Obamacare Turns Two while America Throws a Tantrum

March 23, 2012

Nancy Pelosi marches to the Hill 3/21/2010, AP Charles Dharapak

Obamacare turns two today and America is throwing a tantrum against it more vigorous than ever.

It’s worth noting that the White House and fellow Dems aren’t doing much official/public celebrating of Dear Leader’s “signature acheivement” today.

What with $4 a gallan gas, 8 percent real inflation, food prices going up while the boxes on the shelves get smaller, the last thing this administration wants to do is remind the American public it was responsible for signing into law perhaps the worst piece of legislation ever in the history of the United States Congress.

A WashingtonPost/ABC poll shows that a whopping 67 percent of American adults want the Supreme Court to either throw out the individual mandate (25%) or toss the law in its entirety (42%).  Add in the fact that a solid 57 percent also favor the Keystone Pipeline that Obama recently delayed in deference to his left wing base and it’s no wonder the White House is keeping a low profile today.

Obama, Pelosi and crew kept telling us two years ago that “we just had to pass it to know what was in it” and that once we knew all the benefits we’d just love it.  Sorry to disappoint you Nancy, but we’re not feelin’ the love anymore now than we did back then.

Back those two years ago, the Corner and fellow conservatives were labeled “obstructionists” and accused of just wanting the President to fail.  While neither was the truth, those were the labels applied.

Yet here we are two years later and the words of us on the conservative side of the aisle are ringing far, far more true than the utterances of all the dwainbwains who just insisted that this was a “great” bill and would do “great” things.

The only thing “great” about the Affordable Care Act is it’s cost and regulatory burden. 

Two years ago I wrote that celebration or commiseration of the bill boiled down to one word:  “IF”.  It seems that such analysis holds as true today as it did then. 

To remind us all just how bad this bill really is and what it means for this nation I am reprinting in its entirety, the March 21st, 2010 column warning of what was to come:

 President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got their long pushed for “yes” vote on “Obamacare” this evening, and whether you’re celebrating or commiserating all depends on the two little letters of “IF”.

IF you believe that telling the American people that Obamacare reduces the massive Federal deficit while conveniently leaving out the over $200 billion cost of the “doc fix” that turns the entire fiasco into a deficit INCREASER, is noble, truthful and deserving of praise then you are celebrating tonight.

IF you believe that saying with a straight face that over $500 billion of Medicare “saved” dollars can then also be spent again for a new entitlement is noble, truthful and deserving of praise, then you are dancing in the aisles tonight.

IF you believe that putting the IRS in charge of enforcement and hiring upwards of 16,000 additional bureaucrats to further intrude into the private lives of every American is NOT an abuse of this country’s founding principles, then you’re absolutely abounding with anticipation for that newly rented DVD, “The joy of communism and the wisdom of Uncle Joe and Chairman Mao”.

IF you believe that passing 2700 pages of manure that spreads trillions of dollars of additional debt and taxes across the land on the backs of future generations
1. without providing an ounce tort reform,
2. does not allow the ability to buy insurance across state lines, and
3. restricts citizens’ control of their own healthcare costs by not expanding health savings accounts..
is somehow a “good” thing, then by all means, celebrate with abandon, the lobotomy was a complete success.

IF you believe that trading your principles against federally funded abortion in exchange for a Presidential “executive order” the likes of a King George royal edict isn’t seen as the farce that it is, then you are just giddy with joy this evening.

IF you believe that using ten years of revenue to pay for six years of benefits and trying to pass it off as some sort of generally accepted practice, then you are beaming ear to ear.

IF you believe that Social Security and Medicare being basically broke and Federal government debt and deficits at un-precedented and unsustainable levels is absolutely no reason to delay implementation of the largest new entitlement program in over 40 years, then you are as happy as a pig with a sty full of new mud tonight.

IF you believe that putting off the hard choices and tax increases until AFTER the 2012 Presidential elections is strong, principled leadership, than you and Alice are enjoying quite a delightful cup of tea right now.

And those are just a few of the “IF’s” in the “little package of horrors” that Obama and Pelosi gave the American people tonight.

But there are two more “IF’s” that must be mentioned tonight.

IF you are a Republican, “Blue Dog” Democrat, or fiscally conservative Independent opposed to this farce and preparing to stop it before too much damage is done, consider yourself warned that just riding the wave of “NO” is not enough. For every item you strip or oppose, submit two that are positive, incremental, common sense reforms. Else the media, Obama, and Pelosi WILL paint you as nothing but whiny little obstructionists who care not for “working” Americans and you WILL lose. Tonight’s vote proves that.

IF you are a Democrat who voted for this attack on personal liberty and the Constitution itself, you have seven months to find a spine and return to this country’s founding principles, else you WILL find no celebration come that evening on the first Tuesday this November.
It is a sad day indeed when two activist, liberal politicians can pass off as “reform” the largest government power grab in American history.

IF only Pelosi and Obama had delivered real healthcare reform tonight, the cause for celebration across the country would indeed be universal.

So as it is, please forgive me if I don’t join the celebration.

To say that I’m going to be commiserating the death of democracy tonight may sound a bit dramatic.

BUT, it does not bode well for the future of this republic that the mainstream media allowed the truth to be so obfuscated just so the darling of their dreams would not look weak.

Until now, this country has withstood every attack thrown against her. Whether she can now survive this threat from within has an ending not yet known.

The only thing that is known this evening is we have arrived at a crossroads.

Will we continue this march to entitlements, which will most certainly end in economic bankruptcy and social ruin?

Or will enough Americans finally awake from this nightmare and turn back what has become an assault on personal liberties and founding principles more dangerous than any assault from afar.

I know which path I’m choosing, which one will you?

We now know that many Americans DID awake from the nightmare and gave the President and Pelosi a firm “shellacking” in November, 2010. 

A repeat come this November and we might, just might yet save this country from the ravages of radicalism brough upon it by Obama and his wrecking crew.

So go ahead, throw a tantrum America, you’ve certainly got a reason to.

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