John Boehner beats back David Gregory’s badgering during Meet the Press ambush

March 3, 2013

With his best White House talking points in hand, David Gregory took “journalism” to a new low this morning as he did everything he possibly could to dis-respect House Speaker John Boehner in a Meet the Press “exclusive” ambush.

Gregory’s performance is exactly why such a large percentage of the country today has such a low opinion of the so called “main stream media”.

Following Obama’s sequester puppet show Friday morning with Congressional leaders, House Speaker John Boehner sat down that afternoon for an interview with Meet the Press moderator David Gregory.

That “interview” aired this morning.

I put “interview” in quotes because that is what this morning’s exchange will officially be called but a far more accurate term would be “disrespectful ambush by an arrogant, petulant child posing as a journalist”.

I am so grateful right now that “smell” does not transmit along with the video and audio that comes across the airwaves. Because the stench that David Gregory generated with his behavior towards Boehner would have required full house fumigation.

While the video fully exposes the depth to which Gregory’s head is inserted up the White House’s arse it also highlights a John Boehner no longer willing to just sit and take it.  (Jump to the 2:00 minute mark for the actual beginning of the exchange.)

As much as Gregory tried to put Boehner and the House Republican’s in a bad light, he failed miserably. And while part of it was the “new” Boehner, most of it has to do with the facts just aren’t on Gregory and the White House’s side.

David and his press corpse buds can repeat Obama’s talking points ad nauseam and it still will not change the fact that the American people are finally seeing through the b.s.

That after almost five years of economic malaise and prices on everything going up while wages go down, Americans are sick and tired of turning on their laptops and tv’s and seeing yet another Presidential blame campaign.

Obama’s “Chicken Little” tour these past two weeks backfired miserably, his “cool” factor is starting to fade, and if Gregory’s performance this morning is any indicator, the White House is getting nervous.

The “interview” starts with Gregory asking how the morning meeting went with the President to which Boehner replied “I had asked the President and Senator Reid to come with a plan…” when Gregory cut in with his first knife basically calling Boehner a liar:

 GREGORY: Mr. Speaker, that’s, that’s just not true, they’ve made it very clear as the President just did, that he has a plan that he’s put forward, that involves entitlement cuts, that involves spending cuts…that you’ve made a choice as have Republicans to leave tax loopholes in place and you’d rather have those and live with all the…

 BOEHNER: Well, David that’s just nonsense. If he had a plan, why wouldn’t Senate Democrats go ahead and pass it. The House has acted twice over the last ten months to replace the sequester. If we’re gonna, the President got his tax hikes on January the 1st, if we’re gonna get rid of loopholes, let’s lower rates and make the tax code fair for all Americans..

 Nonsense indeed Mr. Boehner. Back and forth continues as Gregory tries to pin Boehner down that tax loopholes are really “stealth spending and at least twice cuts the Speaker off to inject his own words and comes to this point:

 BOEHNER: I want tax reform, Republicans want tax reform, we want to bring rates down for all Americans so we’ve got a fairer tax code. But to arbitrarily pull out a couple of tax expenditures and to say well we oughtta use that to get rid of the sequester..listen…well.. Every American knows Washington has a spending problem, every American knows in these tough economic times has to find a way to balance their budget, they’ve got to make choices, and they expect Washington to live within it’s means and to make choices as well. We know that we’ve got a structural deficit, the President has run up 5 trillion dollars worth of debt in the last 5 years, we have another 1 trillion dollar budget deficit this year, it’s time for the President and Senate democrats to get serious about the long term spending problem that we have.

 GREGORY: Again, and the President has laid this out. He is serious about tackling the long term spending problem, including dealing with Medicare, but he said it here, there is an ironclad rule that Republicans have no new revenue. and without that there can be do deal….

 BOEHNER: David, the President got $650 billion dollars of higher taxes on the American people on January the 1st. How much more does he want? When is the President going to address the spending side of this?

 GREGORY: But Simpson and Bowles, who a lot of people around here think is really the paradigm how to look at long term debt reduction, they wanted a lot more revenue. You always say, “look he got his revenues, end of topic he got $600 billion dollars”, you yourself said, look we got 99% of the Bush tax cuts extended, that’s a pretty good deal, so you didn’t have to give a lot for that, only 18% of the Bush tax cuts were rescinded with that $600 billion dollar deal and

 OUCH. But Gregory was not deterred. As you can hear in the video his tone to Boehner on the “you didn’t have to give a lot” was more than arrogance, it was “I am David Gregory, who are you” arrogance. But Boehner was having none of it and cut right back in:

 BOEHNER: There were no spending cuts

 GREGORY: wait a second, when you committed to more in the way of revenue just last December?

