Obama: Arab spring radicals more important than poor D.C. kids

February 14, 2012

Imagine a President of the United States willing to spend $1.3 billion on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, $800 million on the so called “Arab Spring”, but unable to find $60 million in a $3.8 trillion dollar budget for poor children in Washington D.C. trapped in failing union run public schools.

Sadly you don’t need to imagine such a nightmare.

It is alive, it is real and it goes by the name Barack Hussein Obama.

Buried in the political manifesto that Obama is calling a “budget” is a philosophy that if it weren’t right there in black and white you’d say it just couldn’t be true. But it is there and it is true.

In less than five minutes you’ll know what it is and in less than five minutes you’ll be even more disgusted with this imposter of a President than you already are.

Take a minute and listen to Senator Marco Rubio (R, FL) call out Obama and Harry Reid on Dear Leader’s latest political manifesto, the so-called 2013 Presidential budget.

Read the story where the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is warning that any cut in aid to Egypt could affect the peace treaty with Israel. This is the same Egypt mind you that is now refusing to allow several American and other foreign aid workers to leave the country while they are being “investigated” and this administration does nothing.

Take another minute to contemplate how a President of these United States could request an ADDITIONAL $800 million taxpayer dollars be spent to grow the Arab Spring radical weeds sprouting across the middle east but pour Roundup on poor children trapped in failing Washington, D.C. public schools by eliminating the $60 million that funds the D.C. school voucher program. (A program that only costs the taxpayer $8000 per scholarship student vs. $18,000 in the public system and that has a graduation rate of 91 percent vs. 55 percent for the union run public sewer schools.)

In just three short minutes you have now seen why the left’s criticism of my not giving Obama his “due respect” falls upon deaf ears here in the Corner.

This “president” defends spending $2.1 billion with a B dollars in the Middle East but won’t allow $60 million to give inner city Washington D.C. poor children a chance to escape the shackles of the teachers’ unions.

Such willingness to steal from future generations to give away their financial future to who knows what in the Middle East right now all the while refusing to stand for American children right in his own back yard, shows a lack of spine and leadership perhaps not ever before seen in an American President.

Such cynicism and lack of principle deserves not “respect” but disgust.

While this columnist will always respect the “office” of the Presidency the three short examples above show why I will never respect this political patronizing George Soros puppet currently “occupying” the office.

Respect is earned, not given and if his own history is to be believed, Obama hasn’t earned one damn thing his entire life.

November 6, 2012: Kick him our or kiss it goodbye.

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