American Rewind: Who we are as told by who we were

September 22, 2012

I’ve written thousands upon thousands of words over the years. Words to the wise, words of warning, words of comfort, words of reflection, words to reflect upon, words to remember and words better left forgotten.

Stringing them around their skeletal sentences, spinning them into their paragraphical patches and finally weaving them into their final tapestry of thought that I always hope find themselves worthy of your reading, and stimulating to your mind.

These past four years my words have traveled a journey that I had never contemplated possible in this, the United States of America. Or at least, this, the United States of America that I thought I knew.

While her flag still flies, her colors still true, I find myself more worried about her survival than at any time in my life. A life that thought it had seen the worst of the worst when it endured the malaise and misery of the Carter years, the malfeasance and miscreants of the Clinton years.

A life that has now endured almost four years of time worse than any previous lived: the Obama years.

America has always had her ups and downs. But never before has she seen such a blatant disregard for her founding principles.

Never before has she seen such a frontal assault on her Constitutional ideals.

Never before has she seen such a collective cabal so hungry for power it will stop at nothing to secure it.

Never before has she had so many traitors working so tirelessly to destroy her from within.

As we enter the final weeks leading up to the third most crucial election in our history I find myself worrying not so much for myself, but truly for the very sake and soul of this country that I love so dear.

Not so much as to what history will record, but for how future generations will live.

Will they live free in the America that men of great faith and honor founded, or will they live as slaves to the State that a scheming politician transformed?

It is with the above in mind that I start a new series today. A series I call:

American rewind: Who we are, as told by who we were.

The idea is simple. Who we are today as a country is a direct result of previous actions initiated by those who came before us. What better way to truly understand what America “is” than by hearing from those that were there and spoke their own passions in their own words of their time.

That by hearing yesterday’s words, we become wiser connoisseurs of the words presented today.

That as Obama pulls out all stops to convince the ignorant that it is “his” vision that is truly “American” it will be stopped not by the tweets and sound bytes of today, but by the inspiration and vision from yesterday’s Americans as told in their own words.

I start the series today with three, truly American icons; Red Skelton, Bob Hope, and John “The Duke” Wayne.

With Obama’s latest “ForAll” cultish campaign, Skelton’s truly American “Pledge of Allegiance” is perhaps more appropriate today than when he first spoke those words.

Wayne’s “Why I lover her” is a timeless classic that sadly, far too many have never heard.

The Hope clip I just had to throw in because we all need a good laugh from time to time.

For those of you 50 and over, enjoy a nice trip down nostalgia lane.

For you younger “whipper-snappers”, come out of the social media cloud for a few minutes and hear of an America far different than the one being sold you today.

No, we can not go back to such “simpler” times, and even if could an advocate of such I would not be. We have made progress in many areas that did need “progressing”. Civil rights, environmental awareness, technology, just a few, but it has come at a cost far too many today fail to see.

In pursuing that “progress” we must ensure that in so doing, we do not forget the principles without which said “progress” would not have been possible.

This election is far beyond a Mitt Romney or a Barack Obama. This election is about what we will continue to be as a nation.

On the morning of November 7th, 2012 do we awake as a nation that heeded the calls of her past, or do we awake a deaf and soul less nation doomed to die a slow, agonizing, ignorant death?

Save yourselves “young America”, this IS your time. The choice is yours and the answers are there.

All you have to do is listen.

The only question I have, is will you?

Coming up in later episodes:  The History of Taps,  Johnny Cash and a Tattered Old Flag, Paul Harvey and of course, Ronald Reagan among many, many others who knew than who America was, and whose words still define who we are today.


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