Morning Joe: Claire McCaskill’s mom targeted by Mitch McConnell?

June 5, 2012

Poor, poor, "cacklin" Claire

In an appearance this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, our very own Claire McCaskill let slip that not only are Republican’s “obstructionists” standing in the way of her Dear Leader’s transformation of this great nation, it appears that their Senate leader, Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell also doesn’t like her mother.

In a back and forth with Chuck Todd on the political optics of why the Democrat Senate leadership waited until three years into the Obama Presidency to bring up the “Paycheck Fairness Act”, Claire made it very clear that the problem was not she and her Democrat allies but lied squarely with mom-hating Mitch:

….”Listen, if you, if you want me to be critical of this bill coming up right now, honestly you haven’t been paying attention, because for the last two years Mitch McConnell has been trying to figure out what amendments he could put on the floor to make my life miserable. There have been so many gotcha votes. All they have done for the last two years is be obstructionists and try to figure out some way to put something on the floor that would get me to vote against my own mother.”……

Even the term “silly season” is over the top to describe this one.

Poor, Claire, now those mean ol Republicans are trying to force her to vote against her own mother. Oh the humanity! (Or the delusions, I’ll let you decide.)

My dear, dear, Claire, if you really think that all the Republican party has been doing these past two years is sitting around dreaming up ways to make your life miserable, you need to skip over the definition of “moderate” and skip straight to “narcissist”.

If you’re wondering if it could get any worse, don’t bother, it does.

Morning Joe was sans Joe this morning and Mika was on a roll with Tina Brown cheering her on. Our dear Senator just couldn’t resist the urge to perform for the crowd:

….”And, and it is, the games have been played, on the Republican, by the Republican party , uh, at, during our efforts to do something during this recession…Now, are we without sin? Of course we aren’t. And that’s part of the problem here. You know, I’m a moderate, I want us to get along, I work with Republicans.”…….

Evidently Claire’s definition of “moderate” differs a bit from established understanding of the word.

Are we really to believe that a “moderate” would go along with piling trillions of debt upon future generations that aren’t even born yet?

Are we really supposed to buy that the Affordable Care Act is a “moderate” piece of legislation?

Was it a “moderate” proposal to spend hundreds of billions of dollars paying back public sector unions in a “stimulus” bill that any thinking person knew was a fraud and a waste?

The truth is that when the time came and Claire had to choose between being a “moderate” or an “independent”, she instead chose to toe the party line and has been a faithful Obama vote on every single piece of major legislation submitted.

In early 2011, Claire was even given a “do over” chance to redeem herself on Obama-care. Yet even after Missouri rejected Obama-care by over 70 percent in a referendum vote, and more and more facts were coming out about just how bad the legislation really was, good ol “you can count on me Mr. President” Claire, dutifully fell in line.

But to be fair, Claire has shown her “independence” at least once in her career.

Unfortunately it seems that Claire is only “independent” when there’s a Republican in the Oval Office. As a freshman Senator fully briefed on how she should behave by party leadership she bravely stood up to the evils of the Bush regime.

Back in September 2007 during a previous debt ceiling debate, “moderate” Claire had this to say:

“I couldn’t bring myself to vote for this,”…. “President Bush and the previous Republican Congress have taken the surpluses from the Clinton administration and turned our budget to an unacceptable color of bright red. I am comforted by new pay-as-you-go rules that we put in place in January which will result in a surplus by 2012.”

Well Claire, it’s now 2012, Bush has been out of office for over 3 years and the only “surplus” in sight are piles of regulations and additional federal workers paid upon the backs of already suffering tax payers.

You did your best this morning to paint your Republican opponents as “extremists”, yet you have consistently voted with a man that has saddled the nation with more debt, some might say, “extreme debt”, than any President in the entire history of the republic.

You can call yourself any politically expedient cliché you like Claire, but it will not change the fact that your voting record is lockstep with one Barack Obama.

And he is anything but a “moderate”.

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