Friday Frights

October 31, 2008

Forget the costumes, here’s a few tidbits that should REALLY scare you!

Unless there is a great surge in intelligence and voters actually bother to think at the polls on Tuesday, B.O. becomes your country’s next C.E.O.
And THAT means, four friggin years of having to listen to Joe Biden tell us how great he is.

Al Franken might actually become a Senator. Perfect counter-part to Barny Frank in the House.

On a side note, SNL will be forced off the air as with the anointed one in the White House and the Dems in solid control of Congress there will be no one they can mock. It will however be replaced by the “Live from your bedroom closet, the Franken-Frank show”.

The economy will break under the weight of all the increased taxes but Mr. B.O. will still blame it on Bush, the lemmings will follow and give him, Pelosi and Reid four more years to rob us.

Unions will get their “card check” legislation and ergo no more secret ballots for union elections. Once Pelosi see’s how well it worked for the unions, she’ll introduce legislation to do away with that pesky secret ballot in national elections as well.

The courts will be so packed with O’Baminions there won’t be enough paper to record all the newly discovered “rights” in the Constitution.

You’ll still be able to own a gun, but will be forced to store it dis-assembled, register each individual bullet and pay a $100 tax per round.

Personal responsibility will be erased from the lexicon and replaced with patriotic re-distribution.

No taxation without representation will be replaced by everyone making less then $20 bucks a week will get a check.

Gay marriage will not only be a right it will be your patriotic duty to try it at least once.

Healthcare will be re-labeled death care because by the time Teddy, Hillary, and Obama get done “reforming” it you’ll be at death’s door before you can get a doctor’s appointment.

Energy costs will skyrocket as there will still be no drilling within our own borders, and the only thing green about Obama’s “green” economy will be the billions flowing into Gore, Edwards and other democratic hedge funds.

ACORN will become the official clearinghouse for ALL government aid programs so if you’re white and speak English you’ll get very used to hearing, “you’re screwed dude”. (In a side note on ACORN, all high school graduates will be given a free ride to college if they agree to volunteer for ACORN for two years post graduation.)

Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright will be appointed to chair a blue ribbon goverment commission on “bringing civility back to politics”.

Sorry to be such a downer going into a weekend but if I gotta write em, you can at least read em!

Happy Halloween!

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