Alan Colme’s 9/11 moment and the Muslim dilemma

September 12, 2010

John Scott on his Saturday Fox NewsWatch show opened a segment wondering whether the media had gotten “desensitized to the horrors of 9/11, forgetting all about it, and getting caught up in some of the other subsequent controversies like the Ground Zero Mosque in New York City”.

In the clip above Scott asks Alan Colmes to comment on what the leader of the mosque effort, Feisal Abdul Rauf had to say on a recent interview with Soledad O’Brien on CNN’s Larry King Live.

When asked by O’Brien why not move it out of sensitivity, Rauf replied:
“our national security now hinges on how we negotiate this, how we speak about it, and what we do…uh it is important now for us to raise the bar on our conversation…”
O’Brien: What’s at risk when you say national security then, what’s the risk?
Imam: “as I mentioned, if we move it means the radicals have shaped the discourse”

The very idea that the mosque cannot now be moved without giving the radicals a “victory” and endangering United States national security is ludicrous. The only “victory” for the radicals will be to full speed ahead the project with no plan for compromise. A plan which the Imam now seems more determined than ever to pursue.

As devoid of logic and common sense the Imam’s argument is, it doesn’t hold a candle to uber-liberal Colme’s response:

“But the setup to your question I have an issue with, which is that the media actually does focus on 9/11. Every 9/11 it’s become like a national day of remembrance, which I understand from an emotional standpoint, but I wonder if it’s such a good idea that every year we make such a big deal on the media about it being 9/11”

Only a Dwaine Bwaine could concoct such an asinine assumption. What kind of a brain actually contemplates that perhaps we shouldn’t be making “such a big deal” remembering the horror that was 9/11? (A brain that proves, some people should just not be allowed to breed.)

But that wasn’t enough for Colme’s. Oh no, he had a whole barrel of liberal licking salt to pour in the would:

“I think the terrorists, those who would like to attack us and those who already have attacked us, must go “see, they’re commemorating us again”, I’m not sure that this contention every single year on 9/11 is such a good idea”.

Sorry Colme’s, this is one American who wants to see 9/11 remembered and remembered again, NEVER to be forgotten.

Remembered though not in your apologetic, let’s not stir up the Muslims again vein, but rather in the greatest generation Pearl Harbor vein. United as a country behind absolute, total victory.

Noticed by the radicals in caves everywhere not that we are “commemorating” what they did, but are instead remembering in the Admiral Yamamoto vein of “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

There was a time in this country that one could write off the idiocy of the Colme’s of the world as just that: standard liberal intellectual over think, twisting the facts to fit the hypothesis that America is bad and it’s always our own fault for whatever tragedy becomes us.

But Colme’s and his ilk now control the halls of Congress and occupy the Oval Office. Such thinking can no longer be treated as side-show fare, for it is now speaking to power and setting policy. Policies that hold more long term danger to the country than any one day attack.

Colme’s is of the same cloth as Rauf who has already stated that U.S. was an accessory to the crime of 9/11 and that “in fact, in the most direct sense, Osama Bin Laden is made in the U.S.A.” (see below)

One can debate how helpful/harmful past U.S. policies have been regarding the Muslim world but one cannot debate that said policies give legitimate reason idiots to run around the world beheading anyone who disagrees with them and flying airplanes into buildings all in the name of Allah.

No matter how many times Colmes, Rauf, Obama and all their liberal allies apologize to the Muslim world it will do no good.
No matter how many times they stress Rauf has a right to build his mosque wherever he wants it terror will not be deterred..
No matter how many times they pull out all the stops to avoid “offending Islam” it will not prevent future attempts to attack.

Until the so called “moderates of Islam” take the radicals head on, with the same force and intensity, nothing will change. Only Islam can control Islam, to believe anything else is folly at its fullest.

While the famous “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men to do nothing” quote attributed to Edmund Burke is being heard more and more around the country today, perhaps a lesser known observation is even more appropriate in these troubled times:
“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

Contemptible indeed.

In less than two years we’ve gone from the world knowing our resolve would stop at nothing to that same world now wondering just how far backwards this administration’s back will bend under the guise of not offending Islam?

If the Imam was truly interested in peace, was truly “sensitive” to the 9/11 families, was truly a man of God, he would draft the following statement for immediate release:

“I was insensitive to my fellow Americans who lost loved one’s on 9/11, I underestimated their deep and enduring pain, and in deference and respect to them and their pain, I have decided to seek another site for our project.
For while we have a right to build on any site we legally acquire, that constitutional right does not give us the moral right to ignore the sensitivities of so many of our fellow citizens.
And to the radicals who would use this decision as a reason to further fan the flames of hatred across the world, I condemn any such action and disavow all association with any organization that participates in such.”

But no statement shall be issued and sadder yet is that there will be no encouragement to do so by those in power. For they have already combined to ensure that the good remaining among us be felled one, by one, until their contemptible victory is at last achieved.

Author’s note:
For additional 9/11perspective see Anson Burlingame’s 9/11 a day of remembrance, of what?

And if you think this is all just much ado about nothing, view the video below posted by Bluehawk commenting on the same post.

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