Ann McFeatters illustrates depth of media’s love for Obama

January 1, 2012

A New Year, but unfortunately the same President

I had actually contemplated one of those gushy Happy New Year columns lamenting the divisiveness of the past year and calling for more “unity, civility, and compromise” for 2012. Then Millie (the smartest dog in the world) woke me from my nightmare to tell me it was time for her morning business.

Never underestimate the positive power of pets. Imagine if she hadn’t awoke me at that exact time. My subconscious might have actually succeeded in producing a sleep walking column full of that mush.

Instead, a couple cups of java and the Globe opinion pages brought forth front and center the reality of this New Year.  The reality that in a little more than 48 hours the first phase of selecting this nation’s leader for another four years will have begun.

To remind you what the left and its liberal allies are thinking and preparing, we have none other than Scripps Howard columnist Ann McFeatters. In her column below she clear lays out the belief that Obama has actually been GOOD for the country and proceeds to provide him hints as to how better to implant that propaganda into the minds of the minions.

Normally a snippet here and a comment there would be enough but Ms. McFeatters is so full of Obama accolades it requires a more detailed rebuttal. Her words are in black, the Corner’s commentary on said words in red:

WASHINGTON — Lanikai, a lovely neighborhood of Kailua, Hawaii, was the perfect place for President Barack Obama to recharge his batteries by golfing, swimming and dining in fine restaurants. Remote, with narrow, winding roads and no public parking for its gorgeous beaches, it is far from the bustle of Honolulu. (Ann, he’s already set the record THREE years in a row for golfing and “recharging” more than any other President in modern history. And that “dining” at over $200 posh restaurants doesn’t exactly set him up as a “man of the people”. Just sayin.)

We need a reinvigorated president to help us slog through 2012. So here is yet another suggested list of New Year’s resolutions for Obama. (Hey, he’s the only president we have. We should feel free to give him unsolicited advice.)

Obama should read more of our letters and emails detailing personal economic woes. Painful as it is to have families losing livelihoods and homes, he must keep that pain uppermost.

He should get out of the White House bubble more often, talking with “real families” about their concerns.

With the Romney machine about to hit Obama hard with ads decrying his performance on the economy, he should be out front with concrete examples of what he has done (e.g. saved the U.S. auto industry, implemented rules to stem Wall Street greed, insisted on a tax cut for the middle class that has helped prevent a double-dip recession, pushed through health care reform). Voters are not readily familiar with positive results the administration has achieved, and the White House has been ham handed in touting them. For example, most voters have no idea what health care changes will mean for them and have been scared by Republican attacks against the new law.(That “saving” the U.S. auto industry is one of the most over used half truths in the entire Presidency. The industry was not going away. But what Dear Leader DID do, was ignore the rule of law, kick out the bondholders in favor of his union buddies and waste billions of taxpayer dollars in the process. An organized, streamlined bankruptcy as the airline industry has used for decades would have been much more effective and not cost the nation billions in more debt. As for that “double dip recession”, the stats may say we’re out of one, but those living outside those stats say different. Dodd/Frank, the “stem Wall Street greed” vehicle is a regulatory behemoth that does nothing to stop the greed, nothing to end “too big to fail”, AND puts extra burden upon small and medium banks making long term economic recovery even HARDER and less likely. And “pushing through health care reform is wrong on both levels: One it wasn’t “pushed” it was “rammed” through with lies and closed door deals, and it does nothing to actually fix the problem of rising costs. And it’s not just “Republican attacks” that are scaring the hell out of the voters, its the LAW itself!)

Obama needs to be seen as less cerebral and more confrontational with his Republican opponents. The short-lived growth spurt Newt Gingrich had at the polls was a reflection of the public’s yearning for action and the need to have leaders “fighting” for them. The time for Obama to stay above the GOP fray is over. (Hey Ann, Obama’s been staying “above the fray” since his election. Yes, he’s been great at demagoging, demonizing, fear-mongering and stirring up class warfare but other than that what has HE actually done? Zip, zilch, nodda, it’s all been Pelosi, Reid and the minions shoving a minority left wing agenda through at ever turn.)

Obama should reduce the number of foreign trips he takes in 2012. He has proved his credentials by assuring Osama bin Laden’s demise and encouraging the Arab spring. Voters want him focused on the domestic economy. (He could have started with this Hawaii trip, it’s just as far as many foreign country’s and the cost and result is the same.)

Obama needs a cogent argument for why he should continue in office and why Mitt Romney’s business skills (his ability to get donations to save the Winter Olympics in Utah) are not the answer the country seeks. Obama should demand specifics from Republicans. Obama should not underestimate how difficult it will be for him to win in November against a business community that wants fewer environmental controls, extension of tax cuts for the wealthy and less regulation. (Nice to see your copy of the DNC playbook is so easily cut and pasted. When you consider the massive growth his given to the federal government, the vast expansion of powers and regulations it SHOULD be difficult for him to win in November!)

Obama must be honest about our challenges but also must convey optimism. Americans are desperate to be optimistic again about their country and the future. (Why should he start with “honesty” now? He’s obfuscated the truth behind so many attacks and lies to this point how would we even KNOW when he’s being “honest”?)

Obama should resolve to be more careful about making promises. His administration’s insistence that the stimulus would drive unemployment down to 8 percent was foolish, although few expected the recession to be as bad as it proved to be. (Incompetence is as incompetence does. When you’re an empty suit, teleprompter addicted, class envy community organizer hack, all you have are promises.)

Obama needs to resolve to stick to his guns. He caved on the size of the stimulus — it should have been $1.2 trillion instead of $800 billion and should have been better designed. He did not back his bipartisan debt commission’s recommendations. He let the tax cut for the wealthiest Americans be extended. Voters need to see backbone. (Where’d you get your economic degree Ann, the national bank of China. But at least we can finally agree, the “stimulus” was terrible in design and even worse in implementation. Obama’s hypocrisy in ignoring the debt commission stands among some of the greatest of all time and as for those “wealthiest” getting the tax cut, you might (in the idea of full disclosure and all the “journalist” stuff you’re supposed to be adhering to) include that the vast majority of beneficiaries for that tax cut extension were low and middle income Americans.)

The hard work is not over. Obama needs to get tough with Democrats who put their pet projects in legislation and pay no attention to White House wishes. He must make sure the debt ceiling is lifted and that middle-class tax cuts and unemployment benefits are extended for the rest of 2012. He must come up with arguments on why these are vital to the economy to counter arguments this course is fiscally irresponsible. (You’re right on the “hard work is not over”. It will take everything the majority of this nation has left to counter the onslaught of the Obama machine and liberal media of which you, Ann, belong.)

Americans like Obama as a person. He should make sure that continues and that he is seen as appealing, caring and competent. Voters are too stressed to want a nasty personal race, the kind that Gingrich would have fomented. They want hard answers to hard questions about how the economy works and exactly what each candidate would do.

If Obama ignores such thoughts, he may be permanently vacationing in Lanikai.

( “Some” Americans like Obama as a person. This columnist and millions of others see through the charade and despise his hypocrisy, arrogance and narcissism. No, Ann we do NOT like him as a “person”. And the “likeness” of his policies runs even more negative.

So yes, tens of millions of us will be working diligently to assure Obama can begin planning his permanent Lanikai vacation starting November 7, 2012. )

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  1. anson burlingame on January 1, 2012 at 2:06 pm


    Anne’s column prompted me to write and just now post my own views of what is ahead in 2012. 2012, A TURNING POINT, POLITICALLY?
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