‘War On Women’ An Assault And Insult To All

March 24, 2012

U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R, WA)

The recent “war” on women is an assault on and insult to, the intelligence and common sense of every American, male or female with more than one working brain cell.

This “war” on women as generally defined by the democrats and the left would fall into the category of Republican’s being in perpetual conflict with and hostility towards women.

Set aside the propaganda you’ve heard over the past few weeks and focus instead on the rationale and logic of such a statement.

According to the US Census Bureau women in 2010 made up over half the population (50.8%), and according to the Pew Hispanic Center out numbered male voters 46.2 to 44.8 percent in the 2010 midterm elections.

So in order to believe the democrat cry of a “war” on women, you actually have to believe that the Republican party would openly, actively, and consciously wage said “war” upon the largest voting block in the entire electorate.

Now while there are the 19 to 21 percent of you who consistently tell the Gallup organization you’re of the “liberal” persuasion and will believe such nonsense without hesitation, there is still roughly 80 percent of this country that DOES still believe in independent thought. And tens of millions of them are conservative and independent WOMEN.

One of those conservative women is Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, (R, WA) and she penned a Daily Caller OpEd Monday that took the hypocrisy of Obama’s “war” on women to task.

She states that while “If you’re David Axelrod or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it’s a great story” and then turns it back on them with “But what are the facts? What does the polling actually say?”  According to the Congresswoman it says:

The latest CBS News/NY Times poll shows that women’s approval of Obama had dropped by 12 percent in the past month, entirely erasing the Democrats’ traditional lead among women. The same poll shows 53% of women believe that “religiously affiliated employers such as a hospital or university” should be able to opt out of mandatory contraception coverage.

Of course, that is exactly the opposite of the controversial position taken by the Obama administration.

Whether the inaccurate reporting is intentional misdirection or honest confusion is not for me to say. But talk about a gender gap is not new news.

McMorris Rodgers is not just some little token being used as a puppet for her party. She is the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress and there are more than whispers about her being a top contender for the VP slot on the Republican ticket this fall. Unlike puppet Fluke, when McMorris Rodgers speaks, not only do people listen, they know they’re getting the truth.

She continues by pointing out that the “pseudo-controversy about “women’s health” has only reminded American women of what Obamacare did — undermining their power to make health care decisions, and shifting that power to the government.” and defines the real issues with “let’s talk about health care choices, about Obamacare, about families, about raising children and trying to find a job in a tough economy. These are women’s issues and Republican issues for 2012.”

But the hardest thing for the Obama administration and the minion media to overcome is when she closes with this simple, statement of fact:

Republicans are not at war with women. The real story of the last few years isn’t the Republican “war on women”; it’s that women are turning to the Republican Party more than ever before. And it’s a trend that shows no sign of stopping.

And THAT dear readers is why for the past weeks you have been inundated with every liberal talking head imaginable spewing forth the “war on women” mantra at a sickening pace. If the Democrats have ANY chance this fall they MUST distract you from the very real failures of policy of this administration.

That is what Obama, Pelosi and the rest of the wrecking crew must have you focused on this election.

Not $5 gas, not 8 percent inflation, not mid-teens unemployment percentages, not newly created democrat mountains of debt hovering over our children and grandchildren and most certainly not the fact that in the past three years the federal government has grown faster, larger and more intrusive into the lives of EVERY American than at any time in American history.

Obama and camp were the political gods in ’08. Defeating the Clinton Machine and riding the wave of Bush anger right on into the White House. Pundits on both sides of the aisle hailed them brilliant.

But how “brilliant” is it to assault the common sense of millions of American women who are not far left ideologues?

How “brilliant” is it to assault the millions of American women with shallow pandering about a “war” on their “health” when they are experiencing on a daily basis Obama’s very real war on their pocketbooks?

How “brilliant” is it to be so shallow as to think that one contrived, single issue would work it’s magic in the minds of women everywhere?

The Corner, believes, (and millions of American women already know), such tactics are not very “brilliant’ at all.

As a political strategy it’s just plain stupid but as an expectation to be followed its demeaning and insulting.

What does it say about the true mentality and “respect for women” of a political party that treats all American women as but one, simple minded, single issue, monolithic voting block?  As nothing but sheep expected to follow blindly that agenda approved by the party masters as what’s “best” for them?

The Obama campaign is overlooking the fact that 2012 is a far cry from the Obamamania that swept the land in 2008.

Today is a political landscape full of Smart Girl Politics types who’s sole mission is to “Engage, Educate, and Empower”; it is dotted by the hundreds of thousands of women who attended Tea Party rallies; and it is a landscape populated by women who possess far, far more intelligence than this White House is giving them credit for.

In one sense though the left IS right. There absolutely is a “war” raging.

Only the fake one being waged by democrats and the far left is not the one with which to be worried. Stead, it is the war against the individual liberties and economic freedoms of ALL Americans that is the real war.

A war that if not won come this November will see America lose for at least a generation, if not forever, that which so many before have paid the ultimate price to protect: FREEDOM.

Obama 2012: Kick him out or Kiss it goodbye.

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