Policy or Pandering

August 22, 2008

Voices: Policy or pandering?

August 21, 2008 09:46 pm

— Richard Monroe, Democratic candidate for Congress from Missouri’s 7th District, uses almost 700 words to regurgitate the Democratic National Committee talking points of “Big Oil is Bad, Alternatives are Good” in his guest column in the Globe on Aug. 8.
What’s so disingenuous is all these so-called “alternatives” the Dems love to tout are not reliable resources. Some don’t even exist outside laboratories, and others may never be commercially viable.
They hide behind the “it will be years before any drilling benefit,” yet ignore that it will take those same years and more for many of their “alternatives” to ever make significant contribution.
The truth is, this has nothing to do with solving our nation’s energy crisis and everything to do with bashing Bush and political calculations for the November elections. Remember, it is the Democrats who have controlled Congress the past two years. I have not heard one Republican say that drilling is our only option, rather it’s one component of a comprehensive strategy.
If we are ever to achieve energy independence, it must be a four-cornered foundation of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and nuclear; oil, clean coal and natural gas; conservation and efficiency; and fuel cell, electric vehicles and bio-fuels.
You don’t drive a car on three wheels, and you won’t solve our energy crisis by removing any of those four options. Sure, you can drive along with a flat and limp into the station, but it’s a pretty bumpy ride and costs more in the long run.
Mr. Monroe ends with: “Reject corruption, restore integrity in government. Demand policy based on facts.” I couldn’t agree more. Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid showing some of that “integrity” and allowing open voting with full amendments on a truly comprehensive energy plan.
Any candidate or incumbent who just bashes Bush is merely pandering to the political base. And that pandering is no different than all those yet non-existent “alternatives” they tout. Sounds good to the uninformed but doesn’t put a drop in your tank nor drop a dime off your bill.
Geoff Caldwell

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