Boehner and the fiscal cliff: Quit whining, grow up (part 1)

December 9, 2012

(Publisher’s note: This is part 1 of 2 of some common sense views from the heartland on the topic of the dreaded “fiscal cliff” and how one John Boehner could do himself a world of good if he’d just: Quite whining, grow up, put up, shut up, leave and lead.)

Yes, I’m still as disgusted today with all the things I discussed yesterday, but the single most irritating object of disgust right now is one Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Personally, I respect the man. His beginnings, his career, what he has achieved, it truly is the “American Dream”. (Or at least the “dream” before Obama got a hold of it.)

Politically, the word “disappoint” doesn’t even begin to cover Boehner’s performance over the past few weeks. But rather than just singing along with the current chorus filling the House Chamber, The Boehner Whine, the Corner proposes a different melody.

A melody this country hasn’t seen in quite some time: Leadership in time of domestic crisis.

Yes, we’ve had George Bush after 9/11 and JFK in October of ’62 during military times of trial, but this country hasn’t had a leader on the sanity side of the government balance sheet for generations. (No, Clinton’s “balanced” budget doesn’t count. Using the anomaly of the bubble, the social security trust fund bulge and Reagan’s “peace dividend” to reduce spending is not hard choice leadership, it is good ol “slick willy” being as lucky as he ever was.)

And sadly it doesn’t appear we’re due for one anytime soon either.

With the return of a lazy, community organizing, ideological demagogue to the White House, and a whimpering, crying, “the President’s not playing fair”, whining, orange tinted Ohioan to the House speaker-ship I have it on solid authority that,“leadership”, decided this was the best time as any to finally take that trip to Belize.


While Boehner did come out immediately after the election and concede that yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause and he just got four more years to take from Paul Producer to “redistribute” to Peter Parasite (P.P.), and that in the light of that event the federal government was going to be needing much more “take”.

In the interest of “bi-partisanship”, Boehner put up $800 billion of “new” revenue as a show of “good faith” in an attempt to avoid the looming and most dreaded “fiscal cliff”.

In the real world in which Paul Producer lives, Boehner’s proposal was honorable, sound and fiscally responsible. But Obama is from Chicago, and there is nothing honorable, sound, and fiscally responsible in Chicago.

And that seems to have Mr. Boehner all flummoxed. For the best he could muster at his Friday press conference was:

“…..You know, eight days ago, Secretary Geithner came here to offer a plan that had twice the tax hikes the president campaigned on. It had more stimulus spending than it had in cuts and an indefinite, an infinite increase of the debt limit like forever.

Now, four days ago, we offered a serious proposal based on testimony of President Clinton’s former chief of staff. Since then, there has been no counteroffer from the White House.

Instead, reports indicate that the president has adopted a deliberate strategy the slow walk our economy right to the edge of the fiscal cliff. Instead of reforming the tax code, cutting spending, the president wants to raise tax rates. But even if the president got the tax rate hike that he wanted, understand that we would continue to see trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see.

Listen, Washington’s got a spending problem not a revenue problem.

Now, if the president doesn’t agree with our proposal, I believe that he’s got an obligation to families and small businesses to offer a plan of his own, a plan that can pass both chambers of the Congress. We’re ready and eager to talk to the president about such a plan….”

“….It’s time for the president, if he is serious, to come back to us with a counteroffer….”

For crying out loud John, you’re number 3 in the chain of command. We already know we’re not going to get any leadership out of numbers 1 and 2, but all we get from you is whining to the cameras that the president isn’t negotiating in good faith?

So PLEASE, stop the damn whining already. It’s more than demeaning, it’s well, disgusting.

So then, what say you Caldwell? Just what SHOULD Mr. Boehner do?


I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that Obama has so little concern for the people he says he’s concerned about that he’d put national security at risk all for the sake of his ideological rate hike of revenge upon the “rich”, or the fact that John Boehner, after having been screwed by this guy more times than a free birth control activist at a Georgetown rally, still seems to believe that he can “negotiate in good faith” with a Chicago thug who knows not even the meaning of the phrase.

Yes, Mr. Boehner, it is time to grow up.

Just exactly what did you think was going to happen?

Obama is a man that had no problem literally destroying the character and honor of a man that has more of both in his pinky nail than Obama ever will, just to secure another four years of golf and world travel at taxpayer expense.

