Palmetto state pounds Romney, rewards Gingrich

January 22, 2012

South Carolina crowns Gingrich

Conventional Wisdom as defined by “the generally accepted belief, opinion, judgment, or prediction about a particular matter.”

The “wisdom” of the “conventionals” has been taking a bruising the past few years and it got a sound butt kicking last night in South Carolina.

The professional pundit class is still scratching its head over how an overt left-wing community activist not only defeated the venerable “Clinton machine” but fooled an entire nation with lofty, patronizing rhetoric for just long enough to lull it into making one of the worst mistakes in its history.

That same professional pundit class is now scratching its head as to how twice written off, Newt “Mr. Tiffany’s-Greek cruise” Gingrich managed to get South Carolinians to hand him the victory they did.

While we in the amateur (translated sometimes paid, sometimes not) pundit class are also “scratching our heads” this morning, we’re just not scratching quite as hard and deep as the “professionals” who missed it by a mile. No, there weren’t many (or any that I know) actually predicting the Gingrich “landslide” but we also felt that after Gingrich’s two debate performances and his smack-down of the elite media “conventional wisdom” was probably in for a thump-in Saturday.

And the reason for that “thumpin”? Anger, pure and simple. Four years ago it was anger against a media created “evil” George Bush and Clinton establishment, yesterday was also anger. And that anger was twofold:

Anger at yet another “media double-standard” (Clinton can leave a trail of bedroom crumbs around the world and nary a word said, Obama can launch his political career in the living room of an unrepentant terrorist, get a politically connected mortgage deal, reap the rewards of his wife’s hundreds of thousands of dollars from a “no-show” political job, sit in the pews of a very angry “God-d*&m preacher, and refuse to release even a page of college writings or transcripts…) that gives liberal-Democrat candidates a pass while attacking with a vengeance their conservative opponents.

Anger at a President and his minority constituency that continually spouts the rhetoric of progress while implementing the realities of regression. A President that promotes “capitalism and free enterprise” from his teleprompter while his policies do everything they can to “progressively” punish it.

Palmetto state residents let that anger show yesterday. As a right-to-work, conservative state, South Carolina has seen first hand the “Chicago way” and the pain that can be caused by the Obama administration.

When Boeing was ready to open their new manufacturing facility and begin putting hundreds of South Carolinians back to work, Obama’s National Labor Relations Board lackeys did their best to force Boeing to abandon the plant in favor of politics and their union allies in Washington state.

When Charleston and the entire state is seeing it’s long term economic future threatened by a bureaucratic quagmire that won’t allow Charleston harbor to be deepened by a measly five feet so it can accommodate the larger cargo ships being built to take advantage of a widened Panama Canal anger most certainly is going to swell.

This nation used to be a nation of “we can do anything”. This nation used to be a nation that prioritized by jobs and economic freedom for all. This nation used to be a nation that could “commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth,”.

The “conventional wisdom” of the political class is that a “can do” nation just isn’t fit for the 21st century.

That the world has gotten too complex, that we are so, so much “smarter” than we used to be and the only way forward is for centralized economic planning by bureaucrats in Washington telling each and every American citizen what they can and can’t do.

Whether it be their healthcare, the type of car they can buy, the energy they use, the food they eat, and now even how they can earn a living, the Obama administration has doubled down on the left wing agenda.

Going into the 2012 election cycle, Obama’s re-election campaign is so far implementing page by page the “conventional wisdom” playbook that all they have to do is frame Republican’s as “protectors of the rich” and “pillagers of the poor” and another four years of regulations and executive orders is right around the corner.

Like, love or hate Newt Gingrich, believe the “conventional wisdom” that his “negatives” are just so high there isn’t a snowball’s chance of him beating Barack Obama, believe that he’s not disciplined enough to hold it together for the long haul, believe that he’s an “evil, bigoted, racist that hates the poor and minorities”, believe any of the conventional wisdom you wish to believe, but in the back of your head you might want to remember one thing:

The voter anger against a demonized Bush and Republican party that propelled Obama into the White House four years ago has come full circle and is now focused squarely upon him and his job killing agenda.

And that anger is stronger and more determined this year than at any other time in our modern political history.

So strong is the anger at Obama and the fiscal calamity he’s thrust upon the economy that even being a thrice married, admitted adulterer doesn’t matter any more.

Voters want one thing and one thing only this year:   Obama out and anyone else in.

Whomever finally claims the “anyone else” prize is anyone’s guess but there’s no guesswork in the fact that “anyone else” will be the one Republican primary voters ultimately deem most able to channel the country’s anger and “take it directly” to the man behind our current mess: Barack Hussein Obama.

And if anyone other than the dwainbwains still doubt this IS Obama’s mess this timely comment sums it all up:

HEY BARACK, you just killed thousands of jobs and cost local and state governments millions in tax revenue, by killing the Keystone pipeline, what are you gonna do next?


(Publisher’s note: During Dear Leader’s visit Goofy’s smile was even larger than normal as for at least if only for a day, he wasn’t the dumbest one in the park.)

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2 Responses to Palmetto state pounds Romney, rewards Gingrich

  1. anson burlingame on January 23, 2012 at 9:46 am


    SC is the state that requires any GOP candidate to state his most conservative views,thus giving Santorum a field day expressing his SOCIAL conservative views to the religous wing of the GOP.

    It is little doubt that Gingrich would do much better in SC than in previous primaries. Had Snatorum and Paul NOT been on the ballot her would have beaten Romney for at least a factor of TWO, (maybe 75% to 30% or so). There is the clear GOP choice for a conservative candidate.

    Now we move on to less conservative states where the real focus should be on who best can beat Obama in a general election. THAT should be the more closely viewed characteristic for the two candidates that count, Romney and Gingrich.

    In my view that is a difficult choice to make, personally. Gingrich will trample Obama in a debate in all likelihood. But as despite such ability to stand tall in a debate, he “scares” people, particularly the undecided, where the victory will be made in Nov 2012.

    In my view Gingrich is now going to have to focus his debates on the Ameridcan people and for sure STOP attacking Romney. He can as well simply ignore the “little twerp” and the “idiot” as inconsequential for the nomination. Gingrich must convince a lot of Americans that he is stable, can be calm in a crisis, does not have a hair trigger, and will in fact treat ALL Americans as equal.

    He has a long road ahead of him in such efforts, in my view and I watch my liberal wife’s reactions whenever he makes a current “splash” in the news. She still views him as “snarky” and so do a lot of others.


    • Geoff Caldwell on January 23, 2012 at 9:56 am

      Mostly agree, three additional takeaways:
      1. I was surprised that Santorum didn’t do better with the social conservatives. I think ABC and then John King unwittingly handed South Carolina to Gingrich when they gave him the opportunity to rail against the “elite media”.
      2. Completely agree on the Gingrich/Obama debate situation but the big question is whether the debates would be enough to sway. Obama’s got his problems but it wouldn’t surprise me that he’d get at least one good zinger and the media would run with it day in and day out, negativing Gingrich’s debate performance and giving this country another four years of debt and deficits that it cannot afford
      3. There is solace in the fact that at this time in the race in 1980 Reagan was already written off as the floor that Jimmy Carter would mop…….


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