Year Of The Joe

October 16, 2008

The Chinese have the “year of the __________” (rat, monkey, etc). 2008 will be known as the year America had the “year of the Joe”. Joe Biden, Joe Sixpack, “Say it ain’t so Joe”, the average Joe and now Joe the plumber.

After finishing the third, and mercifully last, presidential debate, I found myself quite beholden to Joe the plumber. For without Joe, I’m afraid John McCain wouldn’t have had anything other then “my friends” to say.

In case you can’t tell, I found McCain’s performance pathetic. Perhaps that’s not fair considering Obama is the polished Harvard debater and comes into these things with a huge advantage but at the end of the night it IS what’s said that counts.

What McCain needed to do was to win over independent swing voters. Voters who wanted to here specific ideas and planned steps for the current economic mess. What they got was “Joe the plumber this”, “Joe the plumber that”, and a whole lotta “what the heck is he trying to say” that left the pipes of the McCaign campaing still leaking profusely and catastrophe looming.

As a political junkie who lives off this stuff, I know that much of what Obama said was mis-leading at best, out right lying at times. But ever since Kennedy/Nixon, Presidential debates are about appearance and perception. Obama appeared calm, cool, collected, and gave the perception that his proposals wouldn’t just not cost you “Joe the taxpayer” a dime, but would go down as smooth as a spoon full of sugar. Conversely McCain appeared like Scrooge on the night before Christmas. His facial expressions clearly showing his repugnance for the little upstart stealing the stage, and his words wandering off all too many times into areas poll after poll after poll shows, not worth a tinker’s damn to those whose vote will actually ELECT the next President of the United States.

There is no doubt the old media is in the tank for Obama and has issued him a lifetime press pass. There is no doubt the American public has gotten far far less than full disclosure about Obama’s past relationships with radical left individuals and organizations. There is no doubt Obama goes back on his word (town hall debates, public financing etc..) and twists his words (for clean coal, offshore drilling, nuclear power, gun control, respect for life, etc..) for the convenience of the moment. But the biggest doubt left at the end of the debate was not whether Barrack Obama could be trusted with the most powerful office on the planet, but was rather just what exactly was it that John McCain had said? Other than Bill Ayers, Acorn, and Joe the Plumber, not much.

He certainly didn’t give the appearance of the strong leader that he actually is. He certainly didn’t give the perception he had a specific plan from day one. He certainly didn’t convince anyone that Barrack Obama should not be trusted with the second Ammendment or the national checkbook.

The only thing McCain did for certain, was blow the last chance he had to show millions of voters he was truly more then the grumpy old man the media makes him out to be.

Yet all this talk of “Joe’s” is not new, take a trip back

“Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you….”

I wonder if Paul Simon knew at the time just how prophetic that line would become.

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