Are Illegal Immigrants In Your Wallet?

May 6, 2012

Some illegal immigrants are lightening your wallet and there’s a better than average chance you don’t even know it.

That is until now.

Bob Seagall, the chief investigator for the “13Investigates” at channel in Indianapolis, has a story that while shocking on one hand, is completely expected on another.

It seems that every year for several years now, the United States Treasury via the Internal Revenue Service has been cutting checks to an as yet untold number of illegal aliens who are claiming the “additional child tax credit” refunds for children that not only don’t live in their home, they don’t even live in the United States.

One such example highlighted in Seagall’s story involves an illegal Mexican alien whose address is used by at least four others to file returns. While the man appears to have only one child living with him here in the states, he and the others claimed up to twenty additional “nieces and nephews” living in Mexico. And yes, they got refunds for each and every one of them.

If that alone isn’t shocking enough for you, read the exchange below when he’s confronted:

Seagall: “There are some people who say that they shouldn’t be getting that money for children who don’t live in the United States.”

Illegal: “If the opportunity is there, and they can give it to him, why not take advantage of it?”

The man may be illegal but he’s certainly figured out the “new” American way: “It’s there, it’s the “government” so why not?”

In the second part of his series in the clip below Seagall hears more of the same:

Seagall:  “You don’t see this as taking advantage of the system”

Illegal #2:  “Oh for me? No, it’s not taking advantage. I’m very thankful to this country for the help it gives me.”

Narrative: This undocumented worker has lived in the United States for 14 years. Inside this home, he’s raising three children, here in Indiana. But, he admits on his tax returns, he also includes four nieces and nephews who live in Mexico.

Seagall:  “Have the children in Mexico ever lived here with you?”

Illegal #2:  “No, because they can’t travel.”

Seagall:  “If the children have never lived here, why should they be getting tax credits?”

Illegal #2:  “My question is, who’s going to help them if they’re not eligible? To avoid them ending up in the drug mafia, begging in the street, being raped, there’s a lot of things that could happen to them if you don’t help, because you know, when you come here, to your family down there, you are their hope.”

Illegal #2 could have taken his language strait out of the DNC playbook: It’s not whether any act itself is illegal, it’s whether the ends justify the means. The illegal completely justifies his bilking of the taxpayer because it’s the “right thing to do”.

Russell George, U.S. Treasury Inspector General put it quite clearly: “It’s being abused by people who aren’t entitled to use it”

Rep. Dan Burton (R IN) added: “Yes it’s cheating the American taxpayer, of course it is. We all believe in humanity and humanitarianism, but we can’t subsidize and take care of the whole world.”

And yet according to Seagall’s story, the Internal Revenue Service says there’s nothing it can do until Congress changes the law.

Seagall closes the investigation stating that he’s talked to several Representatives and Senators who believe it’s too big an issue to put off until after the election.

But with President Obama trolling for every minority vote he can hook, and his justice department suing every state that dares deal with illegal infiltration within its borders, there’s a better chance of a Gingrich/Palin ticket winning the White House then seeing any action on the fraud this year.

To be fair, this is not a sudden revelation. It’s been around for a decade with little being done by either political party. But the explosive growth of the fraud during the Obama years can no longer leave the problem ignored.

From below 160 million in 2001, to just under a billion around 2008, the Inspector General’s office now reports the abuse at over $4 billion a year and growing.

Hmmmmmmmmm, that number seems to have been in the news lately on another story.  Oh yes, the Dems  much touted “Buffet Rule” would bring in about that same amount per year as well.

The President and the Dems are quite big on “fair” these days.

Well tell us Mr. President, just what exactly is “fair” about United States taxpayers subsidizing illegal immigrant relatives that don’t even live in this country for crying out loud?

It’s bad enough that Obama’s dream for “Julia” is a cradle to grave entitlement society, but using taxpayer money to spread entitlements across the border is outrageous even by Obama standards.

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One Response to Are Illegal Immigrants In Your Wallet?

  1. anson burlingame on May 6, 2012 at 11:50 am

    And yet we will read nor see anything about this matter except MAYBE on Fox News. And when shown therein, well just listen to the outrage. As well MSNBC MIGHT spin it as the GOP trying to take food out of the mouths of starving children and just leave out “in Mexico”.



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