Barack Obama is no Winston Churchill (No $hi! Sherlock)

October 21, 2012

There is little debate the level of intense disdain that President Barack Obama holds for one Sir Winston Churchill.

The rumors abound as to why.

Churchill represents English colonialism which young Obama was brought up to hate.

Churchill represents white, privileged class that uses it’s privilege to oppress minorities.

Churchill was nothing but an overweight blowhard who was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

I suggest it’s a far, far simpler explanation:  Churchill just makes Obama look bad.

Churchill was a leader, Obama’s a celebrity.

Churchill had vision, Obama can only see one “View”.

Churchill inspired and unified his nation, Obama can only demagogue and divide.

Churchill stood for the very best of the human spirit, Obama destroys that spirit.

Churchill despised government dependency, Obama thrives on government dependency.

Churchill had the foresight to warn of Hitler and the Iron Curtain, Obama can’t see past his next lie.

When I first read that Obama had not only gone to bed the night of the Benghazi attack without knowing the fate of Ambassador Stevens, but had also decided that it wasn’t important enough to cancel a Vegas fundraising trip the very next day, the contrast between him and Churchill was set in my mind.

The image of Churchill standing on the rooftop of the Air Ministry as Luftwaffe bombs exploded across London versus the image of one Barack Hussein Obama being told that American sovereign territory was under attack and her Ambassador was missing and feeling no more responsibility (or even curiosity for that matter) than to just go to bed as usual, to me at least, shows a President completely devoid of the meaning of LEADERSHIP.

That on the very next day after the attack he could dismiss such as mere “bumps in the road”, even further solidified in my mind that whatever his political philosophy, his personal character (and lack thereof) convinces me with absolute certainty, the man is quite frankly, unfit for the office.

Dear Leader has compared himself to practically every past President imaginable to bolster his own image as needed at any particular time. But nothing presents Obama as the pathetically small and petty man that he is as when he’s compared to the war time leader of England.

There is a reason one of the first things Obama did when taking office was to have the bust of Churchill returned.

How can you tell yourself every morning you’re the greatest man in human history, when the bust of one far, far greater is staring right at you? A constant reminder of just how small and insignificant you are.

In November of 1994 I had the opportunity to tour the Cabinet War Rooms in London. They have been remarkably preserved and are basically as they were when Churchill was doing what he had with what little he had and German bombers were obliterating London.

If you have but a scintilla of respect for the history of that time and the gravity and uncertainty it presented, you cannot walk through those rooms without the hair on the back of your neck popping up just a bit.

The rooms are simple, the technology ancient, yet still, they overwhelm.

It was in the early morning hours following my tour of those rooms that I started to see the first results of our own American elections that year begin to roll across the bottom of the television screen. And as I saw one previously thought safe democrat house member after another falling to his Republican challenger I knew I was witnessing history in the making.

It was 2 in the morning and I would be up the rest of the night and throughout the next day without ever feeling tired.

The “history” of course was the 1994 Republican takeover of the House of Representatives that forced Bill Clinton back to the center and saved America from the larger and larger government and federal control that he had been pushing his first two years.

A similar “history” was started two years ago as one Barack Obama’s plans were halted by an American populace that refused to succumb to his socialist goals.

This November 6th, America will once again determine her history.

While this election is not between Churchill and Obama, it IS a choice between their ideals.

And I’ll take the ideals of one Sir Winston Churchill over the Geo-politically correct appeasement of an incompetent community organizer any day.

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