Do you really think that a man who ok’s calling his opponent a felon, stays silent on ads suggesting said opponent was responsible for a woman’s death, and campaigns that women were in danger of losing all rights since the beginning of time if he is not re-elected would EVER “negotiate in good faith”.

Obama is today, still exactly what he always has been: A product of Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Valerie Jarrett and every other far left nut job you can think of.

Do you think any of those puppet masters, past or present give a damn about the traditional “second term” legacy? Obama’s legacy is to “transform”, to ensure that the “wrongs” of our founding are “righted”, no matter what the cost.

You cannot “negotiate” with such a mind. A mind that small, that closed, that so “agenda at all costs” focused has no room for alternative views.

Once you, Mr. Boehner, grow up and accept those basic facts you’ll be able to deal with one Barack Hussein Obama much more effectively.

And those millions upon millions of us who did not vote to destroy America as founded will go to sleep at night knowing the good fight is at least still being fought.

(Tomorrow the path forward: GROW a PAIR, PUT UP, SHUT UP, LEAVE and LEAD)

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3 Responses to Boehner and the fiscal cliff: Quit whining, grow up (part 1)

  1. anson on December 10, 2012 at 8:27 am


    Getting the GOP leadership to “grow up” is NOT the solution either, in my view. The American people must do so. But to expect that in a democracy with “instant communications” is a problem as well If ONLY, someone will just “give a little bit more” then all will be well is NOT a “grown up” type of leadership as well.

    If ONLY “someone else will go ‘over the top” (of the trenches)” then we can beat those bastards in their own trenches, right.

    This country is in an economic MESS and the evidence is right before our eyes. Obama is trying hard to use the traditional Keynesian tools to get the economy back to equilibrium with stable prices, aggregate supply and demand in equilibrium and strong economic growth. Following his chosen path we will achieve such a goal as well. EXCEPT……

    That equilibrium will be FALSE equilibrium, with aggregate supply and aggregate demand (along with wages and taxes “stable” as well) crossing ONLY because we achieve it by borrowing around 40 cents on the dollar “forever”. Cut the deficit dramatically and the whole baloon bursts in our midst, again. Call it a huge bubble, again.

    True economic equilibrium of the sort demanded by we the people is achieved only when REAL supply meets REAL demand and NEITHER are sustained by borrowing tons of money.
    Borrowing money to GROW is fine and smart people do so all the time in business. Now show me where borrowning money by the federal government causes much REAL growth, NOT just growth that reflects higher prices, not higher quantity of goods and services that will sell around the world.
    It is a simple economic FACT, in my view. But more production requires harder work by more people. Americans do not want to hear that admonition either. Nope, they just want MORE, the majority of voters, and if we have to borrow money to get it, then so what!!!!

    • Geoff Caldwell on December 10, 2012 at 9:19 am

      Well, SOMEBODY’s got to “grow up”.

      The election showed us it’s not going to be the “public” any time soon and the past month clearly shows Obama just doing more of the same: campaign, campaign, campaign.

      That leaves only the GOP leadership.

      “Grow up”, give Obama most of what he wants in a clear, concise, easily communicated format and then let him OWN it.

      All but the dwainbwains know that the taxing the evil rich will not solve the problem so for now, let em have it all.

      Without meaningful entitlement reform it’s all going to collapse one way or the other so might as well have it happen on their watch with their plans and have a consistent message with workable solutions.

      I’m getting really fed up with fighting for the overall economic growth and pro jobs policies when the very people such policies would help the most are the same idiots voting against themselves.

      It’s why even if D.B. wasn’t “banning” me, I’d stay away from “over there” anyway. ANY interaction “over there” only feeds the beast and lends legitimacy to lunacy. It’s like if in the run up to WWII we’d have had the foresight to beef up our military but instead of getting our tanks from Chrysler and planes from Boeing we’d have decided to get em from Krupp and Fokker instead because Chrysler and Boeing were profiteering capitalists amassing wealth on the backs of their workers.

      Screw the “fiscal cliff”, the left went over the “sanity cliff” years ago and until we start treating the lunacy for what it is: pure, unadulterated re-distributionist socialism that will destroy the very economic engine that it relies upon it is only a matter of time before each and every one of the idiots get what they so justly deserve: a collapsed system with nothing but pain and their own stupidity left in the federal trough.

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