Akin’s ‘Dumb and Dumber’ sideshow working (for Democrats)

August 26, 2012

And proven yourself to be an arrogant ass.......

Todd Akin’s “Dumb and Dumber” traveling sideshow that has followed the debut of his “legitimate rape” opening act is receiving rave reviews and overwhelming support. (From Democrats)

On the very day that Rasmussen Reports showed Mitt Romney’s 6 point Missouri lead transformed into a 1 point deficit just 5 days post Akin’s asinine oral mishap, today’s poster child for “stubborn, selfish political idiot” defiantly declared during a tightly controlled “news” conference Friday that:

“Apparently, there’s some people who are having trouble understanding our message. I’d like to be clear on that today — that we’re going to be here through the November election, and we’re going to be here to win,” Akin said.

“There may be some negotiations,” he added, “but they don’t include me.”

Akin noted that voters chose him in the primary, and said: “This is an election, not a selection.”  (Takeouts via Fox News, full story here.)

Some Corner common sense is in order here.

Regarding the “election” versus “selection”:

Never mind that the election Akin now brags about “winning” was “won” with 64 percent of the voters voting AGAINST him.

Between the over a million dollars of democrat funding and advertising and who knows how many democrat cross over votes, Akin remains so blinded by his own arrogance that he can’t even see that the entire primary was rigged to “select” the weakest candidate.

With that kind of covert action behind him, even a Neanderthal throwback that thought a woman’s body could fight off pregnancy during a “legitimate” rape could have won.  (Oooops.)


Regarding any “negotiations”:

Akin is correct in that if any negotiations are under way they would not include him.

Any successful negotiation requires both parties be knowledgeable and aware of the facts on the table and the circumstances that brought them to said table.

As the John Putnam’s of the world have shown with their over the top parades of delusions, Akin supporters have anything but an awareness of the facts or knowledge of just how deep the damage.


As for “understanding the message” and staying into “win”:

There’s no “misunderstanding” Todd.  Your message was heard loud and clear.  And as already stated, it was REJECTED by almost 2/3 of the primary voters.

And while you are correct in that there will most certainly be a “win” if you stay in through November, it also most certainly won’t be in the “R” column.


Again, the Corner asks:  “Mr. Akin, just what in the hell are you thinking?”

As the Joplin Globe editorial today points out, the immediate damage at times like these is only the beginning.  It’s the unseen future that poses the greatest threat and wreaks the worst devastation.

Bill Clinton supporters cheered and celebrated when he “deployed his “politics of personal destruction” tactics on a broad scale” and ” secured the first two-term Democratic president since World War II” but the editorial reminds us that the “damage inflicted upon our national political psyche has been devastating and the depth is still not fully known.”

Akin’s “legitimate rape” mentality may be from the dark ages, but his political game is straight from the Clinton playbook.

There’s only two problems that Mr. Dumb and Dumber refuses to acknowledge:

  1. Clinton actually had the party and the majority of its voters ON his side not 2/3 AGAINST him.
  2. The damage inflicted by the Clinton machine upon our national political process has shown itself to be far more damaging than anyone “immediately” thought and so far, irreversible as well.

Mr. Clinton is well known for his arrogance and self-serving political ways. Todd Akin is well on the way to being known for the same.

And this just in:

The Corner has breaking news from the Akin campaign.  An anonymous, but highly placed and trusted source, is telling the Corner that Mr. Akin is in direct consultations with his most trusted advisor regarding this matter and said advisor is now talking.

Unfortunately for Romney/Ryan and common sense Republicans everywhere, said “advisor” is Akin’s mirror and the only thing he’s saying is:

“Hi Dumb, meet Dumber.”

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One Response to Akin’s ‘Dumb and Dumber’ sideshow working (for Democrats)

  1. anson burlingame on August 27, 2012 at 7:35 am


    The longer this lasts the simpler it becomes, in my view. Goodby MO in the GOP column in both the Senate and Presidential races if Akin remains in the race.

    There is NO WAY that I will vote for Akin, period. Yes, I will in all likelihood still vote for Romney, but…..



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