Obama under Marine umbrella is perfect symbolism

May 19, 2013

The symbolism of President Obama calling in the Marines to hold umbrellas for him and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan during their Thursday press conference has not been missed on those that don’t have their eyes glossed over in perpetual adoration of their Dear Leader.

One of those millions is a gentleman who calls himself the “Dr.” of Common Sense, E.T. Wayden (sp?). Said “Dr.” has put up a YouTube video that takes not just the umbrella incident but the entire Obama Presidency and philosophy and puts it into perfect “common sense” perspective.

I strongly urge you take the 4 minutes out of your day and watch the good “Dr.” for yourself. But if you can’t do that I’ve transctibed some of the highlights.

“Here he is, standing there with somebody holding the umbrella for him, while the marine gets wet and other people get wet and he is dry. He has been urinating on the American people since he’s been in office and telling you it’s not raining, telling you he’s not urinating.

Isn’t it just fascinating to see the arrogance and smugness of this man? Blows my mind, I mean it really does”

Your’s and the tens of millions of fellow “minds” that never got brainwashed in the first place.

“He has done everything he can while he’s been in office to make sure that you get wet. See higher gas prices don’t bother him. He’s the President he gets his gas for free. These Senators and Congressmen, they get their gas for free too.”

As I type gas is within pennies of hitting $4.00 a gallon again. And that’s here in the mid-west where it’s historically less expensive than elsewhere.

“Benghazi no big deal, he’s not getting wet. Fast and the Furious?…don’t feel a drop of rain. IRS investigating conservatives, then he asks some of these people to “step down” when they’re just retiring, get that package deal, it’s about time for most of them to retire anyway.”

But don’t you know? According to the administration Benghazi “was a long time ago” and we should all just shut up. “What difference at this point does it make”?

“But he’s not getting wet, while you are getting SOAKED as the American people”

So THAT’s why I’ve felt a bit sloggish these past five years.

“Oh there’s a bombing in Boston again? Don’t worry about it, the President didn’t get wet. Because the only thing we worry about is the President, make sure HE doesn’t get wet. Who cares if people lose their legs and limbs and die? Just as long as the President looks cool, and suave.

No he’s not getting a drop of rain on him. Now you peasants, keep holding the umbrella while the Obama’s travel on you. Yeh, they about to take another vacation”.

Is the “people’s” house, the White House still closed to public tours? Yep.

“Isn’t it amazing, he passes all these lawas that doesn’t affect him and he says, “here, you hold the umbrella? It’s just so symbolic” You hold the umbrella, he’s going to stay dry you get wet. Because he’s an elite, he’s smarter than you, he’s better than you.”

Symbolic indeed “Dr.” E. T. W

“You ain’t gotta be that bright to figure this one out, his policies do not work. We’re getting soaking wet and he’s selling you that it’s not really raining. Oh that waters on you, you’re drenched? That’s not really rain. In my mind, you’re dry. That’s what he’s telling you in so many words.”

If only any sane person could figure out what EXACTLY is in Obama’s mind, we might actually have a chance in hell of combating it.

“Oh he is an arrogant S.O.B. You get wet while he stays dry.”

Oh you stepped in it with that last quote “Dr.”. I predict the next person you see at your door step as a perfectly “dry” IRS agent. (Under his perfectly formed umbrella of course.)

Who DO they call it “common” sense when it’s so friggin rare?


2 Responses to Obama under Marine umbrella is perfect symbolism

  1. A Nonny Moose on May 19, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Exactly. And it’s just going to get worse, since that level of arrogance, when cornered, is conditioned to react with even more arrogance, as in the “who are you to question me, peasant?” variety. It’s already starting, in fact. Just watch clips of his aide Dan Pfeiffer on news shows today:

    Q: “Where was the president during the Benghazi attacks?”

    A: “blah blah blah irrelevant!”

    Q: “Who edited the talking points?”

    A: “blah blah blah irrelevant!”

    Q: “What about the IRS scandal?”

    A: “blah blah blah Not a scandal, and the law is irrelevant!”

    Now just replace the code word “irrelevant” with what he actually means by it, which is “how dare you question us, peon! You don’t need to know this information, you lowlife commoner. We’ll tell you what to think.” and there you have it. And yes, I said “code word”, not in a conspiratorial sense, but in a PR sense. Whenever someone repeatedly uses the same word, it means that either that person has an extraordinarily limited vocabulary (possible in this case, but unlikely), or it was planned in advance to use that word after the word was carefully parsed for what it truly means. So there ya go. The “official” administration line is now “only stupid people want to know the answers to those ‘irrelevant’ questions. The smart and beautiful will just take the president’s word for it that all is on the up and up. If you, are fawning supporters, hear anyone ask these, just use the word irrelevant over and over until you shout them down!”.

    But they have a backup plan! Just in case the majority have grown weary of the “SSDD” that spews from the White House, the next line of defense has already been established. It too is an oldie but goodie, and usually their final, desperate stand. The president hinted at it in a commencement address over the weekend, when he mentioned Jim Crow laws. Yes, get ready for it. Beginning next week, a return engagement of “anyone who disagrees with the president is a RAAAACIST!” This shows that they understand the ice they’re treading is very thin. It should be entertaining to see if the same people who were usually cowed by just a stern scowl from the president will finally have the balls to stand up and say “no, screw the racist crap, and answer the question, liar!”. It will be not nearly as entertaining to see how many times the mouthbreathing other blogger uses the word “irrelevant” in his latest poorly written screed. I’m getting the popcorn ready.

    • Geoff Caldwell on May 20, 2013 at 5:54 am

      The arrogance is without a doubt the absolute worst I have ever seen in my decades of watching politicians and Presidents each do their condescending best to deflect the facts away from the truth.

      What Pfeiffer did yesterday was unconscionable to any one who actually cares beyond Dear Leader’s latest poll numbers but sadly as we know from November there’s a lot that don’t care beyond Dear Leader’s latest poll numbers.

      And I couldn’t agree with you more on the race card. They’ve used it so successfully before they won’t hesitate to play it again. I mean if they had not problem one using it against America’s first “real” “black” President, they’ll use it against anyone.

      But in reality I don’t blame them for any of it. After all, between the adoring idiots and a complicit media they’ve gotten away with everything for so long why wouldn’t they believe they can get away with the Commander in Chief being AWOL the night that America was under attack from terrorists, or pass off the IRS targeting political opponents and keeping it quiet until AFTER the election, or a Justice Department that doesn’t even follow it’s own regulations (and possibly the law) to snoop on reporters who dared to publish a story the day before Obama was going to announce the very same thing.

      As my tag line says:
      Where apathy reigns, tyranny rules.

      I’ve never seen more apathy in my life so I guess I might as well get ready for what’s next.


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