Healthcare and other lies from Dems Charlotte love-fest

September 8, 2012

Young Barack with "not so destitute" mother, Stanley Ann Dunham

On healthcare, Obamacare, the lies and the democrats who tell them. That sentence could title a book longer than War and Peace, and the longest chapter could be lifted straight from the transcripts of the Democrat convention in Charlotte last week.

One of the biggest whoppers told over the years is how poor Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham, the President’s mother, died of cancer prematurely from lack of health insurance.  The story has more holes in it than a burglar who just found the wrong end of a Texas homeowner’s shotgun, but to Obama and his leftist allies, truth matters not if the agenda is met.

Charles Johnson over at the Daily Caller put together a “best of the best” compilation from Charlotte.  I’m highlighting a few below, but for the full depth of just how far and deep the lies this past week check out his full report here.

Joe Biden:  “Barack had to sit at the end of his mom’s hospital bed and watch her fight cancer and insurance companies at the same time,”

Michelle Obama:  “watching your mother die of something that could have been prevented — that’s a tough thing to deal with.”

Barack Obama (via DNC video):  “When my mother got cancer,”…… ”she wasn’t a wealthy woman and it pretty much drained all her resources.”

Problem one is that Obama was never at his mother’s bedside when she died.  Johnson quotes author David Maraniss that at the time of his mother’s impending death, Obama “was into his Chicago phase, reshaping himself for his political future…she died on November 7, 1995, before he could get there.”

Problem two is the continued insinuation that Obama’s mother’s health insurance company was some sort of evil empire led by Darth Vader who’s only goal in life was to kill her by denying her benefits.

Four over four years, the world has been fed that story.  Yet that same world has been fed a pack of lies.  The entire insurance flap was over disability insurance NOT health insurance.

And not matter how Michelle Obama and Tom Hanks try to spin it Obama’s mother was not a poor street woman taken advantage of.  She was a middle-aged executive making about $132 grand in today’s money with a housing and care allowance thrown in.

As I tweeted last night when I first came across Johnson’s article:

Obama lies about his own mother’s death, why should we be surprised when he lies about everything else as well?

Why indeed, just why indeed?

I also came across this comment from  “Count the Ways” on a The story reminding Americans that it’s not just the truth Obama cares nothing for, it’s also our rule of law.  (The White House will miss the legal deadline for its report outlining how it plans to implement massive spending cuts should sequestration take effect on January 1, 2013.)

…..Abe, no reason to call derogatory names. Here is some analysis of the speeches though:

“In a rousing double-header, Democratic delegates heard Barack Obama and Joe Biden both accept renomination on their convention’s final night. And we heard some facts being spun.”…

“In their defense of the administration’s policies Thursday night, President Obama and Vice President Biden sometimes took license with the facts or left out important information.”…

“facts being spun” and “took license with the facts or left out important information” are considered lying by most people.

Note to “Count the Ways”, while you may be correct on the “facts being spun” and “taking license” reference being considered lying by “most people”, you leave out one very, very important fact:

Barack Obama, his wife, Joe Biden, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and the rest of the Democrat cabal do not consider themselves “most people”.

They are, in their minds, above the laws of the land and are not bound by the restrictions of the truth.

The only thing that’s worse then their own behavior, is that of the millions of lemmings still support it.

(Publisher’s Note:  Thank you to all for your private notes of concern for Dad.  They have meant the world to me through this most difficult time.  God bless you all and as always, God bless this most wonderful United States of America.)

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One Response to Healthcare and other lies from Dems Charlotte love-fest

  1. Anson Burlingame on September 9, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Geoff,nHow I ask can the real truth be told to American voters? Who can really be relied upon to be the ultimate “truth teller”? The answer of course is no one as in politics there is no ultimate truth.nI have learned a new phrase in my efforts to audit a course in economics. It is called “Certeris Paribus” and means ” all else remaining unchanged”. For example, IF spendable income goes UP, then demand for goods and services goes up, certeris paribus. At such a fundamental level it makes sense. Give people more money to spend and people will buy more……nBut here is another fundamental economics “law” the “law of demand”. IF price goes up demand must go down, certeris paribus. But on the other hand if Price goes UP, then demand MUST go down, certeris paribus.nNow given such “laws” go figure out what to do economically.nNow here is one for politicians. Using single variable economics and certeris paribus when that single variable changes, then it is a “law” that when government taxes are raised, any single tax, then spendable income must go down as the tax money comes out of consumer pockets, at least some consumers. That means demand goes down and prices go up, again, certeris paribus.nWhen demand drops and prices go up, what happens to GDP? Obviously people, consumers, buy less and economic growth in GDP MUST go down.nSo what happens, in actuality, when anyone tinkers with quantity of goods demanded, or price, or ….. In reality many variables start changing all over the place, in today’s digital age with “instant communication” the changes are almost “instant” as well. Thus certeris paribus is an academic tool to understand single variable effects on a very complex and dynamic set of problems.nSolution for a “scientific” standpoint. Computer models to do all sorts of multi-variable math with curves going all over hell’s half acre. Result is garbage in and garbage out. Change ONE of those mulitple variables and the whole computer program becomes skewed to meet the programers goals, politically.nTry that with global warming if you tire of economics. Or try it with writing ROEs in a military situation. If I don’t shoot “him”, then this will happen…..?nSolution of all of that “stuff”? Why of course “statistics” and attempt to predict individual behavior based on “mass reactions” to various things.nThen go read the “Bell Curve”, some would say a “statistical masterpiece” to debunk modern education philosophy. Then listen to counter arguments from “educators”!!!nFor centuries, such confusion as to real truth was masked by slow communications. Someone could put out a “claim” and it would take a long time for a counter claim to be heard by opponents. Not today however. I wonder how much camp.aign money from both sides goes into “fact checker” organizations design not to tell the truth but just to counter the other side?nSo tell us again all you fact checkers, just how many jobs have been gained or lost in America since Jan 20, 2009? Or what exactly is our unemployment rate today? Or exactly what is our total national debt today, all debt owed by the federal government to anyone, today, or tomorrow or next decade……?nThen explain to me how a democratic society can make INFORMED decisions, not wishes or guesses?nAnson


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