Et Tu Brute Mr. Powell

October 20, 2008

There are plenty of historical metaphors being tossed about this election but Colin Powell’s endorsement yesterday of Barack Obama lends to the mother of them all. John McCain may not have known Julius Ceasar personally (although the Obama campaign will try to convince you otherwise) but he most certainly now knows how it feels to be stabbed in the back by a once trusted compatriot.

And Powell’s excuse that it’s because of the Republican party’s irrelevant personal attacks over a serious approach to “unprecedented” challenges is lame at best. (And to not let the Obama media outdo him, Powell even goes so far as to dis Governor Palin saying she’s not ready to be President but that Joe Biden could take over on “day one”). Excuse me, I thought Presidential elections were supposed to be about the TOP of the ticket. Guess Obama’s lack of it doesn’t matter since he had the “good judgement” to pick Biden as his running mate? Talk about convoluted logic. The VP pick is more important then the Presidential credentials? Huh?

Weren’t we fed the same line of crap eight years ago concering baby bush? That Dick Cheney and an inner circle of seasoned advisors made up for any lack of experience W had? (Hmm, weren’t you part of that false trust General?) Now you want us to believe Barrack Obama who has even less experience then W did is ready for the Oval Office at the most troubling time in American History since the Great Depression? No General your “stated” reasons are shallow and thin at best, pure political pandering at worst.

But the grand General doesn’t stop there. No sir. He had his Obama talking points down to the letter. How “troubled” he was by personal attacks on Obama and the focusing on Obama’s connections to 60’s radical William Ayers. Powell even went a step further concerning the Muslim issue. “The really right answer is what if he is?” citing that millions of Muslims make contributions to American society.

So what? Are you really telling us that a candidate’s religion and world view shouldn’t matter when considering the Presidency of the United States? Man you aren’t just in the tank for this guy, you drank the Kool-Aid as well. For over 200 years it is the Judea-Christian foundation and principles that has kept this country strong and provided it guidance through many terrible times. Not, I’m sorry to tell you General Powell, Allah or the Koran. It doesn’t matter? What parellel universe are you in?

Any one who knows me, knows how much I have respected and admired the General over the years. I was an ardent supporter of him running for President and decried the gutter politics of going after family that ultimately kept him out of the race. But the Colin Powell of yesterday’s Meet the Press interview is not the great general and diplomat I admired.

I could have understood him not giving McCain an endorsement, could have understood him saying “both are good men and either would serve their country with all their heart”, yes, I could have understood that. But I will never understand coming out at the last minute to endorse a seriously character flawed and inexperienced candidate just because his candicacy is “historic”. That sort of chicanery is reserved for political hacks. I never in my wildest dreams ever, ever, ever thought I’d see the venerable Colin Powell stoop so low. But if it had to happen I guess this is the year. After all it is “historic”.

How sad that another historic thought didn’t enter Mr. Powell’s mind before he jumped ship:
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

Has your memory become so soft my dear general that you would condemn us to yet another inexperienced Presidency? Do you not remember it was just eight short years ago that another eager power pup set us on this current path of disillusion? You really think Reid and Pelosi are going to let little Obama out to play?

Putting Barack Obama in the Oval Office means a shift so far to the left that Karl Marx begins to look like Gordon Gekko. Do you not remember how Clinton eviscerated the military? That’ll be child’s play by the time Obama get’s done “spreading the wealth”.

While you, (Mr. Powell), the DNC’s far left fringe, and socialist governments and dictators around the world eagerly await the great Oracle’s anointment, those of us who still have a brain will be preparing for the coming catastrophe that you have wished upon us.

Senator McCain has gracefully accepted your betrayal, I sir shall not.

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