Blame and Shame

January 28, 2009

Julia Finch, Andrew Clark, and David Teather of The Guardian have managed to do what I have yet to see accomplished by any of the self styled “respected” journalists here in the states. They have identified, and explained the role of, twenty five people who had the most (in their view, at least) to do with the economic Chernobyl we’re cleaning up today.

Granted, no list of persons to blame on something of this magnitude will go without scrutiny or criticism. And, most certainly, there are some left off who should be on, and some on who will swear on their patron Saint of Sgt. Shultz that they “knew nothing”.

While there may be a scattered hit or miss on the supporting cast, the main characters are right on. The list is credible, the explanations reasonable, and the column is a must read.

They did WHAT?

I will add my two cents on one thing. Although Christopher Dodd of the Senate banking committee made the list, his buddy in the House, Barney Frank, didn’t even make an honorable mention. And of course there is also the cast of thousands in the Democratic party and “community organizations” (ACORN) the country over who used the race card to force banks to make bad loans.

I do so love that they included “The American public” as co-conspirators. (Don’t worry, they don’t just bash us Yanks, they label their own as “the credit junkies of Europe”.) Millions of my fellow citizens made bad choices and signed loans there was no way they could pay back. (Remember the warning four decades ago that we were beginning to “dumb down” America? What did you think would happen when all those NEA sponsored nimwits reached contract age?)

We can list-relist, hash-rehash, cuss and discuss till the cows come home (do they at least still have a home?) but I think Walt Kelly said it best those thirty nine years ago:

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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