Obama keeps White House closed while First Daughters frolic in Atlantis

March 26, 2013

The White House may still be closed to public tours but the doors of the lavish Atlantis resort have been opened wide for the First Daughters.

One of the surest ways to get the blood of Obama’s left wing base boiling is to mention the names Sasha and Malia, in any context other than unfettered praise and adoration. Dare to suggest that their travel schedule might, just “might” be a bit “out of touch” considering the economic hardship across the country and the insults and invectives begin flying at supersonic speed.

Oddly though, the fact that the President himself used his daughters over a 100 times in just 3 years when it fit his political agenda never seems to get brought up between the “you’re a hater”, “you racist pig”, “you pathetic loser, they are JUST kids”, invectives.

But alas, another spring break is upon us and alas that means another “must have” trip to somewhere now doesn’t it?

Evidently last month’s President’s Day ski trip to Aspen, just off the Hawaiian resort getaway a measly few weeks before, didn’t get the girls quite enough frequent flier miles.

So we hear now that they are enjoying a quiet spring break getaway at the Atlantis resort in the Bahama’s. Granted, the Bahama’s is at least closer than Malia’s 2,700 mile trek last year to Oaxaca, Mexico, but for crying out loud, if there must be a lavish spring break every year couldn’t it at least one of them be within the borders of the country that contains the taxpayers that PAYS for the trip?  (And if the girls insist on seeing ancient ruins wouldn’t Detroit be a better place to start?)

Jimmy Carter may have been a pitifully incompetent President, but no one can ever say the Carter White House years were ones of lavish parties and arrogant elitism.  Agree or disagree with his politics, Jimmy Carter practiced what he preached.

While we laugh now at the simplicity of the “put on a sweater” advice, at least when President Carter asked sacrifice of the American people he did the same himself.  And that carried to his family as well.  First daughter Amy even attended D.C. public schools for crying out loud, not much higher sacrifice than that.

Contrast that White House family with the current occupants and their behavior.

I don’t know about you but I find it no laughing matter that while the current President closes the “people’s house” to public tours and ruins thousands of common children’s spring break plans, he has not problem one having those same children’s parents pay for the cost of sending his own kids off to yet another destination resort.

The issue is not about a “spring break” for the “First Girls”.

The issue is about parents who say one thing while doing another.

Parents who constantly lecture us commoners on the “unfairness” of America and the social “injustices” it perpetrates upon us but then act in the complete opposite when it comes to making decisions regarding  them and theirs.

Considering that Sasha and Malia are the daughters of a man who constantly preaches to others how they should sacrifice self and give service to others is it unreasonable to ask why he does not wish his own daughters to experience such virtues first hand?

A simple “spring breaks of service” typed into any internet search engine yields results into the millions.  And though I didn’t make it through them all, I can personally vouch for the fact that of the pages I did dig through, not one of them had a link to Atlantis.com.

The term “optics” is one of the latest buzzwords to enter our modern political lexicon but it’s meaning is as old as politics itself.  There are times and there are events that no matter what the substance nor the merit of a decision, it is rather the public perception of that decision that will determine scorn or praise.

The “optics” of the President’s family enjoying yet another lavish vacation while the people who pay for that vacation are denied entry into their own “house” is about as bad as “optics” can get.

Yet considering our very own VP, good ol Uncle Joe managed to blow over a million of our tax dollars on just two nights in London and Paris maybe we should just shut up and be happy that the first girls were satisfied just going to the Bahama’s this year.

Imagine how long Obama would have to keep the White House closed if they’d have chosen an around the world cruise, or a stroll atop the Great Wall of China instead?

But be angered not my fellow Americans. For upon reflection, we’re really the LUCKY ones.

Lucky in that we don’t have to deal with the pressures, the security, the constant criticism; we’ve got none of those terrible issues that burden our so put upon First Family.

We should be grateful for our “simple” guns and religion filled lives.  We have no need for the luxuries and the perks of power.

No sirrrreeee Bob, the only need we have that is of any real importance to the Obama’s is the need for us to just shut up, sit down and send in our checks.

After all, summer vacation’s just around the corner don’t you know.

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