Friday Follies, Shutdown Edition: Obama/Reid deny cancer kids and WWII vets for political points

October 4, 2013

With Barack Obama and Harry Reid refusing to budge an inch on the folly of Obamacare or being willing to fund even parts of the federal government you know what that means:

Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad.

#5 Rep. George Miller, D-Ca for the absolute worst of the worst of the name calling this week:

Over at the House, lawmakers let loose. Lawmakers spent the evening shouting at each other, as they considered a series of votes on mini-spending bills but got no closer to a deal that could re-open the entire government. In perhaps the most intense exchange, Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., repeatedly accused his GOP colleagues of waging “jihad” on Americans.

Miller, who was a champion of the federal health care law when it was being drafted, claimed Republicans who are now complaining about the national parks being closed did not show the same concern over health care. He said: “When you were on the jihad against Americans’ access to health care, shutting down the parks wasn’t a problem. Shutting down NIH wasn’t a problem.”

Read the full post from Fox here.

#4 Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for this whopper during Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on domestic surveillance:

“This is a dreamland for foreign intelligence service to recruit, particularly as our employees, already many of whom [are] subject to furloughs driven by sequestration, are going to have, I believe, even greater financial challenges,”…. “From my view, I think this — on top of the sequestration cuts that we’re already taking — that this seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and its citizens.”

I have to admit I found it appalling when I first heard it, even more pathetic reading it again. It’s bad enough that Clapper paints DNI employees as easily bought traitors who would sell out their country for a few days of furlough pay but the worst is that he and the DNI lawyers have deemed 70 percent of the staff as “non-essential”.

Chuck Grassley nails it:

“I’m concerned that if lawyers in the intelligence community determined that 70 percent of their employees are non-essential to the mission … the number one responsibility of the federal government, then the intelligence community either needs better lawyers to make big changes to the workforce or are you over-employed in those areas?” the Iowa Republican asked.

Read Niels Lesniewski and Meredith Shiner’s full Roll Call article here.

#3 All the Obamacare sign up websites that just keep crashing no matter how hard Kathleen Sebelius tries to explain them all away as just minor “glitches”. Typical of the overall arrogance and incompetence at play across the nation is the California Obamacare Exchange that initially claimed the reason its system kept crashing over and over was overwhelming interest from 5 million Californians eager to sign up. Except, it turns out somebody doesn’t know how to count and the actual number was 10 times LESS. (Just a smidge over 500,000 thousand)

Check out this story and others over at Weasel Zippers.

#2 and #1 are a tie this week and shared by fellow Alinskyites Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

Reid for blaming Republicans for keeping 200 children out of National Institutes of Health cancer trial and on the same day he wouldn’t allow a vote on a bill funding it and Obama makes the list again for,well, as usual, just being Obama.

As his fellow statist Kathleen Sebelius said a few weeks back in the Sarah Murnaghan case “someone lives and someone dies” Harry Reid also could care lees about the lives of children as long as in the end the political point is made. Most recent example being this exchange with CNN’s Dana Bash on Wednesday:

BASH: But if you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

REID: Why would we want to do that? I have 1100 people at Nellis Air Force Base sitting home. They have problems of their own.

But Reid didn’t stop there. He was so angry that someone dare question him, he attacked Bash personally:

REID: For someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing is irresponsible

Which leads me to the main point. Reid’s and Sebelius’ statements alone are all you need to realize the absolute horror of Obamacare. No one in government should have that kind of power over your life. Yet that is exactly the power that Obamacare gives to hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats to come.

Obama makes the toad list this time for perhaps the most cynical act in Presidential history. As anyone not living under a rock already knows, Obama’s Office of Management and Budget ordered the open air WWII memorial on the national mall barricaded and closed to not just the general public, but initially even to Honor Flight WWII veterans who had come to pay their respects in what little time they had left upon this earth.

Hans von Spakovsky over at The Foundry blog at summarized the pettiness:

Americans are justifiably angry over the political game being played by the Obama administration to barricade the World War II Memorial in Washington. And they should be. Under federal law, there is no justifiable reason for closing the memorial.

On Tuesday, the National Park Service put up barricades around the open-air memorial that is normally accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when Park Service personnel are not there. Police threatened to arrest visiting veterans, who came to Washington as part of Honor Flight, a non-profit that gives veterans free transportation so they can see war memorials.

It is one of the most blatant and shameful political stunts being carried out by the White House, which appears intent on keeping the government shut down to protect Obamacare.

Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky tweeted: @BarackObama went 7 security guards to #WWIIMemorial this AM to keep out our vets. Sadly, that is 2 more than were present in Benghazi.

And though the National Park Service is the department being ordered to carry out Obama’s dirty work, Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times reports that not all Park Rangers are happy about it. From his story:

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington says of the harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Disgusting indeed.

But it’s not just the WWII or Lincoln memorial Obama is somehow finding the money to spend on guards and shutdowns for: Paul Joseph Watson over at posts that everything from the parking lots at privately owned and operated Mt. Vernon to bike paths along the 184 mile long Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.

Never mind that it actually costs MORE money to close and guard all these outdoor venues. This is President Barack Obama speaking and by God, if he wants it done, it will be done.

Yet the shutdowns aren’t even consistent.

According to Ben Shapiro over at the administration is only barricading the most popular sites. Seems while Obama is insistent to bar the public from WWII, Lincoln, MLJ and other sites the Constitutional Gardens and Japanese Americans Memorial remains open.

Blocking children with cancer from clinical trials and barricading 80, 90 year old veterans who as teenagers saw places such as Normandy, Iwo Jima, Bastogne, Anzio, Guadalcanal, Midway, Coral Sea, Okinawa, left untold numbers of buddies in graves the world over, and came home to a lifetime of nightmares and untold mental trauma is about as low as any one human being can get.

But unfortunately, just when I think this President has sunk to the lowest level possible, he pulls a stunt like he has this week and I am forced to realize the reality that there is no end to the depth of his depravity.

I warned from the very beginning the danger of putting this demagogue in the Oval.

I’ve documented in column after column his adherence to the Alinsky playbook and the radicals that he spent his formative years with. I have written thousands upon thousands of words in hundreds of columns calling him out for just what he is: A disgrace to the office and a danger to the country.

And I have never in my life been so sad, to have been so right.

I wish I had more positive news this week but sometimes, it just is what it is. I did find however find one bright spot in the memorial mess. I read in a comment section on one of the websites covering the embarrassment where one of the WWII vets himself put Obama’s petulance in perfect context:

“Normandy was closed when we showed up too.”

So as you see and hear all the one-sided coverage from the main stream media these next few days, remember the words of that vet who gave so much at such a young age.

If he can still muster the will to fight after all these years, then we have no excuse.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see ya round the Corner.

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2 Responses to Friday Follies, Shutdown Edition: Obama/Reid deny cancer kids and WWII vets for political points

  1. A Nonny Moose on October 4, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    All we have to remember when thinking about this shutdown is the exact same thing we had to remember when sequestration was introduced. Just a four-word phrase: “As painful as possible”. Absolutely no qualms about inconveniencing we little people, making the common person suffer, but only if they can do it and still blame the other side. Fortunately for them, they know they have cover from the media, so the odds of their being caught are slim. As painful as possible all so they can blame the other side for their own actions.

    • Geoff Caldwell on October 5, 2013 at 7:14 am

      At present the opening of my Wed column:

      I grew up in the shadow of the WWII generation and have lived my entire life still in awe at what they did.
      First the Great Depression, then just when things began looking up, Pearl Harbor and 4 years of death and horror……..

      I have never in my life witnessed more petulant behavior from a President of the United States. And quite frankly, I don’t think there’s an example in ALL of American history of behavior like we are witnessing from Obama today.

      While DwainBwain and his fellow circle jerkers frolic in their “tea bagging” blame and Reid/Obama continue to demand a “clean” CR, average everyday Americans are being shut out of their own national parks for no other reason than the President of the United States is throwing a two year old temper tantrum.

      When I behaved like that in public my mother gave me one warning and then if I didn’t quit there was a prompt trip to the restroom and then I DID quit.

      The main stream media is absolutely complicit in all this but the one thing America has on her side today that wasn’t there in 95/96 is the internet and cable news. Libs knee jerk to Fox News as the Faux News but when you compare it against the DNC talking points on MSNBC and CNN, Fox is about the only ‘network’ giving the full story. And with the internet, the ability for the WH and a select few sympathetic editors to “manage the narrative” is greatly diminished.

      Yes, November 6th, 2012 showed there are plenty of stupid Americans wanting something for nothing, but 2010 showed there are also tens of millions of Americans who will refuse to just go quietly into the night as Obama and crew wreck the country beyond repair.

      Obama and his minions doing the bidding on closing all the national parks and monuments that don’t need to be closed and refusing to even vote on individual funding bills is only helping the image in their mirrors. The longer they behave in this way, the more angry those of us who still care about this country become and that anger will come down full force November 2014.


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