Under 30 voters gave Obama a 2nd term, HHS picks pockets in return

November 28, 2012

Chart: Forbes.com

Who would have ever thought that all those under 30 something’s who so proudly gave their Dear Leader a 2nd term would so quickly have their pockets picked clean in return?

One week ago today, Americans were in the heat of battle with our annual food fight known as Thanksgiving.

One week ago today University of Texas at Austin journalism professor Robert Jensen had yet to post his anti-American rant “No Thanks for Thanksgiving”.

And while one week ago today liberals were just as annoying and antithetical to the American way of life as founded as they are today, one week ago there was yet to be known two bits of news regarding the under 30 generation that speaks volumes of its ignorance of the dangers of government.

The first comes from the PewResearchCenter and provides the proof to support what I’ve been saying for almost four decades:  The “dumbing down” of the American public education system would eventually be the doom of our democracy.

Enter the latest report showing that while Mitt Romney carried voters OVER 30, Dear Giver in Chief, carried the UNDER 30 crowd by 24 points.  (60% to 36%).  Allowing one Barack Hussein Obama to handily beat back the candidate of responsibility and living within our means.

Ok, ok Caldwell, big deal.  We all know the young crowd has always been firmly entrenched up Obama’s butt so what’s the big surprise?

The surprise isn’t in that the lil blissfully ignorant ones voted for their “fair and just” government hero.

The surprise isn’t in that in so voting for Obama, they also greatly increased the odds that the worst piece of legislation to be put upon the populace since prohibition, Obamacare, would continue to roll towards full implementation.

The surprise, at least to them anyway, is just how much that vote is going to COST them.

Below is the first paragraph to Chris Conover’s piece Young People Under Obamacare:  Cash Cow For Older Workers:

 It’s official: the health care law will unduly stick it to young Americans by making them pay far higher premiums starting January 1, 2014.[1] New rules announced this month are even worse than expected when it comes to shoveling an unfair burden onto our nation’s youth. Moreover, they also perversely increase the incentives of young people to remain uninsured.

Yep, you read it right.  All those “I could give a rat’s ass about those old white guys in wigs and their outdated view of government” little darlings just got one giant screwing by the very same government they demanded “do more” for them.

In brief, the new “government is so great” rules will lead to drastically higher health insurance premiums for younger Americans to compensate for the mandated lower rates for older Americans.  (Too bad all those great and all knowing professors you adored didn’t bother to educate you on the “law of unintended consequences” regarding government meddling in private affairs.)

For any of you young libs lurking about still gloating over your Dear Leader’s victory, I suggest you use your 21st century dictionary, Google, and type in this one word:  IRONY.

Read carefully its definition and you’ll understand why this old white guy and his new BFF, one John Galt, are laughing their butts off right now.

While I do feel bad for the 36% of under 30 voters who voted with their brains instead of their parts and will have to pay along with their ignorant brethren, I take solace in the fact that America as founded still has 36% willing to fight for her.

And I have the utmost faith that they will not let the “year of the Fluke”, be the defining year of their generation.

Because when it’s all said and done those old white guys in wigs will turn out to be a helluva lot smarter than “cool” ever could be.

Up Next:  Forget secession, let’s just get a divorce.

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3 Responses to Under 30 voters gave Obama a 2nd term, HHS picks pockets in return

  1. anson on November 29, 2012 at 8:46 am

    Anyone paying any attention to the ACA knew full well that young people (over the age of 26 at least) would have to begin buying HC insurance, like it or not. But they ignored that future cost.
    Instead the really younger ones, those in college, saw that money machine paying for their education. Now that debt is over $1 Trillion and rising fast. Perhaps that will be our next “bubble”. Many of those kids will not even graduate, much less find jobs that allow them to both buy HC insurance and pay off their debt for their “education”.
    Just “do the math”. Pay off a debt amounting to $25, $50, $75 or even $100 Thousand dollars. Use 5%, 6% or whatever intertest and do it over a 5, 10, 15, or 20 year period. That range of $ is several hundred dollars per month for a long time JUST for student loan repayment. Add it another $X per year for HC insurance.
    Add all that up and one finds somewhere in the range of additional $500 to $1000 per month just for those two items.
    Do you think such payments will be made at the expense of not buying cars or houses, things that actually grow GDP?
    Consider a college graduate making say $50K per year (a little over $4000 per month. You are looking at around 25% of pre-tax income going to student debt and HC payments coming out of that salary for a long time after graduation.
    Oh, I forgot. Today’s college students, much less HS students, can do that kind of math now can they.

    • Geoff Caldwell on November 29, 2012 at 9:33 am

      And you have just explained why Obama took over the student loan program in his first term.

      I guarantee you there will be a major push to “forgive” that “crushing”
      debt in the second term.

      My guess is it will come around in the summer of 2016 just as the Democrat national convention is gearing up so as to give maximum advantage to the dem candidate. OR it could come summer of 2014 as the Dems make a push to retake the House.

      Either way, the “gift” will be timed for maximum political advantage.

      What is even more troubling to me than the current debt though is that there is absolutely NO debate on the driving forces behind all that debt.

      That the current system is nothing but a blanket subsidy to the university
      system with no accountability which every ECON 101 graduate knows only INCREASES costs.

      I don’t know exactly when the idea of High School graduates being “entitled” to the college experience began, but I assure you when the history books are written it will go down as one of the worst social norms to have ever taken hold in our society.

      I’m all for higher education and life long learning. But the problem today
      is that “higher” education is not resulting in more “educated” graduates.

      What is it now, almost half who start a four year university never finish? (BUT the university got THEIR money and that student still has the debt)

      How many of those “degrees” are bull shit pieces of paper in “general studies”, “women’s studies”, “art history”, etc..etc..etc…?

      Where is the telling of the truth that very few graduates are actually suited for a four year college and two year community colleges and trade schools would not only be a betteruse of money, but also provide those same students a more rewarding life and higher earning potential than a useless piece of paper?

      How much excess debt is there strictly because so many little darlings felt they were just “too good” to go to a local college or university and
      incurred the extra cost of a larger and farther away school?

      But the ultimate irony to me is that just how many of those little dolts
      voted FOR the very man who’s holding back the free market economy that would give them ALL better chances at actual good paying JOBS to pay off that debt.

      The public education system and the academia after that has been hijacked by the left of the political spectrum and if there is but one lesson to be learned from November 6th, 2012, it is that the idiots those institutions produced are now voting.

      And they’re not just voting against their own long term economic interests, they’re voting the rest of us down the economic toilet as well.

      Those of us left that still understand basic economics had better start
      channeling a lot more Howard Beale if we’re going to head off the
      catastrophe that’s already on the horizon.

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