Friday Follies 1.23.09

January 23, 2009

Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad.

Wow, what a week eh? In the past seven days the world watched the United States confirm its first “black” President, and saw another first with the wife of a former President being confirmed as Secretary of State. Liberals were overjoyed with Obama’s first major executive order of closing Guantanamo Bay, (Sources tell TheCorner that Obama is secretly planning on transferring the terrorists, er “detainees”, to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas for retaliation for it’s continual “red” status on the electoral map.) and his second stroke of the pen lifting the band on Federal tax dollars going to international aide organizations that offer abortion. (Critics say the ban hurt poor nations the most. Yet something about the “if you can’t educate them from overpopulating just Willem before they’re born” stance seems a bit different but I’m not an international politician so what the hell do I know?)

Oh well, enough of the serious. It is Friday and Friday tis the day we look back and frolic in the follies of others.

(Editors note: Forgive me if some links are a bit older than usual as I had to dig a little farther back this week. Seems that with all the “historic” coverage out there the stupid and asinine got overlooked last week.)

Our first story falls into the “Congress in it’s infinite wisdom to “fix” something has once again made it worse” category. Seems that in their rush to pass the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act to protect us from those evil Chinese toy imports last year they completely overlooked small AMERICAN enterprises that focus on hand made and second hand toys.

The plot is the same as ever. Some do good special interest not for profit touting the “benefits” of new regulation (in this case Jan Stegelman of Safe Kids Kansas)
and the small shop owners (Christiane Doom, owner of Hannah Banana, a children’s consignment store in Wichita just one example) who will be put out of business if some common sense doesn’t prevail. (And when was the last time you saw common sense win out in any Federal regulation) Doom is quoted: “Everyone’s in shock. They’re like, ‘No, this can’t be right.’ It’s unbelievable.”

According to the article: “The legislation, set to take effect Feb. 10, mandates independent, third-party testing and batch labeling of all children’s products — not just toys, but everything from cloth diapers to hair bows.”

For the big boys that’s no problem. Just another regulation whose cost will be passed on to the consumer. But to small entrepreneurs and thrift shops the cost of compliance would put them out of business. The ultimate irony being that many of those who would be forced to close care the most about children’s safety selling only natural and handmade products.

As of posting there has been no resolution but will update as things progress.

Read the full story by Suzanne Perez Tobia of the Wichita Eagle at:

Toy Terror

And not to be outdone by our ever vigilant over-regulators is another example of environmental extremism brought to us by Ben Arnoldy of The Christian Science Monitor.

The battle field is Seeley Lake, Montana and the enemy is either the pine beetle that has already destroyed hundreds of thousands of lodgepole pines, or the evil capitalists who want to use some of that already dead wood to eek out a living for (gasp) HUMANS.

The issue is simple. Nature (the beetles) has already killed the trees and the pine is just rotting away. Some evil people (loggers and cabin builders) want to use some of those dead logs to build homes but the good people (environmentalists) don’t want a thing touched as all those dead pine make such a wonderful habitat for all kinds of forest creatures. (Did I forget to mention they also make for a forest floor full of dead brush just waiting for a lighting strike to set off a huge firestorm killing said wonderful forest creatures)

Dozens of sawmills have had to close, people are out of work, but they can’t do the one thing to help themselves (use ALREADY DEAD wood) because of the mountain (pun intended) of environmental regulations and those who truly would rather just have us all living back in caves. (Although I’m sure there’s a society for the prevention human/bat co-mingling out there somewhere.) So instead of using local logs cabin builders are shipping them in from Canada!

Hmmm, economic crisis, green is the way, but no, we’re going to force you to truck the logs hundreds of miles and burn all that carbon to do it so we don’t upset our friends in the environmental movement. Campaign cash trumps common sense any day when it comes to Washington, D.C.

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