Candidate Obama no match for Comrade Obama

January 4, 2012

The candidate before he appointed himself King

If there was any doubt whether Dear Leader Obama would seek re-election taking the political high road he promised when he was candidate Obama this little snippet from the Daily Caller should erase any shadows:

“Part of what 2012 is about is both reminding the American people of how far we’ve traveled and the concrete effects that some of our work … but part of it is also framing this larger debate about what kind of country are we going to leave for our children and our grandchildren,” he said.

As part of that reframing effort, Obama caricatured the GOP’s free-market policies as “a different theory that says, we’re going to cut taxes for the wealthiest among us, and roll back regulations on things like clean air and health care reform and Wall Street reform, and that somehow, automatically, that assures that everybody is able to succeed.”

Yes, oh Dear Leader, let’s have that “larger debate”. I have two grand-daughters and three nephews all under the age of ten. Let’s do take a closer look at just “how far we’ve traveled” under you and your minions and just what the consequences of those “travels” no means to those future generations.

Thanks to you, they will have almost six trillion dollars in more debt passed onto them in just the four short agonizingly long years you held office. (Yes, hope springs eternal when it comes to this nation not repeating it’s national guilt trip of ’08)

Thanks to you, one of the worst pieces of legislation to ever make it through the chambers of Congress, the so called “Affordable Care Act” was enacted against the will of the American people and thrust upon future generations without even one true “reform” measure included.

Thanks to you, the two persons perhaps most responsible for the policies that lead to the financial meltdown of ’08, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were allowed to write the legislation to supposedly “fix” the very industry that made them both independently wealthy. Said “fix” also doing nothing to “fix” the problem of “too big to fail” and smothers small and medium sized banks with so many asinine regulations that future economic growth will forever be slowed for those “children and grandchildren” you tele-speech so caringly about.

Thanks to you, Iran and our enemies around the world are further emboldened to do as they will; knowing full well “leading from behind” works about as well as Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” little chat with Hitler.

Thanks to you, the greatest economic engine the world has ever known is being choked to death by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. and the left wing delusion that only the “experts” should be allowed to “manage” the economy. Bureaucrats that if not stopped will leave a legacy of chronic unemployment and low economic growth for generations to come.

Thanks to you, the rule of law (GM bailout, Fast and Furious, DOJ suing states that dare pass legislation in opposition to the left’s ideology, just a few) will no longer be one of the bedrock founding principles for our children and grandchildren that it was for their parents and their grandparents.

Thanks to you, this nation has become more divided, more polarized, more class envious than perhaps at any other time in its history. Never before, have so many Americans felt themselves “entitled” to that which they did not earn. Never before since the inception of the income tax have so many not paid a dime in supporting the federal government from which they incessantly demand more.

Yes, Mr. Obama, let’s most certainly have that “larger” debate. And by all means, please, please keep claiming that we on the conservative side want dirty air and water and that if we’re given the chance to return the federal government to its Constitutional foundation millions of Americans will starve and the elderly will wind up in dump trucks on their way to becoming Soylent Green.

While you have proven to us over the past four years that this nation’s founding principles of personal responsibility, individual liberty and economic freedom are indeed a “different theory” to you, they are most certainly not things we, the majority, will allow you to further destroy.

So just keep throwing that red meat to your left wing base.

Such demagoguery, demonizing and lying will get you all the cheers and accolades they can muster, all 20 percent of the population of it.

That leaves the remaining 80 percent of us free to think for ourselves, see the truth and give you a permanent Hawaiian vacation. (Sorry, you’ll have to pay for that one out of your own pocket. After your little spending spree these past four years, the taxpayers’ pockets don’t even have any lint left in them.)

PUBLISHER’s NOTE:  And just in case you thought the Corner was a bit too harsh with the Dear Leader this post couldn’t even survive twelve hours pre-published before King Obama broke decades of precedent, and even his own previous position and that of a member of his own Department of Justice by pushing the edge of  “recess” appointments and shoving through four more today.  Even though the Senate is in pro-forma session and even though Senator Obama was against even the suggestion of such an assault on the Constitution by then President Bush.


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