Hitler talks Wisconsin, Pelosi still herself

June 8, 2012

In this day of instant spoof and viral videos you knew it wasn’t going to be long before some enterprising scripters took Scott Walker’s Wisconsin victory and gave it the “Hitler hears of…….” treatment.

From no iPad multitasking to the great Nashville gas crisis it will never be known just exactly how many parodies have popped up across the net but the site ranker.com has a top ten you might enjoy.  If none of those do it for you, our cousins at the telegraph.uk across the pond got in on the act with this list of 25 worth watching.

And if you don’t like any of them, you can check out this NY Times personal tech link and learn how to make your own.

But enough with the fun, this is a serious column about serious issues.

Now onto a real life catastrophe that has been plaguing American common sense and values for two and a half decades: Nancy Pelosi.

Fraulein Pelosi was quite busy this week as her minions honored America’s favorite living botox commercial for her 25 years in the House of Representatives.

From waxing nostalgic for of all people good ol G.W. to stating that the Scott Walker victory in Wisconsin meant that America was no longer a democracy:

“Really, we have to look to the future and say, ‘We have to take back our democracy,’”……”This is a government of the plutocracy, of the wealthy, or of the few — oligarchy. That is not what our founders sacrificed their life, liberty and personal freedom for. This is something else. And nothing less is at stake in this debate than our democracy — where the voice and the vote of the many determine elections, not the check books of the very, very few.”

Earth to Nancy, have you checked the President’s schedule lately? $40,000 a plate fundraisers aren’t exactly venues where the “voices of the many” are heard.

On Thursday Ms. Pelosi responded to a new CBS/New York times poll showing that only 24 percent of Americans are in favor of keeping her Affordable Care Act by actually saying with a straight face that the ACA was “about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the American people…”.

Sorry Nance, I don’t think the Founders would consider mandates very liberating or that having government bureaucrats dictating life choices by force via healthcare regulations is anything to be happy about.

At 72, she could be experiencing early onset dementia but more plausible is that her words are just further evidence that botox is not safe in her dosage.

But then there is the May 31st pass she gave Senate Democrats for paying their female workers less than their male counterparts by claiming that the Senate was “another world”.

Now that’s the Nancy we all know and love. Sharp, astute hypocrite in charge. Rail against others but ignore the same acts by your own party and colleagues.

So maybe it was just the flurry of activity this week that had her a bit off her game and we don’t really need to worry about Ms. Pelosi’s mental capacity.

Then again, maybe not.

For the record, the national debt in 1987 was right around $2.3 trillion, approaching $9 trillion when she took over in 2006 as Speaker of the House and now sits at almost $16 trillion after 6 years of democrat demands on spending.

But don’t worry America, it was all Bush’s fault.

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5 Responses to Hitler talks Wisconsin, Pelosi still herself

  1. A Nonny Moose on June 8, 2012 at 2:27 pm

    That is definitely one of the better Hitler parodies I’ve seen.

    Pelosi is the quintessential liberal politician. She has absolutely no moral qualms about looking you right in the eye (or right into the camera) and saying things she knows to be absolutely untrue, and she knows you know to be absolutely untrue. Apparently she either believes she has Jedi powers (These are not the drones you are looking for!) or that no one is smart enough or brave enough to call her on it. And really, why would she worry about being called on it? The drones in the media would listen to her give a weather forecast for snow in Death Valley in July and all die of heatstroke in their parkas in 120 degree weather before ever saying “wait… is what she’s saying true?”. The other thing Nancy has in her favor is that liberal teacher’s unions have spent the last few decades dumbing down students, removing any semblance of civics education from schools, and generally brainwashing students into believing the exact opposite of Kennedy’s inauguration speech (No, no, it IS ask what your country can do for you! My teacher explained it all to me!). And sadly, because of their unionized success in making kids believe the government and their fellow taxpayers owe them everything, she is far from the last of her breed. They’ve created millions of mindless mouthbreathers willing to sit in parks and demand “free” everything.

    The only positive is that those who know otherwise are still the majority, and they’re pushing back. Instead of sitting at home, screaming or laughing at their TV when Pelosi speaks, they’re standing up and saying “THAT IS NOT TRUE”. They’re taking to the internet to counter the lies of the liberals. They’re getting more time on the airwaves to point out liberal fallacies. And the liberals hate it. They’re scared to death, wetting their government-provided Depends at the thought that all their indoctrination is being undone before it could be completed, that their socialist utopia may never come to be. And now, like cornered animals, they’re lashing out about it by SWAT-ing conservative bloggers, trying to stop conservatives from speaking at school commencement ceremonies, and generally behaving like the cretins they always have been but have attempted to keep hidden for so long. It’s hilarious to watch, because each time they do something like that, their cause takes another hit. They know they can’t win with the facts, so they lie. When the lies are countered, they attack. When the attacks cause more to question them, they attack more. And it starts a death spiral that soon threatens to careen out of control on them. So let’s continue to egg them on. All we have to do is stick to the facts, correct their statements with the truth, continue to stress that the principle of the individual is the true strength of our nation, and they’ll soon come completely unglued. There will unfortunately always be bastions who have been so heavily indoctrinated that they’ll never see the light, but we can take them from the 6% they are now down to a fraction of a percentage point.

