Faith in Obama is faith misplaced

October 29, 2008

I have been looked at with disbelief by my acquaintances as to how I could not be supporting the great one. For cyring out loud Geoff, you’re middle, middle class, you’re exactly the one Obama is trying to help and you’re turning your back on him, how could you be so stupid?
When I try to explain about capital gains increases, slower job growth, economic malaise their eyes glaze over. For sadly, once you’ve partaken of the Kook-Aid facts and logic no longer matter. Screw the rich, soak the corporations and all will be fine. (It won’t be till after Obama shoves this economy over the cliff that the reality of it’s the rich, the corporations, and the already over-taxed small businesses that create jobs and wealth, NOT government)

I can’t get them to understand that I don’t want his help. His so called “help”, is nothing but a pandering pittance paid for with borrowed money. His so called “fairness” approach just takes more money away from those who ALREADY pay the majority of income tax in this country and gives it to millions who pay NO income taxes.

I can’t get them to understand that sticking it to those “big, evil, corporations” not only hurts the economy as a whole but will hit those at the bottom the hardest. For it is a fact that no corporation ever “pays” a tax. It’s a cost of doing business and when that cost goes up, the price at the store goes up accordingly. And that price will stay there long after Obama’s “rebate” check has been spent.

I can’t get them to understand that those “big, evil, coporations” employ millions of Americans and provide dividend and investment income to many millions more. That when they become less profitable all those portfolio’s drop in value as well.

Have there been excesses, manipulation, unethical and illegal behavior causing this mess we’re in right now. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. But any psychologist will tell you not to make important decisions in the heat of anger. And there’s no doubt Americans are angry right now. I’m one of them. But the real blame lies at the feet of the Democratic Congress. Blame that so far the media has failed to fairly assess for fear it will hurt the election chances of their golden child. (Remember it was Obama who got the second most amount of money from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac even though he only took office in 2005!)

This sudden rush to put blind faith in the anointed one is more dangerous then any possible depression. A depression is at least but an economic cycle and what goes down does come back up. But what Obama, Reid and Pelosi will do to the fundamentals of this great United States if they have power unbridled has no comparison. The damage will not be measured in years, but in decades. And depending upon how far he gets with the courts and expanding entitlements, it could very well be the end of the America given us by the founding fathers.

And finally, I can’t get them to understand that I just don’t trust this guy. He backed out of town hall debates after winning the nomination, he went back on his word to take public financing, He takes unidentified millions through internet “donations”, he refuses to admit his error on the surge in Iraq, he never held a hearing one on Afghanistan, he rants about “bringing us together” and “bipartisanship” while his record is anything but, he says his Illinois state voting record on abortion and gun rights were just “procedural” votes, he states that bringing up his past associations is irrelevant, and on, and on, and on.

In short Obama is no “new” politician at all. He is in fact the worst of the worst. A ruthless Chicago machine pol who will say anything, promise everything, and step on anyone to achieve political office. No principles, no morals, just pure political posturing. If it wasn’t for the media being in love with this guy, he’d have never made it out of the primaries.

But sadly, he did and even sadder; our sorrow is only beginning.

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