Constitution Day 2012: The ‘Fourth Estate’ worthy no more

September 17, 2012

From such noble heights to now such despicable lows

On September 17, 1787 the greatest document the world has ever known was entered into the timeline of human history:  The United States Constitution.

So why are so many in the “media” today doing their very best to destroy it?

Two and a quarter centuries have passed since Burke introduced the idea of the “Fourth Estate”.  The free and independent “press” ever vigilant against an ever-encroaching government.

A free and independent press dedicated to preserving the rights and freedoms of each and every citizen.

A free and independent press never shy to speak truth to power.

A free and independent press advancing the cause of liberty by demanding accountability.

A noble ideal indeed but sadly an ideal unknown to today’s “established” press.

Nothing shows just how far the “main stream” (Corner-coined “minion”) press has fallen from those noble ideals of yesteryear than the complete lack of objectivity and accountability reporting on the 9/11/2012 terrorist attack on our Libyan consulate that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American heroes dead.

The White House press corps, the network anchors, their cousins on cable, MSNBC/CNN, and the lackeys on the web and in print, are all dutifully just transcribing the administration narrative that the violence that engulfed the Middle East from Tuesday forward, had nothing to do with U.S. policy.

The deaths of four American citizens, was not the result of a planned and coordinated attack but just a tragic end to your average neighborhood protest. (Every good Libyan keeps a spare RPG around just in case, don’t you know).

All the death, all the destruction, all the violence is instead the cause of an obscure 14 minute YouTube video that mocks the prophet Muhammad.

As implausible as that explanation is, the White House and State Department has no choice but to cling to such nonsense.

They sure as hell can’t admit they were warned of the potential for violence ahead of time and did nothing to strengthen embassy force protection.

They sure as hell can’t admit that maybe, just maybe all the ball spiking and “Osama Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” mantra ticked off more than just a couple jihadists over there.

They sure as hell can’t admit that nowhere in the timeline of all of human history is there an example where apology and appeasement kept evil at bay.

In short, they sure as hell can’t admit the truth.

It’s one thing for the administration to behave in that manner.  It’s all they know and we’re pretty much numb to it by now.

For what’s left of that once so revered, once so respected “Fourth Estate” to just swallow it all whole and transcribe it perfectly, when competing narratives from reliable sources are right in front of them, shows just how low the state of “journalism” in America today.  (Moira Fitzgerald has a great compilation of the latest malpractice over at

But as low as that is, it gets even lower.

Thanks to Noel Sheppard over at, we learn that CNN reporter Peter Hamby isn’t just transcribing for Obama, he’s soliciting campaign funds for him as well!

It’s one thing to pre-load your reporting with Obama talking points and DNC narratives, it’s quite another to publicly fundraise for Dear Leader in the last weeks of a hotly contested Presidential Election.

But the Corner predicts Hamby’s punishment will be no more painful than that dished out against recent plagiarist Fareed Zakaria.  Supposedly suspended by CNN he’s right back on the air and the Washington Post has no problem propagating his propaganda.

To say “they’re all in it together” would be the understatement of the past two centuries.

To say “they’ll come around” would be the understatement of the past two centuries.

To say “we can’t win with them against us” would be the understatement of all time.

We can win, we will win, and we must win.

Don’t let the fact that the media no longer cares about this country deter you, do not let it demoralize you, do not let it lead you to surrender.

Remember 2010, remember 1980 and remember all the other times the modern “media” predicted defeat on election night and were eating crow for breakfast the morning after.

But most of all, remember this country is not the minion media’s, it is yours, and it is damn well worth fighting for.

Happy Constitution Day all, now go out and fight for it.

Obama 2012:  Kick him out or Kiss it goodbye.

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