Watch Rep. Jim Jordan school Rep. Chris Van Hollen on debt and spending (video)

January 8, 2013

Are you a conservative still feeling a little down after the November disaster?  Are you a concerned American who is incensed at the financial pedophila being practiced by liberals in Washington D.C.?  Take heart, the Corner presents you this morning the video of one Jim Jordan (R-OH) schooling one Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) not only on just “what” is wrong in Washington but the “why” of it as well. (And it’s not those “terrorist, hostage taker Republicans.”)

Newly elected Senator Ten Cruz (R-TX) may have gotten the coveted Drudge link with his appearance on this past Sunday’s edition of FoxNewsSunday, but the best of that hour comes from Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH. In a little over 10 minutes, Jordan used facts and common sense to expose Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s democrat talking points for the shallow, disingenuous, demagoguery that they were.

Van Hollen’s a rising star in the democrat leadership, gives good camera, and can repeat the DNC line in his sleep. But his slickness was no match Sunday for the down to earth truths that Jordan brought to the table.

I’ve had to endure Van Hollen’s pablum go unchallenged by so many other luke warm, “I don’t dare want to offend anyone”, Republicans in the past that I have to admit that from Jordan’s very first punch back I found myself talking to the TV for the first time since the national nightmare of November 6th.

But instead of the November mutterings of “how could so many be so friggin stupid to give Obama another 4 years?” I found myself rooting for the new guy with an excitement not felt in quite a long time.

At last, I was watching with my own eyes, and hearing with my own ears, a conservative Republican take apart point by pathetically shallow point, one of the DNC’s smoothest poster boys in a calm, methodical manner using nothing more than common sense, facts and the truth.

Jordan took the normally unchallenged standard democrat hyperbole and blew right through it one falsehood at a time.

From the very beginning, he showed he was not going to let Van Hollen get by with the usual b.s. When Van Hollen opened with the lie about last years $1.5 “cuts” and the “fiscal cliff” revenue being only partial of what was needed for a “balanced” approach, Jordan responded to host John Roberts “do you buy the argument” with:

 No, because the cuts that Chris referenced are cuts that have yet to happen, they are scheduled for the out-years. And as Congress typically does, they say, oh, give us the revenue now and we promise — we promise we’ll get to cuts.

That’s exactly what this “fiscal cliff” deal was. They got revenue now, no cuts in there. So, the same old, same old.

And I tell folks back at home all the time, remember, this is promises from politicians. It’s not a promise from your parents, from your pastor or from your priest. This is politician saying, oh, give us some revenue, we promise we’ll get to this balanced approach later. We promise we’ll cut spending later.

Mitch McConnell is exactly right. If they’re going to go after — they just got revenue. We’ve got to cut spending. We’ve got $16 trillion debt. The credit card is maxed out. We’ve got to cut spending.

So, he is exactly right. Let’s focus on the problem, which is this government can’t control spending. We’ve got to get control of it so we can have a private future from here –

“they got revenue now, no cuts…….same old, same old…….this is not a promise from your pastor or your priest. this is politician…… card is maxed……we’ve got to get control”

When asked about going past the debt ceiling Jordan had this to say:

I advocate a solution, not a deal. What we always get in Washington is a deal. What Americans wanted is a solution. It’s no wonder the president doesn’t want to debate this because if I had been the president of the United States and presided over the four highest annual deficits in American history, a $5 trillion increase in the national debt, I probably wouldn’t want to talk about the issue either.

But let’s look at the facts. Since the debt ceiling agreement passed 16 months ago, the day after it passed, we got a downgrade from S&P first time in American history. A week after it passed, the market had dropped 1,300 points.

The super committee which Chris voted for and so many members voted for fell apart like we all thought it would. The scheduled cuts, the only scheduled cuts that were supposed to take place, we just suspended them five days ago in the “fiscal cliff” deal. We have yet to cut one dime from the last debt ceiling agreement, and now, here, it is time to do it again.

So, this is — we’ve got to stop the madness. I mean, this is the 18-year-old kid on a credit card and he maxed out the credit card. Instead of cutting it up and putting them on a budget, Barack Obama says give us a new credit card, and, oh, by the way, Harry Reid, you don’t have to pass a budget in three years. I mean, this is crazy.

“….a solution, not a deal…day after ne dime………we’ve got to stop the madness….this is an 18 year-old kid on a credit card….instead of cutting it up…Obama says give him a new one… Senate budge in three years….this is crazy”

I could post more call outs but they don’t do justice to the live interaction.

It really is one of those “you had to be there” moments. And thanks to Al Gore and his internet you can now “be there” any time you want.

So please, take a short ten and “go there”. Watch for yourself as Van Hollen just robots the “balanced approach….Republicans are just being stubborn and irresponsible” mantra while Jordan responds with truth and principle.

After the disasters of the past couple of months it truly is a breath of fresh air.

And when you’re done with the clip pay a short visit to Rep. Jordan’s site and drop him a line of support.

He and the rest of his “irresponsible” brethren are going to need all the support they can get over the next couple months.

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