less then impressed with the Great O’s performance. Barely two months in and this President is becoming quite predictable. Undo everything Bush did because the base demands it, ignore campaign promises because everybody knows they really don’t matter, (wink, wink) and when you’re not getting your way take over the air waves and whine about it to the world.

I could write War and Peace re-dux going over the points and counter-points. But then again, so is every other pundit, blogger, and occasional real journalist.

What could be said has already been spoken, and what should be said won’t break through the din of the spin so I think I’ll tack to a different shore.

Tack to what Obama did NOT say. To words that were NOT on the teleprompter. To the tens of thousands of Americans Obama did NOT seem to care enough about to mention during his prime time shine. Our men and women in uniform defending the very freedom that allows him to hi-jack the airwaves for a sixty minute spin cycle.

He talked about the Israeli/Palestinian mess, his video to Iran, and former enemies sharing a pint on St. Patrick’s day, but nary a word about Iraq, Afghanistan and the war on terror. Oh that’s right, I forgot, now that Obama’s in the White House there is no more “war” on terror. (I guess just because it’s now “on budget” doesn’t necessarily mean it makes the talking points.)

Yes, yes, I know this was a press conference on the budget and the economy. Yes, he (Obama) did acknowledge: ..“I don’t think anybody doubts the extraordinary sacrifices that men and women in uniform have already made”.

But I’m just an ol country boy made good. Where I hail from, our troops are not overshadowed by budgetary gimmicks and intellectual bantering over the “out” years. Where I hail from, if the President of the United States feels it’s important enough that he take over an hour of network air time, he damn well can take ten seconds for a THANK YOU to the best of our best.

So thank you Mr. President for re-enforcing one of my worst fears about you. That in the end, the Armed Forces of this great nation don’t stand a chance against your political agenda. That in the end, the only thing that truly matters to you is government expansion at any cost.

A full transcript of the press party may be found at the New York Times website:
Times Transcript

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