The kitchen’s just too hot for the “erstwhile conservative”

December 29, 2011

Dwain's Bwain has flown the coop AGAIN!

In the real world the saying goes:  “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

But when it comes to Joplin’s own left wing blithiot, it’s more like:  “You’re making it too hot in here so I’m just not going to let you in.  nya, nya, nya, na, na!”

After months of practicing private censorship on the public Globe blog page, the “erstwhile conservative”, duane graham, aka dwainbwain graham was finally faced with what it means to be a public figure on a newspaper public forum blog page.

Whether you personally like them or not, whether you personally agree with them or not, whether you personally like the poster or not cannot be a deciding issue in whether the comment posts or not posts.  As long as they meet long established Globe guidelines of no profanity, no racism, and no libel, they should go through.  It IS after all a newspaper site.  That whole freedom of speech and press thing kind of comes into play there.

What else comes into play is the like it or not fact that when one is on that public page, being promoted by that public page, and payed by that public page, one has a responsibility to allow ALL public discourse and discussion without regard to personal bias.

But we all know, the far left political wing of this country, and our own dwainbwain in particular, don’t believe that the rules that apply to us, the 80 percent who do NOT identify as liberal, should apply to them, the one-fifth minority that just keeps trying over and over to force their religion upon us whether we want it or not.

Caught up in their own little utopian world, all is fine as long as all discussion is approved, deemed appropriately “civil” (meaning as long as you don’t make us look bad will let you “dissent” from time to time) and promotes the “common” good, but dare someone come in and throw a few facts disputing the propaganda and highlighting all too often found hypocrisy and BAM!  Nya, nya, nya, na, na, we’ll get you, we’re just not going to let you play with us anymore.  (After all we can’t have the public reading the truth about what we’re doing now can we?)

So he and his ilk resort to just not allowing those irritating comments they don’t like.  Much more “civil” without any dissent don’t you know.  Never mind that it’s the antithesis of what it means to be American, never mind it falls right in line with Goebbels, Mao, and Lenin.  As long as it furthers the cause it must be good.  (Even the master Orwell, never envisioned such a disciple of doublespeak and newspeak.)

And what pray tell could be so terrible as to require a new round of censoring by the great Bwain long now Dwained?

None other than the following comment, pointing out the flaws in his non-stop call for “Medicare for all” as the obvious solution to the problems in our nations healthcare system.  Or it could have been the calling him out for not apologizing for running with the Romney/KKK story that MSNBC and the Washington Post BOTH apologized for running with irresponsibly and the Globe itself even editorialized against such shoddy journalism, or it could have been the exposing of Obama’s voting “present” past clearly showing him unfit for the Presidency, or it could have been………..well you get the idea.

Pointing out inaccuracies and irresponsibility to the left is the highest of all sins in the religion of political correctness.  If it comes from the left it MUST be right and YOU sir have NO right to disagree.

Well, your humble correspondent DOES disagree with the far left and Joplin’s local incarnation of it, and I disagree strongly and proudly.  This nation is on a path to financial ruin for one reason and one reason only:  out of control spending and over reach by an out of control federal government.

The left and the dwainbwains will use every trick, half-truth, and doublespeak in the playbook to spin it otherwise but they can’t hide from the facts.  (perhaps that’s why they can’t get over twenty percent support?)  And as long I’m around I promise you it won’t go unexposed.

So without further ado, the latest censored comment that was in response to a  “Medicare for all” mantra in the “Domesticating the Dogs” post by the great EC and censored from publication on “his”, “public” blog:  (The Corner understands why he wouldn’t want it published, such heat can be quite uncomfortable.)

Geoff Caldwell Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
December 29, 2011 at 12:39 pm | Reply

Dr. Mark Perry, with the University of Michigan, who holds multiple graduate degrees (2 in economics alone) has a ( slightly different take ) on the “profit” of those evil health insurance companies. Of course he uses actual factual data showing the industry profit margin is WAY down the list of industries (86 to 88th) but don’t let that stop the hate machine against them by any means. For you must first demagogue profit if ever the masses are to demand the purity of government.

