Neither MSNBC nor Obama truly understand ‘Forward’

June 3, 2012

In October, 2010, cable network MSNBC announced it was launching a two year campaign to re-brand itself around a progressive political ideal and debuted the tag-line “Lean Forward” states the meaning as:

To lean forward is to think bigger, listen closer, fight smarter, and act faster. To celebrate the best ideas, no matter where they come from. To dare to dream of a nation that is better tomorrow than it is today.

Now in its 20th month, the campaign has certainly raised awareness but it has come at the unwanted cost of mockery and credibility.

From the NRCC’s parody of Rachel Maddow’s Hoover Dam spot lamenting the lack of big “country” size projects while her own favored President blocks the Keystone pipeline, to Lawrence O’Donnell’s ad rated “mostly false” by the Pulitzer Prize winning site, the past twenty months has seen one ad after another used more by MSNBC’s critics to point out the bad of the channel than advancing any grand “lean forward” image.

Five weeks ago, the Obama campaign was so impressed with MSNBC’s “leaning” they decided to take half of the network slogan for themselves and use it for their own. As Richmond advertising examiner Bruce Goldman points out in his latest column, it’s the sixth re-branding scheme and it too falls short.

Goldman nails it when he notes that:

………”Effective slogans don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re based on some key feature, attribute or benefit of the product. When those exist, and when you can define them, it’s easy to dash off page after page of good lines, one or two of which in the end will prove to be real winners in the marketplace.
But when you can’t define what you’re selling, or when you can’t figure out the right strategy, your slogan will make things worse, not better.”………..

While one could argue that MSNBC knows exactly what it’s selling, (propaganda for the far left 6 percenters), one can also imagine the desperation currently descending upon the Obama re-election campaign.

After years of war and incessant media bashing of George W. Bush and the Republican brand, it was easy to sell “hope and change” back in 2008. While even most Democrats in their minds knew Hillary would make a better President, the “change” mantra went to their hearts and Obama rode that wave of “hope” right on into the White House.

In last weekend’s column I touched on Table Rock Lake Missouri and the billions of economic activity generated by that one project. From the construction jobs in the late 50’s to the marinas, to the cash flow to local communities from lake home retirees and weekend retreaters, Table Rock is a shining example of the Hoover Dam, type project that Maddow and Obama now bemoan as being undo-able.

What the slick slogans and nifty ad campaigns don’t tell you though is that it is the very policies that Maddow and Obama endorse that now deny more Hoover Dams and Table Rock Lakes to future generations.

What is never shown in those campaign videos are the thousands upon thousands of pages of regulations, the faces of the hundreds of bureaucrats required to sign off, and the legion of environmental lawyers ready to sue at every turn.

Each and every one a product of the “progressive” left and the government it has created.

Each and every one adding millions if not billions of extra dollars in construction and compliance costs.

Each and every one a reminder to all that come November 6th, 2012 America truly does arrive at a crossroads.

Will she turn “left” to more unsustainable government and the inevitable crash over the fiscal cliff into economic disaster, or will she remember a time not that long ago when “forward” truly did mean “progress”?

“Progress” set in concrete and jobs rather than ideology and entitlement.

There is no doubt America will move “forward” this election, the only question is will future generations thank us or hate us for the path we gave them?

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2 Responses to Neither MSNBC nor Obama truly understand ‘Forward’

  1. anson burlingame on June 3, 2012 at 9:00 am

    “Forward”, Obama style, in America today is “just like Europe” with its social(ism) democracy. Keep on “giving to the people” without paying for it is “forward” right over a cliff of economic disaster. Sure things “get better”, but only for a while.

    50% of the people in America today deny that simple view that uncontrolled spending beyond our means to procude the money to spend is a recipe for disaster over time, now some 50 years of time. We MUST keep spending to stimulate the economy enough so we can just keep spending borrowed money in both good and bad times.

    In only 4 our of the last 50 years has America spent federal money only in the amount collected in taxes. about 50% of Americans think that is “good government”. Why I wonder? Probably because most of those 50% pay into government far less than they take out of it. Government is just a big “bank” that let’s folks withdraw money despite a zero balance in their account, for all of their lives. And if a bank stops doing that they call for more government to “protect consumers” and expect the bank to…..?

    Someday, pretty soon it seems in Europe and later on in America such crazy ideas must come to a halt. Politics won’t stop them however. It is economic laws that bring down empires throughout history that do so.


    • Geoff Caldwell on June 3, 2012 at 9:08 am

      I’d go so far that considering the almost six trillion spent in the past three years things have gotten worse not better.
      Meet the Press and This Week were full of the Obamabots touting the more spending, more government line this morning.
      Not ONE of them gave a damn about the debt we’re passing on to future generations.
      My column this morning was how Obama 2012 has fallen down the rabbit hole and taken up with Alice on a permanent basis. Listening to his minions this morning was truly a trip to fantasyland.


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