Losers They Are Not

August 19, 2008

Voices: Losers they are not

August 18, 2008 09:03 pm

— In his zeal to convert guest columnist Wynne Krell to the Democrat party, Charles C. Smith plays loose with history (Globe, Aug. 10).
I found it ironic that in a letter titled “Let’s work together” he labels Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford as “loser” presidents.
It was Mr. Eisenhower, sir, who brought us the interstate highway system, NASA, the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and warned us of the military industrial complex.
We know of Nixon’s faults, yet a Democratic president of more recent times terribly debauched the office and didn’t even receive an honorable mention. OSHA and the EPA were not born of a Democrat president, but delivered in the Nixon administration. (Along with federal affirmative action policies for minorities, cost of living adjustments for Social Security and the opening of diplomatic relations with China.)
Historians are just now beginning to praise the foresight of Ford in his pardoning of Nixon and allowing the nation to awake from its “long, national nightmare.”
Millions of Eastern Europeans are quite glad that that terrible loser Ronald Reagan took on Mr. Gorbachev and precipitated the end of the Cold War.
I accede to Hoover, Bush I and II. Even someone blinded by a “thousand points of light” couldn’t miss their incompetence.
Blame for our current situation is laid on “the party that has had total rule the last eight years” (Republicans?) but it has been a Democratic Congress the past two years. And it’s those past two years that have been the worst economically. Pelosi and Reid talk a grand game but when it comes to leadership they were both dropped at birth by the same doctor who delivered “W.”
Mr. Smith implies that electing McCain ensures the interests of the corporate world, yet it is the billionaire George Soros’ moveon.org and trial lawyers throwing their money and influence behind Barack Obama. Talk about wealthy special interests.
As for democracy failing, fear not, Mr. Smith. For just as another “Mr. Smith” went to Washington and fought corruption, so too shall the current crop of American voters. And if we’re lucky enough to have John McCain as your next “loser” president, I assure you, the republic will survive.
Geoff Caldwell

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