Regarding your Medicare for all: What part of Medicare is already not paying an equitable fee and causing the private sector to have to subsidize it through higher premiums don’t you on the left get?

As a conservative, if Connecticut and Oklahoma want to go the total public route for their Medicaid plans power to them, it’s called the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and they are fully within their rights.

But also as a conservative, it is always a good day when someone from the left again opines on “Medicare for all” as the fix for our broken healthcare system. For only in the land of unicorns and honey would it be considered prudent to take an already broken system that is on an unsustainable path and suggest bringing the rest of the country under the “umbrella” of big brother government.

And let’s not forget that the tax supported portion of Medicare is the smallest part. Beneficiaries pay extra in “premiums” for Part B and millions pay thousands of dollars a year for Medi-gap policies to cover what Medicare does not. The basic Medicare offered to all seniors over 65 is anything BUT the utopian all is now covered panacea that the left wing minority wants you to believe.

In fact the actual “Medicare” as comes from the government has hospital deductibles of $1132 for the first 60 days, a $283 per day copay days 61-90 and then requires a whopping $566 per day copay from 91 – 150.

So unlike a private catastrophic policy with say a $5000 deductible and then pays to protect a patient from bankruptcy, Medicare actually works in the opposite direction if someone has a long term hospital stay. The hospital co-payment alone amounts to over $8000 dollars for the 61 to 90 days, over $9500 with the first 60 days included, and then puts over $500 smackeroos a day as the patient’s responsibility. Imagine the lead story of every nightly newscast if a private health insurance company tried to do that.

But of course the left doesn’t tell you those dirty little facts. They get hidden by putting forth to the public that all of those “private” Medicare supplemental policies that pay for what Medicare doesn’t are somehow part of Medicare.

Continuing on: Let’s just give you your argument for sake of argument. Effective tomorrow the federal government takes over the healthcare system with “Medicare for all”. Any thoughts on what you do with all those previous private sector taxpaying citizens that are now unemployed? What’s that you say? Just bring them into the government administering the “public” system?

Hmmmmmm, so you destroy hundreds of thousands of private sector, tax paying jobs and throw them onto the public sector payroll thereby causing the taxes of the remaining private sector to have to increase to pay for the huge addition of public employees to bring about the utopian “Medicare for all”. BUT in the end, I suppose it would be all worth it. After all, you’d have gotten rid of a few dozen greedy “executives” and an absolutely evil profit margin of below 4 percent.

The system most certainly needs reformed, and I and many others have put forth item by item much that could be done without sending the nation down the sinkhole of an English type National Health System.

Too bad Patrick Moynihan isn’t around to remind the left of today the one most fundamental truth it continually ignores: Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

It’s perfectly fine to have the “opinion” that private insurance companies are evil, it’s quite another to present misleading “facts” as the entire industry is the cause of our nation’s healthcare problem.

And one last little “fact” to chew on regarding private insurance in government programs: Any of you on the left care to venture a guess as to what is continually credited for holding down the cost of Medicare Part D? It’s competition among private companies competing for customers. A review of how it’s working complete with actual cost facts from the Medicare trustees and Congressional Budget Office:

For a detailed review of why the left’s siren call of Medicare for all is not at all what it seems:
medicare and private insurance

So let the name calling begin, the subject changing start, and the attacks be unleashed. Those not pre-disposed to one-payer nationalized medicine at least now know that “Medicare for all” is not the utopia the left would have them believe.

But fear not you solid lefties, I have no illusions that any of you will see any of the facts as they relate to the industry, Medicare and the system as a whole. I post merely as a public service to highlight that in the world of the EC, the truth is all too often not what is written but what is left out. (the Romney/KKK debacle just one of the latest).

4 Responses to The kitchen’s just too hot for the “erstwhile conservative”

  1. anson burlingame on December 29, 2011 at 8:49 pm


    Censorship in any form is wrong in my view and I oppose it, period.

