Attack on Facebook’s Saverin by Schumer,Casey demeans meaning of citizenship

May 19, 2012

Schumer and Casey at their press conference Thursday (AP)

From the moment Bloomberg first reported that Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, a native born Brazilian and current Singapore denizen, had renounced his American citizenship last September in advance of its much touted IPO it was only a matter of time before some opportunistic politician found a way to use it for “face time” with the media.

That time arrived Thursday with not one, but two members of that opportunistic class, Senators Chuck Schumer (D, NY) and Bob Casey (D, PA).

The dynamic duo released a statement yesterday letting the American public know that Saverin’s “recently unleashed scheme………in order to dodge taxes” would not be tolerated.

These brave and bold tax avengers went on to call Saverin’s move an “outrage” and promised to “put a stop to this tax avoidance scheme” as “there should be no financial gain from renouncing your country.”

Tax fraud at any income level is wrong, but the fraud perpetrated upon the American people Thursday did not come from Eduardo Saverin.

Schumer and Casey first leave out the fact that Saverin will still pay hundreds of millions in “exit” taxes and then they completely ignore the fact of the even more hundreds of millions of dollars of additional taxes Uncle Sam has and will continue to collect because Facebook was founded in the first place.

But what’s more disturbing than Schumer and Casey’s mythical lost tax remittances is the disrespect they show for one of this country’s most treasured ideals.

In their rush to demonize Saverin, Schumer and Casey completely miss how their little publicity stunt diminishes the very citizenship they claim to hold so dear.

The one word that best describes American citizenship is freedom; freedom to live, freedom to go, freedom to stay.

America does not imprison her people behind her borders.  She does not force her people to stay against their will.  North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba might, but America doesn’t.

If an Eduardo Saverin’s desire to amass a few more of America’s “dollars” is worth more to him than her most valued prize, her citizenship, then by all means, let him go.

If an Eduardo Saverin no longer wishes to carry one of the most treasured documents in the world, an American passport, then by all means, let him go.

If an Eduardo Saverin feels his life will be better lived in Singapore, then by all means, let him live it.

It’s no secret that Chuck Schumer has never met a camera he didn’t like, or pass up an opportunity to exploit but his behavior yesterday was a new low even for him.

Yet for all of Schumer’s grandstanding, the most laughable line in the whole attention grab goes to Senator Casey:  “We simply cannot allow the ultra-wealthy to write their own rules….”

Neither Casey nor Schumer had any problem with the wealthy writing their own rules when they voted “yea” for the bank bailouts in 2008.

Why now the sudden change of heart?

Truth be told, there has been no change of heart, just a change in the camera angles.

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