Crippled by ignorance, blinded by arrogance, Akin stays

August 22, 2012

Ignorance and arrogance make an Akin

Todd Akin may be an ignorant, arrogant, selfish candidate to the rest of the world, but in his own mind he’s an “I’m no quitter” hero for liberty.

Yeah, yippee, oh joy, hallelujah. It may be 5:01 in Missouri and the booze may be flowing but it sure as hell ain’t happy hour.

The man who couldn’t win his party’s own primary without help from Claire McCaskill and Democrat PAC money has now decided that he “owes it to Missouri voters” to stay in the race and give those voters a “clear choice” come November.

Yep, Todd you’re giving em a “clear choice” alright.

A choice between a lying Obamabot and an arrogant ass. (Just to clear the record Todd isn’t the jackass the DEMOCRAT party symbol?)

I listened intently with each passing minute to Sean Hannity’s radio interview with you as he did his best to give you an out. I heard as Hannity laid it all out to you slowly and succinctly, each and every reason as to why, if it were him, his conscious would not allow him to remain in the race knowing the damage it would inflict upon the greater cause.

And every time Hannity stopped, Missourians and Republicans the nation over waited with breath held for Akin to “see the light” and “by the grace of God”, announce he was finally going to do the right thing.

Hoping beyond hope they’d hear those golden words. That in the end, you (Akin) would not want your final political legacy to be you let your own personal political ambition screw the entire country. That as much as it pained you, as much as the media double standard disgusted you, as much as it just wasn’t fair this was a time unlike any other.

A time not seen since the election of 1860.

A time requiring each and every American to dig deep to his soul and reflect upon founding principles and the sacrifices made before.

A time that did not allow for the usual political gamesmanship.

A time that required the statesmanship of Lincoln over the pettiness of a Clinton.

We waited, we strained, we glued our ears to the speakers, yet all we heard was self-centered, delusional defiance.

Mr. Akin you were NOT elected by a majority of Missouri Republicans.

Mr. Akin you had a responsibility to THINK about the MAJORITY that did NOT vote for you, yet instead you went the Claire McCaskill route; do what was in the best interest of Todd rather than the best interest of the state.

Mr. Akin, you may still be on the ballot today, but this battle is not over and there are still enough tomorrow’s between now and November 6th to at least attempt to undo the damage your selfishness has just inflicted upon this nation.

For being such a devout man of God, I for the life of me do not know how you can sleep at night doing what you have just done.

For four years I have chronicled the arrogance, and smallness of thought that is one Barack Hussein Obama.

I never thought I would see one worse. And I certainly NEVER thought he would be on the Republican ticket.

To paraphrase your own words Mr. Akin, “by the grace of God, common sense will win this battle, reason will have you removed, and your ignorance and arrogance will not find their way to the halls of the Senate”.

When it’s all said and done, the pages of history will have but only one thing to say:

When his country called, Akin turned deaf.

You’re no “hero to the cause”, no “servant of the people” Mr. Akin, you are, as the headline states, just another politician blinded by his own arrogance.

And yet, you could have been so much more………………

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2 Responses to Crippled by ignorance, blinded by arrogance, Akin stays

  1. anson burlingame on August 22, 2012 at 8:07 am

    Well said Geoff,

    Akin has an extraordinary arrogance of his own faith in God, meaning his faith alone should be the basis for our nation’s policies, an extraordinary reliance on that Power Greater than ourselves.

    See my comment on your previous blog. GOD will not, in my view prevent a nuclear war. However a few well armed Trident Submarines may well prevent one as a matter of deterrence.

    As the missiles are “incoming” dropping to ones knees and praying to stop them will do NOTHING to the incoming missiles, in my view. But such prayer might give me and others some comfort before we all blow up!!!

    But as noted before in a comment, if a victim of rape experiences a later miscarriage, you can bet that people of deep faith with little understanding of biology will say the miscarriage was in FACT God’s will. Baloney for this very “small believer”.


  2. Rollo on August 23, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    I don’t think I have seen a more spot on synopsis of the situation as this one!


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