Lost Generation

October 1, 2008

Agree or disagree with John McCain, vote or not for Barack Obama, but please at least know the facts…..

You ever wonder about those young people with the glassed over eyes at the Obama rallies? How they can be so easily swayed with sound bytes and rhetoric? How sheep are envious of their ability to herd as one?

The following is a TRUE story. While it doesn’t explain the entire Obama phenomenon, it does provide insight into the generation that comprises his most ardent supporters.

It was a rainy September afternoon and the crew was having a “cubicle cutup” to lighten the day. I sat quietly as the Obama crowd dutifully repeated the latest barbs about Sarah Palin and those boobs in Alaska. (Knocking Palin for a story alleging pot smoking but not a peep about Obama’s cocaine use was but just one of many ironies.)

But my silence ended with a John McCain send up by the youngest of the bunch. She was repeating a gesture made by a fellow co-worker (also mid-20’s) known as the McPenguin. Basically, it mocks John McCain for not being able to raise his arms above his head. (Arms at your side, you waddle around raising your hand at the wrist muttering, “my friends, my friends”)

When the laughter stopped, I stepped in. “He doesn’t do it to be funny, he doesn’t raise his arms because he CAN’T. A little thing called Vietnam made sure of it.” As my boss and I relayed a few facts from that era the chosen one was obviously uncomfortable. Yet sadly, I found her fidgeting not from embarrassment but from ignorant disbelief. “Nooooooo, really?, you’re kidding right? they weren’t THAT bad” was the reply to our repeating a few facts from a time not that long ago.

I don’t know which is worse. The fact that this “generation whatever” knew nothing of such a turbulent time in our nation’s history, or that the she had to Google it to believe us!

But here’s the kicker. That “googler”? She has a degree in, of all things, government studies from none other than that bastion of knowledge and wisdom (drum roll please)……………..Harvard University! (Got in on a Title IX for playing basketball, go figure.)

After 40 years the liberals have finally succeeded in one thing. They have produced an entire generation so devoid of historical reference that they’ve not a clue of the sacrifices made by so many for so long to give them their pitiful self-serving lives they now enjoy. A once common concept of duty, honor, country, doesn’t even register, let alone have meaning.

God help the United States of America.

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