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January 13, 2009

For those of you waiting on another D.C. circus report, my apologies but I must bump it to at least tomorrow. Funny thing about reporting on current events, just when you have the coverage outlined and ready to go, you come across a story that just has to take priority.

The story comes from none other than Pravda. Yes, that Pravda. (Hey, it’s still more reliable than the The New York Times.)

The topic is our old friend global warming yet in this article evidence is put forth suggesting that not only is man NOT contributing to the sky falling, but that this third rock from the sun is actually on the verge of entering another ICE AGE. The source is from ice core data collected at Russia’s Vostok Antarctica station during the 90’s. It seems the Vostok core allows scientist to look back more than 400,000 years into atmospheric conditions and CO2 levels.

Unlike Gore’s gnomes who only look back, at most, 1000 years or so. (Think of it as if you spent your whole life looking through a telescope seeing only the moon and never stepped away to see the rest of the heavens.) Your grasp of the universe would be quite limited indeed.

What will really tick off the chicken littles is that the data illustrates not only naturally occuring, cyclical global warming, (DUH) but also that increased atmospheric CO2 levels come AFTER the warming. (For all you Goreites out there, that translates to: FIRST the earth warms due to natural conditions beyond man’s control and certainly more complex than your feeble minds can handle, and THEN the CO2 levels rise.)

You won’t see this in the main stream media any time soon. (I’ve witnessed over the years they’re never quite as eager to admit THEIR mistakes as they are to point out others.) What’s more irritating though is that the results were published back in 1999 in none other than the British journal “Nature”.

Read the full article at

Global Ice?

You can view the graph at Wikepedia:

Vostok Ice Graph

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