    True, political debate should be as “civil” as possible and name calling does little good other than to infuriate the opposition for any number of reasons. But that is a two edged sword for sure as well.

    But for the last month or so every comment you have now been “allowed” to post on the EC blog has met every conceivable standard of ANY newspaper that I can see. Duane might say the above is “too long” for a comment. Baloney. One of the beauties of the internent age is word count does not count, as it must do in print media for economic reasons.

    For sure I encourage you to continue to articulate the conservative view in comments on the EC blog. I also encourage you to send such comments to the Editor of the Globe every time he censors anything you post. And for sure a compilation of the EC’s continuing censorship should be published, publicly, every chance you get in this blog.

    At some point a guest column in the Globe should also be published expressing your concerns over censorship.

    Public blogs supported and paid for by a public newspaper should NOT be censored by the indiviudal writer of the blog. If words are used that justify censorship the orininating newspaper should be the decision maker, not a thin-skinned blogger.

    This was the essence of the “fight” a few weeks ago and the fight over left wing censorship of conservative views is still in play it seems. Disgraceful is the best word I can find to disdain such actions by any political writer in the public domain.

    You are welcome to use this comment from me in any way you see fit on the topic of censorship, from ANYONE, left or right.


  2. Geoff Caldwell on December 29, 2011 at 10:57 pm


    Oh I’m sure Dwain will use the too long excuse after the fact, now that he’s exposed once again. But the truth is the blocking took place before anything was ever posted. He got his skin pricked again by my continuing to point out the fact that he and he alone was the only Globe blogger to post the Romney/KKK story and then on top of it wasn’t man enough to admit he made a mistake.

    For crying out loud, how far into the Kool Aid do you have to be to see MSNBC and the Washington Post apologize for their error and the Globe write an editorial on the dangers of irresponsible reporting and STILL think you have “nothing to apologize for”. (Dwain’s own words in quotes)

    To the casual outside observer this might look like much ado about nothing. But if you have any respect at all for what it took to found this nation and the lives put on the line for the freedoms we enjoy today it is anything but “nothing”.

    The far left ideology that Dwain now subscribes to is as much a religion as the fundamental Christianity that he now so passionately disdains.

    I don’t call him out for his personal beliefs, I only call him out because his blog sits on a publicly promoted and supported news site. I would do the same to anyone participating in such hypocrisy.

    In his own words on his previous private blog he wrote:
    “I spent many years passionately studying the Bible, mostly as a true believer and staunch defender of its authenticity. And although I have a residual respect for those who have an earnest belief in the integrity of the scriptures, I want to make one thing clear: My mission is to make my tiny part of the world intellectually unsafe for fundamentalist faith, mostly through ridicule and sarcasm, but frequently through employing the tools of rationality, whether they are God-given or merely artifacts of evolution.” (Don’t worry I have screen shots should he try to take that down and censor that it never happened as well.)

    Wow, “my mission is to make………intellectually unsafe…..mostly through ridicule and sarcasm…….”

    Notice in his replies to me in other posts and our private emails how that ridicule and sarcasm is quite acceptable to him when it is he who is delivering it, yet oh how the running for the corner when someone dare call it out for what it is.

    Yet when that same “ridicule and sarcasm” is turned back on him in a PUBLIC forum using established civility standards his only answer is to resort to censorship to avoid being exposed for what he is.

    THAT is hypocrisy in it’s highest form and to stand silently by while allowing such to continue unabated has not, nor will not, ever be a practice that I nor anyone associated with the Corner will ever engage in.

    I am the first to support his Constitutional right to write whatever he wishes. I am also the first to defend anyone’s right to call out those same public writings. To do anything less is to deny what this country was founded upon.

