Obama’s sequester: No White House tours, 149 closed control towers but 5 new National Monuments

March 23, 2013

The White House is still closed to public tours due to the dreaded “sequester”, yet the Obama administration is adding 5 new National Monuments to the federal dole while closing 149 regional air traffic control towers.

If you’re looking for logic or reason in the actions taken this week by the Obama administration don’t bother. Neither logic nor reason is found in any of the executive branch sequester decisions and if past actions are any indicator the pettiness of the past week is only going to get worse.

First, Senate Democrats shot down Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) amendment that would have re-opened White House Tours to the public by re-allocating $6 million dollars from the National Park Service, Heritage Partnership Program. A program that if the department’s own budget for 2013 had been adopted would have seen a self-suggested 50 percent reduction of over $8 million dollars.

Second, barely 48 hours past the “keep the White House closed” vote, the Washington Times reported that Obama plans to announce the designation of 5 new National Monuments this coming Monday.

Third, on the same day we learn Obama is planning to expand the National Park Service, his Federal Aviation Administration announces the closing of 149 regional air traffic control towers due to, what else, budget cuts from the sequester.

Having one of those WTF moments right about now? Don’t worry, such a reaction is normal for anyone not still worshiping at the Obama altar.

To the cult it is all the fault of those big bad Republicans who not only “don’t care” about ruining the vacation dreams of thousands of children, they are so evil they’d rather see dozens of air traffic control towers abandoned and have chaos in the skies than “compromise” with Dear Leader and give him back his money.

To the 53 percent of us out here paying the bills and suffocating under the regulations and costs of this administration’s economy the fault lays squarely at the feet of one former Chicago south side community organizer who cares a helluva lot more about causing political pain than he does about responsibly managing the people’s purse.

One day Obama is using the sequester to throw the Secret Service under the bus and blaming them for the budget decision to close the “people’s house” to the people, and the next he’s adding 5 new feeders onto the federal trough.

But the dirtiest play of all is found in the list the 149 control towers to be closed. Each and every one of them is a privately contracted tower. Not one government employee run tower is on the list to close. Not one.

To believe that the administration’s action is anything other than pure partisan politics you actually have to believe that out of the entire air traffic control system in these United States the ONLY towers that need not be staffed are towers run by private contractors.

Keep in mind that this is the same President who authorized handing over $250 million of your tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt at the beginning of the month and just yesterday turned over another $200 million to Jordan to take care of Syrian refugees.

Earth to Obama: Mr. President, that $450 million that we don’t have, that you just blew, would have gone a long way to helping the tens of millions of American refugees that your incompetence has created over the past four years.

The petulance is glaring, the pettiness pathetic, but it is what it is.

The Obama philosophy in full view:

Government of the bureaucrats, government by the bureaucrats and government for the bureaucrats.

It is Alinsky through and through and yet it is only the beginning.

The amount of demagoguery and imperial orders and mandates Obama will bring forth from the Oval Office in his second term if he does not get his way will make King George III look like a Founding Father.

And if you’re saying to yourself about now, “that’s not the American way” you would sadly be wrong.

For that “American way” of which you are thinking, that “American way” of checks and balances, that “American way” solidified in our Constitution for over two centuries, is in the process of “transformation”.

There is no longer an “American way”, there is only the “Obama way”.

And the sooner you red state ignorants accept that, the sooner the White House doors can re-open and the sooner those 149 control towers can be re-staffed; With newly hired government employees of course.


The FAA press release and tower links are below:

FAA press release

FAA contract towers closed

FAA contract towers staying open

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