Obama’s Letterman appearance a tri-fecta of lies

September 20, 2012

And yet this idiot is still in the running for a 2nd term

President Obama sat down for the 7th time Tuesday night with his favorite butt cleaner-upper, David Letterman. As usual, it didn’t take long for it to turn into yet another full tongue, slobbering love fest between two of the most pathetic narcissists on the planet.

Letterman loves to take potshots at Mitt Romney and his wealth and is weirdly proud of his “Ann and Mitt Romney’s Lies” segments. Yet the second most “angry, insignificant, old whit guy on television” (sorry Dave, Bill Maher beats you by a mile) didn’t lift a finger as the President of the United States repeated one lie after another on national television.

It’s one thing to watch a United States President take his job so lightly while the economy tanks and the world burns, tis quite another to watch him flat out lie to the American people while he does it. And to do it so easily, it truly does require suspension of disbelief.

Without further ado, the Corner presents your “sometimes present, who really needs a daily briefing anyway” President and his Letterman tri-fecta: (Source: www.cbsnews.com, no full transcript on that site or the Letterman website was available for more detail)


“…My expectation is that if you want to be president, you have to work for everyone, not just for some,”…One thing I’ve learned as president,” Mr. Obama said, “is that you represent the entire country……What I think people want to be sure of is you are not writing off big chunks of the country….”

Yet when we needed leadership perhaps more than at any time since the Great Depression and WWII, we learn from Bob Woodward’s new book, “The Price of Politics”, via Conn Carroll at Examiner.com:

One of the first scenes Woodward recounts is a meeting at the White House where Obama invited House Republicans over to talk about the stimulus. After then-Minority Whip Eric Cantor distributed a five-point Republican stimulus plan that differed from Obama’s tax plan, Obama told Cantor, “I can go it alone. … Look at the polls. The polls are pretty good for me right now. Elections have consequences. And Eric, I won. So on that, I think I trump you.”

Later, after the Democrats drafted a stimulus bill that contained zero Republican ideas, Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel put Obama’s position on bipartisanship a bit more succinctly, “We have the votes. F–k ’em.”

So when the entire country was full of “hope” and wanting “change”, when the American people actually believe that they had elected a “unifying” President, we now know that from the very beginning, Barack Hussein Obama wrote off the 46% of the country who voted for McCain with a big, loud, ego filling: “F–k you, you bitter clingers”.

From the stimulus, to Obamacare, to Dodd-Frank, to denying the Keystone XL, to killing the coal industry, one mandate and regulation after another, it is quite clear that Obama has no plan to ever listen to the entire country. Although his ears are big enough to tune in the entire universe he only cares to hear what his left wing liberal base (and of course dear little Valerie) have to tell him.


“…And so, I promise you, there are not a lot of people out there who think they’re victims. There are not a lot of people who think that they’re entitled to something….”

So then all that “Occupy” stuff last year never really happened?

When the poster-children for the entitlement mentality, (the ever peaceful, oh so humble, “Occupy” bunch) were actively disrupting the work of hundreds of thousands of working Americans, Barack Hussein Obama didn’t only not denounce their disgusting behavior, he and his administration actually equated the OWS scum with all those citizens just trying to peacefully get to work:

“The protests you’re seeing are the same conversations people are having in living rooms and kitchens all across America…the president is standing on the side of consumers and the middle class.”

Sorry, Barry, standing with Occupy, is not what thinking Americans know to be standing on the side of the middle class. Obama may be a master at convincing the dolts that he “shares their pain” but I guarantee you he didn’t share one drop of his gold plated $800 a bottle, “..pagne” with anyone who didn’t pay the $40,000 admission price.


“….One thing I’ve never tried to do and I think none of us can do in public office is suggest that because someone doesn’t agree with me that they’re victims or they’re unpatriotic…..”

Has anyone done a background check on the White House Physician? Obama clearly is either succumbing to early onset Alzheimer’s or suffering from serious delusions. Either way, this is one American who wants to know how such obvious symptoms continue to go undiagnosed by a supposedly qualified medical professional.

Here’s candidate Obama “not” calling then President George W. Bush “unpatriotic”:

The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic. (2012/2008 video via twitchy.com here.)

So if $4 trillion in 8 years was irresponsible and unpatriotic what the hell is $6 trillion in 4 years? It’s a failure Mr. President and it’s yours. You spent it, you own it, and you cannot run from it.

Blood pressure up yet? Getting close to stroke level? Well hang on, because in spite of the whoppers already disclosed, Obama had the gall to publicly state that he didn’t even really know the actual amount of the national debt when he took office: (via factreal.wordpress.com)

Letterman: “Now, do you remember what that number was [when you came into office]…was it $10 trillion? Was it that?”

Obama: “I don’t remember what the number was precisely.”

Letterman: “But see now, if this is me and I got the credit card guy calling me every day, I start to get scared. As Americans should we be scared that we owe that kind of money? Who do we owe that money to?”

Obama: “Well a lot of it we owe to ourselves. Because if you invest in a treasury bill or something like that, essentially you’re loaning the government money. In fact, the majority of the debt is held by folks who live here. We don’t have to worry about it short term. Right now interest rates are low, because people still consider the United States the safest and greatest country on earth, rightfully so.”

The only good to come from the above quote is that we at last now know what happened to that crazy, happy go lucky, what me worry, kid Alfred E. Neuman.

Seems he was a Russian mole all along and when the Cold War ended the Ruskies needed a new approach. So they called A.E. home, sent him to a super secret base in Siberia where they pumped some pigment into his skin, inflated his ears, sucked out his brain and sent him back as the President of the United States.

While I admit, it IS only a theory, and it probably won’t ever be “verified” by Andrea Mitchell, it’s as good an explanation as any for the absolute disgrace we’ve been forced to witness the past four years.

If any of you have any other theories I urge you to share them. And I promise you, that while my ears aren’t quite as large as Obama’s, I will at least use mine to listen.

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  1. Carl B on September 22, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I did not know that Obama has been on Letterman seven times. That’s because I stopped watching that show in 08. Obama does not do numerous appearances on shows where the host might fire an occasional hard question.


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