    You can’t on one hand enjoy the benefits of a free press and free speech and then squash those same benefits for others that it might make you look bad. (Just look at how hysterical he got over me logging in under my wordpress account that showed when it was HIS settings on HIS blog that allowed the domain to show in the first place! I log in to your blog under the exact same wordpress account and it show just by name. Again, another strawman excuse from him to attempt to distract that he is deleting comments he doesn’t like.)

    I better stop now as I’m sure this “comment” is just “too long” to be a “comment”.

    Man, what I wouldn’t give to hear from Nonny about now.

    Take care and keep up the posts, this country is truly at a tipping point and what a sad day it would be indeed if the pages of history were written that on November 6, 2012 the distortion and propaganda of the minority left was just enough to win over the ignorant and apathetic that in the end, America as we’ve known her for over 200 years, ceased to exist on that fatal day.

  3. hlgaskins on June 4, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    I find it interesting that a blog of “two” leaves the owner with the hubris to believe that it has somehow achieved equivalence to Duane’s “Erstwhile Conservative” blog. Caldwell, what your limited computer skills hasn’t revealed to you thus far is that this blog in the scheme of things, among a list of blogs is irrelevant. No one reads it, or links to it, which leaves it as nothing more than an insignificant piece of political driftwood.

    The Google page rank on this blog doesn’t even register a zero (0-/10), or in short your blog is measured in negative integers. “Dwain’s” blog however has been well received, and although not perfect it has a page rank of 4/10 which is quite impressive considering his disinterest in moving up the ranks. If he can move it a bit higher he can monetize it where your site is valueless.

    The problem with your site Caldwell, is you, and the poisoned message that you’ve become so convinced is of value, but your message is a disparate and bittered pill that few want to swallow.

    • Geoff Caldwell on June 5, 2013 at 5:47 am

      Good morning HL,
      Thanks for stopping by the Corner.
      NOW on to the facts.
      I COULD respond to you the way DwainBwain has responded to me and others who comment things he doesn’t like on ‘his’ blog:
      edit it, censor it, or just out right ban the commenter, but unlike the “EC” I respect the Constitution and the First Amendment so your comment and all others that meet basic newspaper guidelines will stand for all to read.
      I don’t know what is worse, the idea that you think a 4/10 page rank is good or that just a few more up and ol Dwain can “monetize” his little collection of rants and diatribes.
      Using Google page rank as a benchmark to monetizing a blog today is akin to thinking Blackberry has the coolest smart phone on the market right now. Old news, old ways.
      If you notice, the Corner has not one ad or distracting little widget like Dwain’s little collection. That is by design as the Corner is not intended to ever be monetized. It is a place to store content for readers and editors and publishers to page through as they wish.
      Anyone can “monetize” a web site with a core group of “back-linkers”, “pings” and web advertising. Should Dwain ever achieve that, power too him.
      The Corner is at a “0” not necessarily by design but mostly by apathy to the page rank. The content is replicated across other websites, the headlines on those very similar to the Corner’s so if you really knew how the “rank” works, you would realize that such distribution of the content as I’m doing will FOREVER keep this particular “site” at a 0 or 1.
      Expecting to “monetize” via ads and page rank in this day and age of internet clutter is to think you’re going to win the lottery every Saturday as well. Just ain’t gonna happen.
      BUT I do appreciate you stopping by and showing us once again, the outdated, single mindedness that runs rampant “over there”.
      Dwain is always welcome to pop by and engage but as we both know anyone who bans and censors on his own blog won’t be stopping by where he can be exposed as such anytime soon.
      The irony though is in what you can’t see. That being the number of readers I’m picking up from Canada, Australia, and England. It seems it’s not just us evil conservatives here in the States that are deeply concerned over the corruption and ineptness of this administration and the very real dangers to the Constitution and basic freedoms posed by an army of ideological bureaucrats pushing ever forward the agenda of government.
      Between where the content is already carried, the editorial contracts it has generated and the soon to be syndicated weekly print column I’ll put my “0” page rank strategy against a daily circle jerk of “scary negro” and constant hate any day.
      Come back any time and feel free to browse the content. You never know, you might just learn something.


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