Inside An Occupy Mind: Shultz vs Hannity

May 5, 2012

Occupy Wall Street blithiot Harrison Shultz went on Sean Hannity’s television show Thursday night and presented the perfect example of what is dividing America today.

Sorry to all you lefties out there but it’s not the “rich getting richer”, it’s not the “evil corporations”, it’s not those “warring” conservatives, it is the attitude of Shultz and millions more like him that they are somehow owed just because they live.

Shultz opened with the accusations that the rapes, violence and filth in Zucotti Park last fall were the result of an NYPD sting operation to make OWS look bad. (A rational mind might wonder how with that opening how it could get any worse after such fantasy.)

It did: (Apologize for the length but it’s needed for context)

HANNITY: Well, maybe if you weren’t spending your time with the quote, “homeless people” who were brought in by the police to rape people, maybe you could have been out looking for a job?

SCHULTZ: Well, I am actually starting looking for a job now —

HANNITY: You are.

SCHULTZ: My funding is certainly running low.

HANNITY: Where does the funding come from, the school or the government?

SCHULTZ: Yes. It’s very complicated. I don’t fully understand it myself.

HANNITY: So it comes from the government and the school.

SCHULTZ: I guess so?

HANNITY: I guess so, you don’t even know. So people give you money to pay for your school and you have no idea. Where do you think it comes from?

SCHULTZ: They charge interest back on it.

HANNITY: You expect a loan for free? Should you have free school, free college?

SCHULTZ: People should have free education.

HANNITY: And free health care?

SCHULTZ: Absolutely.

HANNITY: And free dental care?

SCHULTZ: Yes, I could use some free dental care.

HANNITY: And if you have children and you need day care, should the government give you day care?


HANNITY: And the government should give you a house to live in?

SCHULZ: What are you trying to lure me into right now?

HANNITY: Should the government give you a house? Give you transportation to get to work?

SCHULTZ: Yes, basic necessities such as these things shouldn’t even be given to us by the government. The government and corporations should get off our backs, stop enslaving us through debt, so we can actually do those things that you just said.

HANNITY: Who is going to pay for your house, car, dental care, health care, education, who pays for that?

SCHULTZ: Nobody! It’s all (INAUDIBLE). Nobody’s paying for it.

HANNITY: Everything’s free.

SCHULTZ: We are getting to that point. That’s exactly where capitalism is heading seriously —

HANNITY: Everything is free!

SCHULTZ: Seriously, this is crazy.

HANNITY: You don’t work. You get free money for school and you are complaining and whining —

SCHULTZ: Companies like Google, the most successful companies, they give away their products for and services for free, right? So people like us, we spend all of our time working on these social networks, providing content on social networks that they sell for ad space, we work.

HANNITY: I have a suggestion for you —

SCHULTZ: Goods and services, capitalism is becoming increasingly free. My suggestion to you is you should listen because I am telling you some pretty futuristic crazy stuff right now.

HANNITY: I don’t need your suggestions. I have a suggestion for you. You are 29 years old. Stop wasting your time at “Occupy Wall Street.” Here’s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat. Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your out of bed like everybody else in America and get to work. How does that sound?

SCHULTZ: I’m down. Give me a job. I will go to work.

HANNITY: If you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at the Zuccotti Park, you might find one!

SCHULTZ: I am online all day, sending my resume out — you found me on LinkedIn, too.

HANNITY: Go work as a cook, go work as a dish washer, go work as a contractor. Go do something —

SCHULTZ: Something more menial? Would that make you happier?

HANNITY: Listen, I did it in my life and guess what?

SCHULTZ: I have done it too.

HANNITY: Then keep doing it! Go get a job. You don’t want to do that, that job is beneath you?

SCHULTZ: Definitely.

HANNITY: Hanging out with rapists, drug addicts, people having sex in public is more fun.

SCHULTZ: It’s more dignity in that than it is hanging out on a show like this with you.

HANNITY: OK, listen, I’m glad to say goodbye. See you later.

Notice how absolutely mindless Shultz is when it comes to his own basic finances. He’s signed on for tens of thousands of dollars of student loans and yet has no idea where it came from.

Notice how much Shultz expects for “free”.

Notice the arrogance against “menial” work to take responsibility and provide for himself while he works his way up into something better.

Anyone still alive from the Great Depression and WWII era needs to stay way from this post. The sadness of what America has produced with the Shultz generation would be cruel and unusual punishment for a generation that sacrificed so much to give Schultz opportunities he doesn’t even recognize today.

My childhood was the 60’s, grew to adulthood in the 70’s and entered career mode during the recession of the early80’s.

After enduring a decade of high energy prices, runaway inflation, interest rates through the roof, I have truly lived my life thinking the worst was behind us. Until now.

It one thing to have a misguided 29 year old grad student thinking he’s worth a starting salary of $80 grand a year and that anything less is “beneath” him. (Stupid people have been with us since the dawn of man and they’re not going away any time soon.)

But it’s entirely another when you have millions of them all acquiescing around the same destructive melody: “We want it all, we want it now, and if you won’t give it, we’ll just take it.”

It’s easier to blame the banks and ignore the government policies that started the mess.

It’s easier to blame the rich for “using” the poor and ignore that America’s economic pie is not a static one.

It’s easier to blame “big oil” and ignore the hundreds of thousands of jobs and the billions of dollars of economic activity that industry provides.

It’s always easier to blame with a phrase than to put some skin in the game.

And we have only ourselves to blame.

This is what you get America when you have a public school system more concerned with union contracts and political correctness than instilling knowledge and teaching critical thought.

This is what you get America when you present one “participation trophy” after another and hold “graduation” ceremonies for kindergartners.

This is what you get America when you have over a third of your offspring born into single parent homes and allow the assault against values, morals and basic common sense and decency to continue unabated.

This is what you get America when you hyphenate the country into one protected class after another and tell each of them over and over and over that they are “victims” of an “unjust” system and they are “entitled” to more.

Luckily, at least for now, the Shultz’s among us aren’t all we’ve got.

But considering how fast the cancer has spread in just the past three years, the danger of an America under four more years of Obama division is truly a “clear and present” danger.

Take a stand and make it now or make not complaint one when Shultz knocks at your door demanding his “free” stuff.

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One Response to Inside An Occupy Mind: Shultz vs Hannity

  1. anson burlingame on May 5, 2012 at 10:37 am

    When I was 29 years old I was a LT. in the Navy and had just taken over duties as the Engineer Officer on a submarine. I had about 60 men under my authority and was responsible for an entire nuclear power plant, reactor, turbines, watchstander training, etc. I made about $30K per year, initially. I had also completed 17 years, total of education and served for about 5 years before being so assigned.

    I am writing a blog, so to go up, comparing Bill Ayers (2 1/2 years younger than I am) and how we both started in normal middle class homes but then how our paths diverged as soon as each of graduated from High School.




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