    • Geoff Caldwell on June 8, 2012 at 2:53 pm

      I though you all might like the parody. One of these days I may try making one myself.

      You are right on with Pelosi and the libs. I’ve been out in the cold for over 30 years now ticking off one “moderate” after another because I called the left for what it was: a den of lying, cheating, thieving, scumbags who’s only goal was power and who’s only morality was “the ends justifies the means”.

      And as you point out they almost succeeded.

      The left never thought that all those “mild mannered”, “oh they’re just being lefties, if we leave em alone and throw a bone now and again all will be fine.” actually had brains and would only allow so much.

      For all the debt, for all the thousands of pages of new regulations, for all the trampling on our liberties, the election of one Barack Hussein Obama will in the long term be one of the best things that ever happened to this country.

      For just as Yamamoto warned would happen with the Pearl Harbor attack, so too did Obama and Pelosi’s attack on the country from within awake the “sleeping giant” that is not longer willing to take their crap and watch America turn into something she never was and should never be.

      I read over the crap and comments on the dwainbwain site and I truly cannot believe that such blind ignorance and intellectual filth gets even an audience of one but throughout human history there has always been the lemmings willing to follow their leaders to the end.

      I sent Anson the FDR letter link a couple days ago to counter one of dwainbwains ass leaks because I am again “banned” over the and he posted it in full. Of course dwain didn’t even bother to respond. How could he? Not only did his saint FDR say public unions were an abomination that should never be allowed, when those members in Wisconsin were finally given a CHOICE under Walkers reforms over HALF of them said NO.

      The democrats are scared shitless right now. The public sector unions were the best scam for campaign cash since Ponzi himself came onto the scene.

      But the ultimate irony is that while dwain rants and raves about the good of unions yadda, yadda and the rights of the workers, he sits there on his ass putting his own fellow postal workers in jeopardy as he collects his early pension and cadillac health benefits off the backs of those still working.

      In the real world that’s called a low life scum bag hypocrite. But in dwain’s world he’s “entitled” to it.

  2. A Nonny Moose on June 8, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    I think you nailed it. The left took the patience of the right as acceptance. When they would march and disrupt life for everyone, and the right would grin and bear it because we understand that even childish tantrums on a large scale are within their rights as citizens, they mistakenly believed the lack of reaction to be cowardice. When we’d say no to certain ideas of theirs, and their politicians would pass them anyway, they began to believe they were invincible. It has to sting to realize that none of that was true, but instead the right was behaving as a patient parent, figuring one day the childish left would grow up and realize they aren’t entitled to a damn thing just because they are fortunate enough to draw breath in this country. Like any patient parent, however, there is a line. The continued spending, the continued expectation that government (meaning other taxpayers) will wipe your nose and your ass from cradle to grave if you just demand it loud enough, the continued belief that anyone who disagrees with you is somehow a Neanderthal deserving of ridicule while you take the money out of their pocket… it all adds up, and eventually that patient parent reaches a point where they have to scream “NO!”. Invariably, the child is shocked that mommy and daddy had it in them to be so “mean”. The parents are forced to reassertion control, admit they let the bratty little turds get too big for their britches, and redraw the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

    In typical American fashion, we wait too long. It’s never “that bad” until it’s far past that bad. We never tackle the monster until it’s big enough to bite. We’ve let the sponges suck us dry until it’s almost all gone, but it seems that sleeping giant is finally awakening. They’ll play the role of spoiled postal retirees, er, I mean spoiled children and whine and cry and try to convince their friends that their parents just don’t get it and they should just do what they want anyway, but enough of them will be forced to grow up and take care of themselves that the monster will have to retreat to its lair for a few decades, while the adults clean up the damage. That other blogger can kick and scream and hold his breath until he turns blue. It’ll just expose his childishness to a larger audience. The rest of us are tired and just want to fix this, even if we have to vacuum around his ass to get it done.

  3. Geoff Caldwell on June 9, 2012 at 9:03 am

    Well, I may have put a nail in it but you finished it out for sure. It always refreshing to read comments with actual thought and fact rather than the left’s it’s all the fault of the Republicans and those evil Koch brothers.
    Especially when at this very moment who know how many products produced by Koch owned businesses are sitting around their very own homes. Now THAT’s irony!

  4. anson burlingame on June 9, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    It was a degree of relief that I can come here to read the above. I spend too much time “over there” countering all the inanity that goes on with the EC and his mob, or tribe as Wheeler calls it.

    Here is another take on Citizen’s United that comes to mind.

    I have many conservative friends in Joplin but they never stoop to engage in blogs or even LTTE in the Globe. They have firm views however but just don’t like wallowing in the mud of the crap that goes on.

    HOWEVER, they often do speak with their wallets be it $100 or $10,000 and up.

    Koch, et al, along with Sorrous, etc. have been doing their money thing long before CU. Wonder who is now contributing to that tide of wealth now.

    Good writing, again, Nonny and Geoff also.



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