American downgrade: The Tea Party saw it coming, years ago

August 6, 2011

It was in the middle of a montage of news heads announcing the drop in the stock market yesterday that I heard the one that made me stop: “did anyone see this coming?”

Rather ironic when you consider the past months of drama over the debt ceiling increase and the closed door signing of a “deal” by Obama on Tuesday.

Did anyone see this coming? Those “terrorist”, “hostage taking”, “suicide bomber”, Tea Partiers did.

They’ve seen it coming for years. They’ve tried to warn us about it under Bush then and Obama now.

But only in the past few months did they finally have a platform from which to be fully heard.

And though their message was true they were savaged by the hypocrites in the media and the Democrat demagogues.

In hindsight I guess it should have been expected.

I mean, think about it for a moment. With a message as dire and prophetic as what the Tea Party was bringing, what choice did the Dems have but to “kill the messenger”?

They certainly couldn’t acknowledge that they’d had the purse strings since 2006 and did nothing but spend like drunken sailors. (apologies to drunken sailors)

They certainly couldn’t acknowledge blowing over $800 billion on political payback and gimmicky payroll tax “cuts” with nothing to show for it but yet another bill due.

They certainly couldn’t acknowledge that in the face of having to borrow 40 cents of every dollar spent they STILL chose to expand the size and scope of the federal government at the largest rate since F.D.R.

They certainly couldn’t acknowledge that a philosophy of “we first have to pass the bill so we know what’s in it” is absolutely insane.

And they most certainly couldn’t acknowledge that by imposing mandates and regulations at breakneck speed on the private sector they actually made the matter much, much worse than it ever had to be.

No, Obama and his Dem allies could never acknowledge those actual truths. So they resorted to distorting it and attacking those who actually DID speak it.

It’s been coming for years, it’s been hiding in plain site for decades, and it’s here now.

The size, scope and cost of the entire federal government MUST be addressed. And it needs to be addressed with real, honest truths of just how much government do we actually want vs what do we actually need and just how much can we afford?

It’s time to get over it, get on with it, and get it done.

It is not “holding a gun to the head of the economy”. It is not “hostage taking”. It is not behaving like a “terrorist”. It is the philosophy and calling of true patriots.

You can stand with Obama and the Dems and demand to confiscate more for another puff on the crack pipe or you can stand with the Tea Party and demand accountability and responsibility not just from the federal government, but from your fellow citizens as well.

You can stand with this nation’s founding principles or you can stand with the “redistributors” and “fundamental transformationalists” who abhor them.

Nothing short of the fate of the greatest nation ever known in human history hangs in the balance.

You already know where TheCorner stands, upon which side shall YOU stand?

(Publisher’s note:  Before this could be posted, Standard and Poor’s downgraded the United States of America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+ for the first time in history.  Not only did the Tea Party movement also see THIS coming, it also did everything possible to warn against electing an inexperienced community organizing narcissist ideologue in the first place.  The first stage of correction came in November, 2010, the second will arrive November 2012.)

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