Freedom and our Founding in 2012 or Dear Leader Obama and more debt?

December 31, 2011

After three years, 2012 can't come soon enough

It’s that time of year when every media outlet on the planet does the obligatory, “year in review” collection of the “best and the “worst”, the “top and the bottom”, the “good and the bad”. Such practices will continue as long as time keeps ticking but they shall be sans the Corner.

You know in your own world what was good, bad and ugly about the past year. You have your thoughts on the “best and worst”. You have your life and I’m not going to hijack it with a list that would do nothing but expose my terrible editing skills.

BUT, I will go so far as to say that at least in this little corner of the world, 2011, especially May 22nd, will go down as the worst year ever, for far, far too many. Please keep the victims and their friends and families in your prayers. Time may heal all wounds but it can never fill the hole left in the soul.

And now a little quiz. Who said the following in an interview this past week?  (Answer at bottom of this post.)

“I am amazed,” he said. “I am in awe. This country is less than 250 years old, smaller than 300 million people. And there are countries and populations that have been around thousands of years. And yet, we are a super power. And our DNA’s no different than anybody in Europe or Asia. We are not better people. We are not created specially, differently, more blessed, smarter, whatever. How did this happen? It has to be freedom, our founding documents. It has to be the notion that this nation’s built on self-reliance in the pursuit of excellence, be the best you can be and you bring everybody in your family and your neighborhood right along with you when that happens.”

The one sure thing that DID happen in 2011 is the political debate regarding the direction of this great experiment we call democracy reached a pitch not heard in decades. Obama and the left continue to try to steer the ship on a leftward course full speed ahead to Europe. The rest of us are fighting with all our being to set that same ship back onto the founding course that is needed if we are to save this great nation for future generations.

After their 2010 shellacking at the polls, the left has been trying everything possible to shut down the voices of the majority and paint anyone who doesn’t agree with their socialist utopian view as a right wing extremists. (Just look at the action of two of our local lefties DwainBwain Graham of the Erstwhile Conservative and too a lesser extent even previously mild mannered Jim Wheeler as they censor, edit and even outright ban that speech on their blogs that they don’t agree with or like or might expose the hypocrisy oozing between the lines.)

But the good news for 2012, is that the paint the left is using is dry, and cracked and does a terrible job at covering up the truth. For four years, Queen Pelosi and her court controlled the House and the nation’s purse strings. For two of those four years Dear Leader Obama had both chambers of Congress. What part of the left’s agenda that couldn’t get passed the Constitutional way through the legislature is being implemented at breakneck speed by dutiful regulatory bureaucrats.

The lip service of “pay go” was silenced quickly with one new program and budget expansion after another. To the point that by the time this nation votes for a new President this coming November the national debt will have gone from around ten trillion at the beginning of Obama’s term to sixteen trillion at the end. A sixty percent increase in the entire national debt that took over two hundred years to accumulate in just four short years.

Combine the absolute abysmal fiscal policies of this administration with the arrogance of Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Financial “reform”, and perhaps the worst piece of legislation ever to pass through the halls of Congress, the Affordable Care Act and in the mind of anyone who actually has a brain, Anyone But Obama will be the choice in the voting booth come November 6, 2012.

Now go back to that quote. Especially this:

“……our DNA’s no different than anybody in Europe or Asia. We are not better people. We are not created specially, differently, more blessed, smarter, whatever. How did this happen? It has to be freedom, our founding documents……..”

Notice the stressing that we are NOT better then others, the humility of that statement. That it is not some biological trait that makes America “exceptional”. That rather it IS our freedom and our founding documents.

Far, far too many in this country have forgotten that simple fact. And if the left has it’s way many, many more will forget it as well.

For there is nothing more dangerous to left wing socialist then an informed, free and independent citizenry. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the minions have done what they can to mis-inform and quell that independent spirit but 2010 put them all on notice that the truth is they are but a small minority in this country. A loud and powerful minority for sure, but a minority just the same.

And while the Constitution and we in the majority support the left’s right to say and promote their world view as they wish, we also support the rights of a free people to say NO to their vision at the ballot box.

Iowa starts the process this Tuesday, the rest of us will end it the first Tuesday of November.

Happy New Year all and I’ll see you round the Corner next year!


Oh, the author of that quote? None other than: Rush Limbaugh. Yes, THAT Rush Limbaugh.

For a good read on the entire interview check out Anson Burlingame’s “A Different Perspective on Limbaugh” “A Different Perspective on Limbaugh” post.




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