 BOEHNER: The President and I never came to an agreement. He could have come to an agreement but he didn’t. He got his tax hikes, it’s time to cut spending and every American knows it…

 GREGORY: But the President, is he not committed to spending does his deal that we saw on the table not include over $900 billion dollars in spending cuts over ten years…

 BOEHNER: Well the President asked for over $1.3 trillion dollars worth of increases and only put up $850 billion dollars worth of spending cuts. Everybody in Washington knows what the problem is, but nobody wants to address it. I’ve been hear for 22 years, and I’ve watched Presidents from both parties, I’ve watched leaders from both parties kick this can down the road, kick it down the road and kick it down the road, we’re out of road to kick the can down. We’ve got a long term spending problem that has to be addressed, I’ve spent the last two plus years trying to bring this town to address this problem and it is going to be addressed

 GREGORY: There’s going to be different points of view of that, because obviously the President believes that he has done it and is addressing it…I want to try to pin you down on two points, you were just talking about tax reform and your objection it seems to this formulation which is, allows some revenues to come from tax reform to unlock entitlement cuts and then you get rid of the sequester that you think that’s sort of arbitrary, it’s just a couple of deductions. Are you open down the line to using revenue derived from tax reform, closing deductions, to actually pay down the deficit?

 BOEHNER: I’m going to say it one more time. The President got his tax hikes on January the 1st. The issue here is spending, spending is out of control. There are smarter ways to cut spending than this silly sequester that the President demanded. And so we need to address the long term spending problem but we can’t cut our way to prosperity. We also have to have real economic growth, American family’s wages aren’t growing, they’re being squeezed, and as a result, we’ve gotta find a way through our tax code to promote more economic growth in our country. We can do this by closing loopholes bringing the rates down for all Americans and making the tax code fairer it will promote more economic growth…

 GREGORY (interrupts AGAIN): but there’s no ironclad evidence that lowering marginal tax rates is going to lead to economic growth..

 Gregory than keeps arguing over rates, then comes back again to repeating the White House talking points, debates Ronald Reagan and that he raised taxes (ignoring the cuts and growth which Boehner had to bring in.)

 GREGORY: The President says look, on the long term spending issues on healthcare, and I’ve talked about this with you before, you’d like to raise the eligibility rate for Medicare recipients, that’s something the President opposes, he is however willing to.

 BOEHNER: Oh, no, no, no, he was for it…

 GREGORY: right, he was for it and then he pulled back

 BOEHNER: before he was against it

 GREGORY: right, ok, he pulled back and it was a … ok…but he’s for means testing for wealthier Americans, he’s got that on the table, according to the White House AND he’s for what’s called in this town, chained CPI which is basically a reduction in benefits over time. How is that not being serious about the long term entitlement problem?

 BOEHNER: Well then why haven’t Senate Democrats passed the President’s plan? The House has passed a plan twice over the last ten months to replace the sequester. Senate Democrats have done nothing. It’s time for them to vote. It’s time for us to get back to regular order here in Congress. Where the House passes a bill, the Senate passes a bill and if we disagree we go to conference to resolve those differences. I made this point at the White House today. It’s time for us to do this via regular order. Later on this month, the House is going to move its budget. Senator Reid acknowledge that the Senate expects to move their budget later on this month. Hopefully out of this process we can go to conference with the Senate and maybe come to some agreement.

 The next few minutes are filled with one Gregory attempt after another to ambush Boehner with repeated interruptions and implications that the Speaker was disingenuous and insincere in everything the House has passed to date. Only Obama himself shows more arrogance and rudeness.

 BOEHNER: David, here’s the process, the House passes a bill, the Senate can pass a bill and if we disagree, we go to conference and work it out

 Too bad you never bothered to learn that in 8th grade civics David.

I could go on, but the above is far more than needed to see just how far Gregory and the rest of the beltway media are willing to go to defend their Dear Leader.

This past week we saw many of Gregory’s colleagues turn with glee on Watergate fame Bob Woodward because he dared speak the truth about the sequester’s father and that Obama was “moving the goal posts “ in demanding more taxes now.

Over the next few weeks it will get uglier and uglier as the minion medias pulls out all stops to destroy Boehner and Republicans and prop up Obama and Harry Reid.

Weather it’s because Gregory and his White House press pets just can’t admit they were wrong about Obama or whether it’s they truly believe in the madness he is pushing it will matter not.

For whatever the reason the wagons have already been circled and they seem fully prepared to defend Obama at all costs.

I could ask aloud why would they jeopardize their credibility with the American people by defending the President’s lies and obfuscations over and over and over, but in reality, any “credibility” they had left was pretty much shot full of holes last election cycle.

I will instead ask how long Boehner will hold it together as he did this morning?

If the answer is from this point forward, Obama has more than a fight on his hands, the American people finally just might have a fighting chance.

And just in case you’re reading Mr. Boehner, there’s more than a few million of us out here that are ready, willing and able to join you in that fight.

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