Obama campaign falls down Alice’s rabbit hole

June 4, 2012

$12 bucks lets you too purrrr along with Obama

Just exactly when the Obama campaign fell down the rabbit hole and took up residence with Alice and the gang may never be known, but clues that they’ve unloaded the moving van and have decided to stay are mounting.

From truth teams, to “I Meow for Michelle” cat collars, to having to steal half of MSNBC’s tag-line, the gimmicks know no bounds. Heck, kick in three bucks to the campaign and you could even win dinner with Dear Leader himself.

Talk about the“silly season”.

Anyone who has half a working brain cell has to be wondering just what they’re putting in the water in Chicago these days.

How did the so smart, so savvy, “team O” that took down the vaunted Clinton machine and left track marks all over McCain become the modern version of a Keystone Kops campaign? (Strike that, the Keystone Kops were funny, Obama 2012 is depressing.)

They got there because when they stripped away the rhetoric, the hype and the ceremony, they were left with a whole lot of nothing. It doesn’t matter how “hip” or “cool” your campaign if in the end you can’t produce.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the crux of the problem for Obama and team.

As yesterday’s column noted, it doesn’t matter what the slogan, there still has to be a sell-able product.

For no matter how hard they try to convince us otherwise, America’s national spirit is still made of a majority that believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility.

They don’t buy “It’s all Bush’s fault”.

They don’t buy tenderized unemployment numbers.

They don’t buy “We just didn’t spend enough”.

The do however buy, gas, groceries and gadgets. And the price of that basket of goods has gotten higher, not lower in the past three years.

Throw in Obamacare, Dodd/Frank, and an EPA keeping the regulation printing presses running 24/7 and you’ve got an America that only the Mad Hatter could appreciate.

The Obama campaign has taken the office of the Presidency of the United States of America to new lows on more than one occasion but at last we may have a glimpse as to why.

It’s not their fault.

Seriously, no joke. Hey, stop laughing. I mean it. Clean the coffee off the screen.

The entire 2008 campaign was run on a fantasy based reality that all Obama had to do was speak and all would be fine. And who can blame them. After all, this was the candidate who declared when he secured the Democratic nomination that it was “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”.

With rhetoric like that, who needs reality?

From the international apology tour, to unemployment won’t go above 8 percent, to “this will lower healthcare costs and you can keep your insurance”, the entire first term has been one grand proclamation after another.

In the world of Wonderland, the fault simply cannot lie with him. He told us didn’t he?

America just didn’t listen.

So maybe it really isn’t Bush’s fault. Maybe it’s OUR fault. Yea, that’s it.

Too many “clingers” who just wouldn’t listen. Too many “vampires” sucking instead of spending. Too many ignorants refusing the six percent elixir.

While such thinking may appear fanciful and childish to thinking America, at this point in the campaign it does seem the Obama camp has decided it’s much easier to just keep sending dispatches from Wonderland than deal with the facts above ground.

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One Response to Obama campaign falls down Alice’s rabbit hole

  1. anson burlingame on June 4, 2012 at 9:16 am

    The monthly march of pundits analyzing unemployment numbers is amazing to me. Something goes up or down by a tenth of a percentage point and the world goes crazy explaining why it happened.

    One side says it is “devastating” and the other says, “it’s a blip and stick with me”.

    And of course that is a number that any thinking American knows is not a reflection of real unemployment in America. For starters it only shows (maybe) those without a job that “want” a job.

    Our real problem it seems to me is those that do not have a job and do not want a job to pay their own way. They want others to pay their way for them, including TV sets, twinkies, etc.

    My recent blog on “unemployment” shows that some 16 million Americans between the ages of 25-54 have no job and are not looking for a job. Now explain that to me, please.

    And at least part of them, the OWS loons cry down with capitalism, the greatest creator of jobs the world has ever seen.



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