Romney’s ‘bully’ past highlights Obama’s bully present

May 13, 2012

Who's the bully today? (Image:

One week ago today, Vice-President Joe Biden went on a Sunday morning talk show and did what Joe Biden does best:  provide inspiration to those on even the lowest rung of the intellectual ladder that with timing and a little luck, even the Vice-Presidency of the United States is not beyond their reach.

Within hours of Biden’s “personal” announcement in favor of gay marriage the media was circling the White House for Obama’s “official” position.  Three days later the President sat down for an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts to tell the world that basically he was: for gay marriage (in the 90’s) before he was against it (early 2000’s beginning his national political career) and was now for it again.  (Gays account for 1 in 5 major cash bundlers for Obama’s political machine.)

The very next day the Washington Post parades across its front page a Jason Horowitz hit piece alleging that in 1965 teenager Mitt Romney led a pack of prep school bullies against a “presumed” homosexual and helped hold him down and cut his hair.

Does anyone with more than one active brain cell not find it the least bit strange that one day following Obama’s cash-cow plea of solidarity with the gay, lesbian, transgender crowd one of his most staunch media supporters, the Washington Post, just happened to have finished a 5,000 word ‘expose’ on his opponent?

If there has been any insight gleaned from the “minion” media’s  (MSNBC, legacy network television, entrenched print) handling of the two stories this past week it is that if you thought those “minions” were in the tank for Obama in ’08, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The pile of bodies from them tripping over each other to “praise” Obama for his “historic” stance on gay marriage while questioning whether Romney’s bullying past now disqualified him from the Presidency is more than just a very large pile, it is a steaming, stinking pile as well.

President Obama and his media allies are so desperate to distract voters from $4 gas, real unemployment in double digits, and exploding food prices that dredging up a he said – he said incident from 47 years ago is now deemed “newsworthy”.

But what is even more egregious is that while WashPo and the talking heads denounce the ghosts of Romney’s bullying past, they remain dutifully silent regarding their Dear Leader’s own bullying tactics happening in the right here and now.

From stonewalling Fast and Furious to Nixonian “enemy lists” attacking and intimidating private citizens for nothing more than exercising their Constitutional rights to support the candidate of their choosing, this President and his campaign machine have taken “bullying” to a new level.

What’s that old saying:  “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”

If Axelrod and crew truly want a second term for their sacred agenda, one of them needs to remind their boss that just because the White House windows are bullet proof, it doesn’t mean that the American people can’t see through them.

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